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anonymous asked:

So a bunch of swastikas have started appearing in the locker room at my school - any ideas on good ways to combat this and help foster the kind of culture that won't let this kind of thing happen again?

We’ve got some ideas for you!

1) Talk to your friends who are probably also noticing this/pissed off about it and get a crew together.

2) Take that nazi shite out!  Go over it with something.  Especially something explicitly anti-racist.  Like, oh we don’t know - these antifascist/antiracist stickers!

3) Alternatively, take your crew o’ concerned fellow students and go to the school administration and let them know this isn’t acceptable and you expect them to take action.  Give them a reasonable deadline to do so.  Think about what you’ll do if they don’t take action.

4) Keep track and when and where these are popping up.  You’ll likely be able to figure out exactly when your school’s closet-nazi does their dirty work, which means you’ll be able to plan to confront them.

5) Figure out things you can do to foster an explicitly anti-racist culture in your school.  We know people that have started anti-racist school clubs or put on shows or parties that were explicitly anti-racist or raise money for anti-racist causes.  Tons of stuff you could do if you & your friends think creatively about this.


To celebrate our 10,000th follower we’re getting a bunch of antifascist/antiracist stickers made, which we will make available to everyone so you can help make your town prettier & more welcoming!  But we have twelve designs & only enough money to pay for six to get printed!

Have a look at these, then reblog & comment on which ones are your favourites.  The six most popular = the six we’ll print as stickers!  THEN YOU CAN ORDER THEM & STICK ‘EM ON STUFF!

#1: Antifa International 


#3: Three-Point Plan

#4: White People Be Like

#5: Fash-Free Zone (portrait)

#6: Fascist Free Zone (landscape)

#7: Treating Refugees

#8: Swap Racists 

#9: Kick Racism (Eric Cantona edition)

#10: Antifa Athletica

#11: Immigrants Welcome:

#12: We Hate Fascism:

There you have it - our twelve possible sticker designs.  Let us know which ones you like the best by commenting on this post or emailing us (, so we can choose the best six to make into stickers!


November 18 2014 - 3000 right wing hooligans and neonazis gathered in Hannover, Germany, for HoGeSa or Hooligans Against Salafism, using the few muslim extremists as an excuse to spread their own xenophobia, racism and islamophobia. They were met by 6000 antifascist counter-protesters.

Some of the Antifa tracked a group of the neonazis down to where they can always be found at their demonstrations, getting drunk at a nearby pub, and had a frank exchange of views with the nazis. [video]