Hope’s Combat Op [closed with savior-of-humanity]


Joe was given the honor of training Terra Hope’s Spartan recruits.  After enough of them showed decent skills from the simulations against Covenant forces, he needed to give them real combat experience.

Joe had re-equipped his MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.  While it wasn’t necessary for him any longer, he still wanted to lead this op as a Spartan, and not as Astrid’s Champion.

Joe met up with Master Chief with his Fireteams of Spartan Recruits.  There were currently two Fireteams assigned to this operation: Fireteam Salvation and Fireteam Hope.

They were the top-performing Fireteams from the simulations and were being deployed for this operation.  In each Fireteam, one member possessed not a traditional firearm, but instead the Caduceus Staff, which marked them as field medics.  They also wore a unique variant of MJOLNIR that had a pair of mechanical wings extending from the back that could be used for antigrav propulsion, usually to quickly reach an ally.

The rest of the Fireteams were outfitted with other weapons.  Most favored the Imperium’s M36-Pattern Lasgun, others favored different weapons.  Few of them, however, were outfitted with any UNSC weaponry other than some grenades, as most had come to favor the more advanced technology offered from Terra Hope’s allies.  Even their standard-issue combat knives had been constructed out of more advanced alloys than standard.

Joe himself was armed with his old standbys: his Forerunner Lightrifle and customized Railgun.  “Chief, good to see you,” he said.  “Terra Hope’s been drilling new Spartans, and these two Fireteams are graduating to some combat operations.

“You and I get to make certain that these Fireteams can handle themselves in a combat situation.  They’ve shown excellent performances in the War Games simulations, but we both know no simulation can truly prepare you for a combat op.  Feeling up for showing the rooks the ropes?”