This is a great movement, because it shows how poorly thought-out something can be.

Without Feminism:

- Women could not vote.

- Women would have NO bodily autonomy.

- Women would not be allowed to work any job above a secretary position.

- Women would be denied education, so these lovely ladies wouldn’t have been able to make these signs since they wouldn’t be able to read or write.

So yeah, if you don’t need feminism, then feel free to not partake in any of the liberties and freedoms feminists fought for you to have.

What Feminism Taught Me Today

> all men are mentally ill, it’s genetic.

> it’s okay for a woman to attack, wound, or even kill a man, because that’s not violence, just “empowerment”

> not letting girls go to school in their underwear is “systematic oppression”

> looking at a girl without her consent is as bad as rape

> literally raping a man ISN’T rape, because “rape can only happen to women”

> women genetically are superior to men

And that’s all just what I heard today.

This is what an egalitarian looks like.
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a former feminist. I used to be super radical to the point of misandry, but I realized how hypocritical I was being and started to change my views a bit while still keeping the feminist label. Unfortunately, this backfired. I was told that I’m a “worthless rat” because I believe men can experience sexism and white people can experience racism. I was told to kill myself because I spoke out about how self diagnosis isn’t a real diagnosis. I saw how awful the community is, so I said goodbye and joined antifems. Honestly, I’m a lot happier. They’re open to all opinions, even if they disagree. It’s amazing.

Actually, if you remove women hating men (misandry) from feminism, feminism has nothing left.

Manslation: I can’t actually conceive of a world in which men aren’t constantly at the center of everyone’s attention.

Let me clarify:

When someone says they’re antifem, (for the most part, because I obviously cannot accurately speak on behalf of all antifems) they mean anti first-world feminism. Ya know, the kind of feminism that’s inherently not necessary whatsoever??

As an antifem, I do not support the feminist movement as it stands today, because of the majority of what it stands for. In today’s society, the “feminism” I see is over the smallest, most ridiculous things, like beauty standards (Note: beauty standards are NOT gendered expectations; they apply to men and women alike), or the wage gap myth. (Notice how I said ‘myth’ there? ;) )

At the same time, as an antifem, the feminism I DO support is the feminism that fights against child marriages and REAL rape culture; the feminism that’s needed in countries like the Middle East or North Korea.

It pisses me off when first-world feminists will bicker and argue about nothing but liberal garbage. Boo-hoo, the Facebook friend-request icon has a man who’s portrayed as larger than the woman next to him. There are people —CHILDREN— dying in fucking Syria. How about the women and young girls in Africa forced to breast iron? And the only time you choose to bring up these children is when an antifem said, “You are what’s wrong with modern feminism,” on your tumblr post about “oppression”.

I don’t support the feminist movement as it stands today because, frankly, it’s garbage. It’s garbage and it’s flawed. Before, feminism was about real issues, like not being able to vote or have say in government. The feminism today is all about needlessly empowering women and knocking down men, labeling all men as evil entities that solely live to rape and oppress. I’m not about that. I believe in real equality, so until you get your head out of your fucking ass and actually try to fix the problems you say your feminism is against, I’m an antifem. Until I see feminists representing feminism as it’s defined (“the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”, Merriam-Webster), instead of the man-hate I constantly see in every facet social media, I’m an antifem. Stop using the bigger problems as a facade to hide behind your computer and argue about not being able to run around shirtless, when in all reality you aren’t doing fucking shit to benefit anyone.

these feminists on here will wonder why they will grow old alone, since they feel a man is so insignificant.

Manslation: Women’s lives are nothing without a man. I’m so deeply entrenched in the patriarchal power dynamic that I think women who assert their personhood are insulting and taking something away from men.