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there have been a few fake antifa/antira facebook groups, emails and even meetings in germany recently (by nazis). its dangerous and some people have been hospitalized. just 10 minutes from me, someone got lured into a fake meet by AFD supporters and the group locked the door and assaulted and robbed him. i read your how to find your local antifa post, but do you have tips how we can realize if an internet group or real life meet really is run by antifa?

This is a really important point (and also a tactic that antifa have used from time to time)!  In our post about joining an antifa group/starting your own, we warned people to approach any group you’re not familiar with caution for just this reason.  Here are some tips:

1) Research the group you’re thinking about joining up with.  If they have a social media presence or website, how long has it been up - a few weeks or a much longer period of time?  Have they been involved in any antifa actions that you’re aware of?  Are they linked with other antifa groups you know of?  More importantly, do those antifa groups vouch for this one?  Is this group part of or affiliated with an antifa network like The Torch Antifascist Network (U.S.), or the Anti Fascist Network (UK) or La Horde (France) or Antifascistisk Aktion Sweden or Anti-Fascistische Actie (the Netherlands).

2) Be careful what information you provide at first.  Most antifa groups will probably want to know how to get in touch with you, what your name is, where you live, why you’re interested in getting involved, etc.  But you can see how revealing too much - your full name, your neighbourhood or home address, where you go to school or work, contact info that can be traced back to your home - can be used against you if the group turns out to be a trap.

3) Meet in a public place. When you’re first meeting with members of the antifa group you’re looking to join, meet them in a public place.  This protects both of you, as things are a lot less likely to kick off if you’re in public and there are a lot of people milling about.  That said, you also want to meet where everyone will feel safe to discuss matters openly.  We’ve found that many cafés or pubs serve this purpose quite well.

4) Bring someone.  If you’re looking to get involved in antifa, you probably know someone else that is as well.  Bring them, or even someone not that interested but who you trust and who has your back.  There really is safety in numbers!

5) Tell someone where you’re going.  Make sure someone knows where you’ve gone to meet up, when the meeting is, and when you expect to be back.  Better yet, do all of that and tell them that you’ll call them 15 minutes after the meeting begins to let them know you’re ok.  If they don’t hear from you then, it means you’re in trouble and need help.  BUT DON’T FORGET TO CALL THEM @ THE 15 MINUTE MARK!

6) Trust your instincts.  Boneheads aren’t very good actors.  If anything doesn’t feel right to you; if something seems suspicious, walk away.  It will be a lot better to explain yourself after the fact if your instincts were wrong than to find yourself in a very bad situation.  

Look, we don’t want to make anyone overly-paranoid - tbh, these kinds of things do not happen very often (we can’t think of a single instance of this happening IRL with any antifa that we know personally, although as the original poster mentions it’s been known to happen), but in antifascism, as with all political activism, it’s best to take sensible precautions.

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Hey! I'm an anarchist and anti-fascist in the rural south, and I am trying to form an anti-fascist group in my town. Do you know of any way to officially get 'partnered' (for lack of a better term) with the antifa organization? Or is it more de-centralized? Thanks in advance!

This is a really important question.  First off, there is no official “antifa” - antifascism is a movement, not an organization.  So there’s no central body to get official with.

That said, there are antifascist networks, which consist of antifascist groups, usually in the same geographic region, that collaborate and support each other’s efforts.  Antifa networks are a great idea because they allow crews to share experience, ideas, intel, resources, and support each other, making their work way more effective.  Some of the more well-known current antifa networks include The Torch (U.S.), The Anti-Fascist Network (UK), La Horde (France), Alerta Network (Europe), Antifascistisk Aktion (Sweden), and Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet (also Sweden).

So how do you connect with an antifa network or other antifa crews, perhaps to eventually form a network?  Do some research to figure out what well-established antifa crews are nearest to you & doing the kind of work that your own crew is interested in.  Once you have some ideas of who you should reach out to, reach out to them.  Our guidelines for making contact with an antifa group have a lot of good advice about doing this safely.  

Most legit antifa crew or networks will want to get to know you and your group first before inviting you into the fold, and that normally means establishing your own group’s track record of anti-fascist work and/or meeting up in person (again, see our tips about the latter!). 

kawaiiintegratedcircuit  asked:

I've started an antifa chapter in the town I live in, in North America. Is there some website that is trying to keep track of the antifa chapters here?

Your question raises an interesting point - how do you know which antifa groups are legit, which aren’t legit, and which ones are fascist fakeouts?

One way antifa groups have gotten around this problem is by forming anti-fascist networks like The Syndicate in the U.S. midwest in the 1980s and the Anti-Racist Action Network and (in the UK) Anti-Fascist Action in the 1990s/2000s.  These were chapters of anti-racists from different cities, states, and countries but who knew each other personally; could vouch for each other being legit; and at least in the case of ARA all agreed to a Points Of Unity statement that was a requirement of belonging. 

Above: members of The Baldies (Minneapolis), the world’s first anti-racist skinhead crew & one of the founding crews of The Syndicate.  Below: logos for Anti-Fascist Action (UK) and Anti-Racist Action (N. America).

 There are still some anti-fascist/anti-racist networks operating today like The Torch Antifa Network in the U.S.; the Anti-Fascist Network in the UK; Antifascistisk Aktion Sweden; and La Horde in France.  We assume that all these networks do some sort of vetting to ensure their member chapters are for real.

There is a clear need to develop some sort of reference site or network for antifa crews in different cities, so they can collaborate and so people have somewhere to go when they are seeking to join or support antifa.  We think we will see existing networks grow and new networks develop very shortly as things progress.  We hope that these networks are based on some sort of unifying statement of principles and that crews only get to be in the network after meeting people in the network IRL, to make sure they’re legit.

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AFOF - Viva la Antifa! *Acapella 


Viva la Antifa!

Cops drop!

Skull slam'n the street top

Kids run to rob back from the shops

Run and mob and chucking rocks

Molotovs pigs can’t dodge

Breaking chains and every laws

Laser rays, clubs with circled A’s

Barricades, flaming cars a blaze, in the riot days

What you need you take

Destroy to create

So I’m a pack a crate

With dynamite

The rich can die tonight

Ignite the spike torch take flight forth

With pitchforks hammer and a scythe

Social revision political division large step to the far left

Anarchist heart beat through a bullet proof vest

And punch right the right until the cranium crumbles

Black bloc rumble ain humble when it comes to runn'n trouble

Beat fat Cap Cat bundle on my dishonor list with fist like thunder

Call me the flame of A capitalist Hunter

Kick'n fash ass like a football punter

Antifascists’ Class War Music get blasted 

I’m an assassin kill with a passion for bash'n fascists

I erode homphobobes with cold shows of fist flows

Make em grow close to a comatose 

If you’re a cop I’ll boast about how I’ll make ya roast

You know what drink I raise to the rich in a toast

Moltov cocktail hot hail flame tears

On any sick motherfuckers who seig heil!