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Lmao @ the new SVU. Have any of you actually heard of a guy that doesn't want a girl in gaming? I havent, sure the occasional troll but for the most part no words against them. Ffs Bayonetta is hailed as a benchmark for this and previous Gen games

not to mention how these people talked is not how actual humans would, none of these interactions sounded natural

the “gamers” spoke in nothing but acronyms, some are not even really common sayings (“FAL”, anyone?), and sometimes they sounded like the writers just really wanted to shoehorn some game-related punchlines and puns (“they leveled up!!” “this isn’t a game!!”); every “gamer” character (both the doxxers and the victims) is a fucking strawman

absolutely nothing about this episode reflects real life


There’s a fundamental difference between anti-GG saying “I’m not doing it, so it’s not my problem”, and Gamergate doing so.

Anti-GG isn’t an organized movement in any sense – there’s no unified goals, no organization, nothing. There are individual pockets of anti-GG that have some organization, such as the Gamerghazi Reddit, but mostly it’s just people who are against Gamergate, regardless of reasons or goals.

Gamergate is and is trying to be an organized movement. It has bases of operations, coordinated campaigns, and actively positions itself as a movement for “ethics in gaming journalism.” It professes not to have leaders, and in a sense it doesn’t… but it does have prominent figures who hold great sway with regard to the views and actions of the movement. An ethical, viable movement can’t say “I’m not doing it, it’s these other people in the movement, and I have no responsibility to criticize, condemn, or marginalize them” – that’s the behavior of an angry mob or thinly-veiled hate group.

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Except for the parts where

  • Despite the 16 women(?) on the poster, y’all keep talking about the same three women being harassed. Two of which have made questionable claims about the nature of the harassment.
  • Never talk about >the harassment against pro-GG and even neutral folks, including women.
  • AntiGGs are actually more akin to the anti-Mutant forces, what with your dominance of the press, popular media, and even Wikipedia.
  • Seriously, Anita’s made more money after crying GG than she actually did on her videos, last time she reported her yearly earnings.

Ironically, this is only accurate in the sense that it resembles the dominant narrative of the anti-GG folks. Though >the adaptation was much, much worse than DOFP<.

* Or, for that matter, before her famous Kickstarter video where she inexplicably left the comments open.

I would’ve reblogged directly from brute-reason, but for some reason she has me blocked.

Ever since getting involved with GamerGate on Twitter, I’ve gotten some shit from both sides. I’ve been called a sockpuppet and a liar by members of antiGG, and a oversensitive SJW by members of proGG. I’ve also ended up on a blocklist, and have been ignored by multiple people just for being a neutral with different opinions. It makes me feel embarrassed to be a gamer.

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Just FYI for you or anyone who read shittywebcomics' blog they got nuked cuz AntiGG "artist" Kate Leth (who purposefully visits their blog often to see if they're talking about her) complained to tumblr for the umpteenth time, rather just not visiting them anymore. They're still on 8 chan as /swc/ however.

Thanks for the heads up

The above is a link to geekandmisandry’s reply to my reply to a post of her’s (something some of you may have seen earlier). In the time-honoured spirit of tolerance, patience, open-mindedness, intellectual honesty, and respect for debate format, she replied to my post and then immediately blocked me (or so it appears, since i cannot reblog this conventionally where i was able to before).

As such, i shall reply in a post of my own.

Yes, GG was founded over allegations made about Zoe Quinn’s sex life. Claims were made that she had been sleeping with Kotaku journalist Nathan Grayson, and other prominent figures in the gaming press.
As a game developer herself, she had no business becoming intimately involved with them (and vice versa), because it compromised their journalistic objectivity with regards to talking about her content.

This is what set the ball rolling, in any event. It wasn’t the be-all-end-all, nor was it the focal point; it was just the starting point.

Actually, no, GG - as a whole - didn’t appear to focus on Wu, Quinn, and Sarkeesian. In fact, the hashtag “#literallywho” was coined to deal with this. Its use denotes that the person in question is inconsequential or irrelevant to the issue at hand, and yet continues to be mentioned. It has been used often to refer to Wu, Quinn, and Sarkeesian. 

The reason Wu, Quinn, and Sarkeesian keep being mentioned is because they keep crying about harassment from GGers (supposedly… and even if it’s true, who cares? Sticks and stones, people!).
This results in Anti-GGers bringing up this so-called “misogynistic attack” in every single conversation (including this one) - and then they have the damned cheek to accuse GGers of not shutting up about them. Most GGers, it would seem, want nothing more to do with them. Their mention pollutes the discussion.

I don’t know how you can argue that a shorter way of saying something isn’t “concise”. That is the definition of the word “concise”. It is also very readily ‘accepted’, as many dictionaries (including the Oxford English Dictionary) list “female” as a synonym for both “woman” and “girl”. You are provably, definitively, objectively wrong. 

I don’t see you objecting to my using the word “male” equally casually… but, seeing your blog title, i’m really not surprised. I’m just… disappointed.

I hope you can hear me okay in that echo-chamber you’re building over there.

Hey #Gamergate : We have ETHICS !?

In light of TB getting cancer, his wife having to have surgery as well, AntiGG harassment, and a recent vlog ( 1:59) saying he has been getting panic attacks, might be going on medication soon, and “jokes” that he might go back to drinking but quickly dismissing it, it’s kind of obvious he’s not holding up well. I think any fans of TB or ggers that haven’t yet, should take the time and thank him for all the work that he has done for us.