Message to feminists

Please understand that anti-feminists are NOT anti-women, anti-equal rights, or anti-women’s rights.

We are ANTI-YOU.

We disagree with your theories and your methods.

So maybe instead of acting like a bunch of school yard babies you could actually listen to what we have to say and if you so feel the need to argue against us then do it in an intellectual way, with sources and credible refutation.

vasilisa-thewise asked:

Hey, I was just wondering why no on is talking about the fact that the Lafayette shooter was an outspoken anti-feminist who complained about the "growing power of women" (sounds familiar, right?). I don't think that him choosing to shoot two women at a movie with feminist undertones starring an outspoken feminist was a coincidence. I can't send the link, but the title of the Washington Post article is "TV hosts remember alleged Lafayette gunman as anti-tax, anti-feminist ‘gadfly’"

“He was anti-abortion. The best I can recall, Rusty had an issue with feminine rights. He was opposed to women having a say in anything. You could talk with him a few minutes, and you would know he had a high IQ but there was a lot missing with him.” [source]

WOW how did I not hear about this before?

Feminists to men: Women don’t owe you anything. How dare you feel entitled to a woman because you did something for her.

Feminists: Women who aren’t feminists should lose all their rights and privileges that feminists got for them. They owe feminism for everything they have.

Dear "hairy, scary" feminists,

Nobody is “offended” by your grotesque body hair. Many may think it’s gross, but being disgusted or turned-off is NOT being offended. Laughable, yes. Offensive? Not even. Don’t confuse the two. For that matter, don’t be hypocrites. (I know that’s hard for y'all to do, but it’s worth asking.) You’re the main ones talking about how to do and how not to do your eyebrows, which is body hair shaming. You’re the main ones telling guys the DOs & DON'Ts with their own body hair (whether it be chest, facial, or pubic). Yet you have the gall to get mad when people react to your disgusting pit forest? Get real. Just like you probably don’t want to fuck a guy who hasn’t mowed the lawn down there in 10 years, most guys don’t wanna bang Chewbacca’s burning bush, either. It’s NOT “oppression”, it’s called having preferences. They’re natural, uncontrollable, and everyone has them.