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Why Do We Want Women To Be Afraid?

This is a serious question that I, as a woman, would love to get an answer to. You might be wondering what in the world I’m talking about so let me give a few examples that I have seen or experienced myself. 

The first one, of course, is the sentiment that women walking alone, especially at night, are more likely to be in serious danger than men, when men are 70% (U.SA & Canada stats) of the victims of violent crimes (excluding sexual assault,  although male victims rarely report it as much as women, but that’s a topic for another time). Men are overwhelmingly the victims of random crime yet women are the ones who are frequently warned about being in danger.

Even when someone brings up rape statistics regarding female victims, where I’ve seen it said that ¼, 1/5, 1/6 of all women will be raped in their lifetime, usually fail to bring up that most assaults were carried out by someone the victim knew, as opposed to a stranger knocking you out and dragging you into a darkened alley. This can further perpetrate the idea that it is not safe to be out an d about as a woman and to be scared of the idea of a creep lurking in the shadows waiting to assault you.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy fear and to be vigilant for your own safety, but the mentality of fear-mongering women to be scared of everyone and everything is not something that should be continued.

So we tell women to be careful on the streets, to watch out for suspicious characters, to not walk alone without self defense tools while men are rarely told the same when they’re the ones most likely to be victimized. Maybe the question I should be asking is Why Do We Not Worry About Men’s Safety? Is it that we view women as being weaker and more likely to be victims of crime or that men are strong and should be able to brush off crime attempts? Nevermind that everyone is equaly weak when facing the barrel of a gun/point of a knife.

(All cases of “we” refers to society as a whole and not you, the reader, or I, the writer, specifically)

I can’t reblog the post because op blocked me but there’s a post going around to the tune of “this women’s march was organised by black, latina and palestinian women activists but white women just wanna be cissexist and talk about their pussies” and I’m actually furious.

1) Do you honestly think woc don’t have vulvas? That we are somehow unaffected by anti abortion laws and laws making it harder to access birth control? Do you think that our activist struggles are somehow unrelated to the exploitation of our bodies and reproductive labour? Do you honestly not think that a single woc has ever held a “get your rosaries off my ovaries” sign? lmao

2) Sentiments like these show a clear lack of knowledge (or maybe simply a lack of care) about our histories with regards to slavery and colonialism. There is a very long and painful history of black women’s bodies being used as a means of economic production during slavery, of native women being raped to further colonialist expansions in the americas, of poor immigrant latinas being sterilised in prisons. Our oppression differs from that of our men because of the exploitation of our reproductive capabilities so to act like any discussions of this is a “white thing” is so incredibly insulting especially considering the pain of our foremothers.

3) This is just neoracism. Racialized misogyny with an approved progressive stamp. It’s clear that our experiences, our histories and our realities mean nothing to these people as we are merely a prop in their antifeminist attempts to silence women and obscure the realities of our oppression.

honestly the last thing you should do to a right wing woman is sympathize w them because it comes across as very fake and condescending. i was a libertarian/minarchist for quite a bit and whenever feminists told me i had internalized misogyny or that i must hate myself i became even more disgusted with feminism. and even now that i’m no longer right wing i cringe when i see a feminist condescend to antifeminist, right wing women. it looks very holier than thou, i’ll pray for you kind of stuff and no one likes that. from my own experience the best thing you can do is provide objective facts and resources (particularly feminist theory rather than third wave practices which i still find unpalatable and is what many people associate w/ feminism) and an open mind. unfortunately, sgatheist/terfmilk deactivated and she was kind of my push into feminism and out of antifeminism. she was kind and understanding and didn’t make me feel terrible for not being a feminist and answered my questions. and don’t do the libfem ‘if you believe in equality, ur a feminist’ thing, dear god

tl;dr don’t condescend to antifeminist and/or right wing women. objectivity, resources, and willingness to answer questions works far better

did you watch hbomberguy’s review of sherlock? did you think it was funny and this dude is clearly good at making funny videos? do you hate alt-right and antifeminists? do you want to see them get made fun of mercilessly? watch the rest of hbomb’s videos. just do it. theyre really fuckign funny

you cannot possibly act superior by posting things like “all men are babies and i am stronger than them all” or “male tears lmao” or anything along those lines and then fucking whine about how men are ‘oppressing’ you because you’re weak

kinda funny how you can play the antagonizing bully and also the helpless victim all in one

i get that you’re tentative to use the word ‘feminist’ because some people who claim the title of ‘feminist’ are misandrists or faking it (for whatever reason). so this is a reminder that anyone who thinks men are trash, pigs, or otherwise unequal to women ARE NOT FEMINISTS. and that them claiming the name ‘feminist’ does not change the definition of the word.

similarly, if you are pro-equality, you already are a feminist. and rejecting the name doesn’t change this. this is how words work. truths are true whether you accept them or not.

please do not let the common misrepresentation (and resulting misinterpretation) of feminism spoil your view of what really is a good thing.

ps. you dont have to be pro choice to be a feminist. the only requirement is wanting equality of the genders.

Not All Feminists Are Like That, and by the way, Yes All Men.

When you point out that the number of men who engage in pathological behaviours such as sexual and domestic violence is minuscule, and that it’s malicious for feminists to dishonestly portray such behaviours as endemic to masculinity, or as tactics used to systematically oppress women, you are derailing conversations about women’s rights, but don’t you dare use generalisations about feminism to accurately portray the negative effects that it’s having on our society, and to explain that the types of feminism which are most prevalent in politics and academia are deeply sexist and based on a flawed world view.

I Can Decide For Myself

I’m not an anti-feminist because a few sandy cunts are pro-censorship and so psycho I’m pretty sure they would stab a man’s dick if he looked at them wrong.

I’m anti-feminist because I see it as sexist and as useless to the world, especially a first world country, as Kanye West. I’m an anti-feminist because here in the US women are not oppressed. We are not victims. We are not under the thumb of rape culture. We most certainly do not have less rights than men.

Then again, this is where feminism will be brought up for third world countries. I used to see value in that, and then I realized that’s also not justified. Are men still unequal there? Is the trans and gay community also unequal? Then they don’t need feminism. They need humanism. Egalitarianism.

If there is even one person of the opposite sex or gender being mistreated for who they are, there is no room for a belief that’s primary focus is one or the other.

-Que feminist comments in 3.. 2..-

friendly reminder that trolling can be dangerous

Please. Do not pretend to be a feminist on tumblr. You could give innocent kids the wrong idea about feminism and make them feel like they have to say or do crazy things to be part of this very important movement. Don’t do it. If you care about women at all don’t do it. You are making a mockery of feminism, which we still need. And this is gross of you.  Thanks uwu 

This Weak On "Feminist Bullshit" Meghan Trainor Claims To NOT Be A Feminist

Singer of “All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor, has come out saying she’s not a feminist but all about “woman-power.”

Of course, feminists of the internet are outraged by it. Just another example that they will belittle a woman for disagreeing with their movement.

Despite the body-positive message of her song/female empowerment and claiming to be all about women’s rights and woman power, not calling herself a feminist is her downfall. Therefore feminists now refuse to support her.

Just goes to show really how a label can mean the world to feminists of the internet. If she doesn’t accept the label, feminists will not accept her. The last tweet telling her “we don’t want u” simply because she chooses not to identify as a feminist? How low can you possibly be, feminists?

Body positive messages are only valid from the mouths of a woman who will identify as a feminist? News for you, feminazis. Women can advocate for equal rights and promote body positivity without having to be feminists. No means no, and that does not at all invalidate a woman and her opinion.