I watched the video above on anti feminism. Just for laughs and hoping it would show me the other side. The comments were filled with men cheering her on and saying things like, “I want to marry you” which is sexist in itself as she is trying be taken seriously, but let me not take it there.

There are so many inaccuracies in this video. Men are not raped more than women especially if you want to take into international statistics. She has mentioned the prison system and how men are raped in prison more than women in America. First of all, she did not include that women are also raped in prisons and many reports/cases have been dropped because it was by prison guards. Latest case was just reported at the beginning of the summer of a prison guard who has raped numerous victims for YEARS. 9 OUT OF 10 RAPE VICTIMS IN THE U.S. ALONE ARE WOMEN. She also conveniently did not mention transgender women housed in men’s prison facilities. You can only imagine what goes on…

She also said that men who are rape victims do not have safe houses to seek shelter or safety which is incorrect. Most safe houses that look after women rape victims also are equally open to male victims as well. They are not sexist in the case of ABUSE and will provide housing/job opportunities. Women and men will obviously be housed separately most of the time… I know this because I have personally volunteered in these shelters as well as read on ALL sites as she mentioned that she “googled” who have stated male rape statistics and ENCOURAGED to seek safety in their shelter.

She then states that women rape cases are taken more seriously in court. What world does she live in? Most lawyers train and prep the victims even if it causes trauma because they know the challenges they will face in the American judicial system. Not to also mention in many conservative states - the case WILL NOT be taken seriously. There have also been many loopholes that the system has created to allow a criminal to escape a rape charge quite easily especially for males. Secondly, this is moronic in a global scale of things because America is also not the center of the fucking universe nor the center of feminism.

Women do get more opportunities to join the armed forces, but to ONLY fill a quota as mentioned and taken as a complete joke. They literally just opened Ranger Schools to accept women… Yesterday. Women in combat just RECENTLY have been accepted and even so, only a FEW women are allowed to fight side by side with their male counterparts.

Conclusion: do not watch anti feminist videos because they are absolutely incorrect and most people who are relaying the message are quite uneducated on women’s rights.

Also as a feminist, I do not hate men. I do not encourage male bashing. I love men who love women and who want women to have the same rights as they have.

Uh Oh 7: Fictional spy dude to be paired with woman his own age; Redpillers declare end of cinema

Uh Oh 7: Fictional spy dude to be paired with woman his own age; Redpillers declare end of cinema

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Daniel Craig in the clutches of hideous monster hag Monica Bellucci Antifeminist douchenozzles regularly mock feminists for caring about so-called “first world problems” like “manspreading” and rape and systematic gender discrimination. Unlike those trivia-obsessed feminists, those who’ve taken the Red Pill only concern themselves with momentous questions, like the age of a certain fictional spy…

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Men do not owe you a thing.

Seeing how women not owing men anything is getting popular, consider this:

Men do not owe you a compliment, especially if they are typically the only ones to do it. Whether you are showing off a new outfit or are simply fishing for compliments, men do not owe you.

Men dont owe you the check. If you go on a date, men do not owe you payment for dinner. They are not obligated to cater to you when you arent willing to do the same.

Men do not owe you sex. Just because you think youre irresistable, doesnt mean guys are obligated to sleep with you. If they say no or show disinterest, deal with it. Dont rely on steroetypes about how males want sex all the time.

Men do not owe you presents. If you arent willing to reciprocate, men do not owe you a gift. Not during a date, not during an annivesarry, not as a make up gift, nothing. If you arent willing to be as considerate, dont expect anything from them.

Men dont owe you pity. You crying does not excuse your actions. That is not a get out of jail free card. If you abuse a child, the man, or are a horrible person, dont expect you crying to make up for that, especially if that is your go to response.

Men dont owe you manners. If you arent willing to do it for them, dont expect them to do but for you. Men dont owe you by holding the door. Men dont owe you by carrying stuff for you, men dont owe you by complimenting you, ect. Men are fine without catering to you.

Men dont owr you silence. If you are sexist, biased, or overall intolerant of someone becaue they are male, men dont owe you silence. Men can call you out just as much as you can call them out. Dont bother with buzzwords to erase their input, dont bother claiming they have it better when you out no effort into seeing how they have it and only have your own stereotypes to fall back on. You say something bad, expect men to say something.

Men do not owe you leniency. If you hit, insult, or overall abuse a man, they dont owe you forgiveness. Be prepared for tge same action tgat another women would give you for the same action. If you sexually harrass a man, he does not owe you a pass. You should be geld just as accountable. This also applies to court cases.

Men do not owe you their lives. Dispite the selective service giving their votes a condition that women dont have to deal with, men are not obligated to sacrifice their lives for you based on gender. Their lives are just as important as yours.

Men do not owe you respect. Respect is earned. You do not get it automatically for being a woman. You get it by showing that you are a person worthy of respect. The same goes for the guy. You are not owed respect because of your gender, especially when you dont reciprocate.

Men dont owe you the time of day, a smile, or leniency.

If women dont owe men anything, then men dont owe women anything.

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing you post 'give me proof of the wage gap' like, do you actually need proof that women get paid less than men??? Obama even mentioned it in a speech?? IT EXISTS

Do you need proof Unicorns Exist? Type in “North Korean Officials find unicorn lair”.

Do you need proof there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Type in “Bush weapons of mass destruction speech”.

Do you need proof Bill Clinton didnt have sexual relations with that woman??? Type in “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…

See where I’m going here?

You are just as bad as feminists if:
  • You mock them for being in an echo chamber, all the while unfollowing anyone who posts one thing you disagree with
  • You bash people just for calling themselves feminists
  • You turn everything into an argument against feminism
  • You disagree with people on everything because they’re a feminist 
  • You ridicule legitimate posts about women’s issues
  • You act “holier than thou” because you’re an antifeminist
  • You gang up on someone who one of your mutuals is having a disagreement with, adding nothing to the discussion
  • You unabashedly name call and insult someone’s appearance in an argument
  • You send death threats and insults on anon
  • You post a wall of “sources” you haven’t read
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I don’t normally post trigger warnings or shit like that, but this video contains physical, emotional, and mental child abuse. If you’re hypersensitive to that stuff do not watch this video.

Basically a father is trying to leave his exwife and (for whatever reason) he has her phone so, out of nothing but pure spite, she decides to hit his kids, threaten to kill all of them, and say even more horrible things including telling the kids that their mother left them because she didn’t love them and blaming them for the fiasco taking place in the video.

What’s killing me is that people are getting pissed off at the father. Which I understood when I first saw it. He doesn’t intervene when the abuse happens, he just records it. I was pissed too, but that was before I found out that the courts did not believe him when he tried to report his exwife for child abuse.

He didn’t step in because he had to get evidence that these things were going on. And physically trying to intervene, escalating the situation even further could have landed the dad in jail, not the exwife. How in the hell was he supposed to get justice for his kids if he beat the shit out of her? He wouldn’t. He would have gotten arrested. And if their biological mother wasn’t involved, where are his kids supposed to go? That just leaves them in a vulnerable position with their abuser.

There is an undeniable bias against men in the legal system. The situation should not have had to resort to this, but unfortuately it had to. He did what was necessary to get her in jail, keep himself out of it, and protect his kids.

Also: Real life Satan in walmart pajamas only recieved a 1600 dollar fine, 1 month of jail time, and 2 years of probation for this.

vasilisa-thewise asked:

Hey, I was just wondering why no on is talking about the fact that the Lafayette shooter was an outspoken anti-feminist who complained about the "growing power of women" (sounds familiar, right?). I don't think that him choosing to shoot two women at a movie with feminist undertones starring an outspoken feminist was a coincidence. I can't send the link, but the title of the Washington Post article is "TV hosts remember alleged Lafayette gunman as anti-tax, anti-feminist ‘gadfly’"

“He was anti-abortion. The best I can recall, Rusty had an issue with feminine rights. He was opposed to women having a say in anything. You could talk with him a few minutes, and you would know he had a high IQ but there was a lot missing with him.” [source]

WOW how did I not hear about this before?