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Redskins - 04 - It Can Be Done! - (HQ)
Song: It Can Be Done! Artist: Redskins Album: Neither Washington... Nor Moscow Genre: Soul Year: 1986

Russia sparked the fires in 1917
First workers revolution
The first revolution in history
Working people forced the bosses’ backs against the wall
First steps taken for a better life for all

It’s a shame
It’s a crying shame
When our past is buried
And our victories go un-named
It’s a crying shame
When our history books
Talk of kings & men of fame

And in another country workers rose again
1919, 1919 in Berlin
But they didn’t learn the lessons
From the Russians that they should
Revolution, revolution was drowned in blood

It’s a crying shame
But the lessons plain
It’s a crying shame
But the lessons plain

All things are possible

Hunger of the 30’s
Hunger of the 30’s back again
And the rich still rich
And the poor still the same as they ever were
And it seems to me
We’re still not learning from our history

And it’s a crying shame
Those who hold the future hold themselves in chains
It’s a crying shame
Those who bear the pain hold themselves to blame
It’s a crying, it’s a crying shame
It’s a crying shame

Look at Petrograd!
Look at Barcelona
Fight against the land
Fight against the land & the factory owners
Same fight today against another ruling class
Learn a lesson from your past

It’s a crying shame
But the lessons plain
It’s a crying shame
But the lessons plain
It can happen again
It’s a crying, crying, crying shame
But the lessons plain
It can be done again!

White People Owe You Nothing

Newsflash: No white person living today is at all and by no stretch of the imagination responsible for slavery or colonialism. But it’s incredibly popular to place the blame for actions committed by dead white people on white people today. Unfortunately, popularity doesn’t mean shit when it comes to measuring the validity of an idea. In fact, we need only look at where these ideas are coming from to get a sense of the motives behind it.

Evangelical, spoiled, entitled, and privileged people of color and their self-flagellating white knights convinced their soft science rhetoric has any bearing on reality. Some of the more outspoken even demand reparations they don’t deserve or need, citing the per capita and trust checks the Native Americans receive as justification, ignorant that those checks come from independent enterprises established by the Natives. (But with such ignorant people, can you really expect them to know anything not centered solely upon them?)

The sins of your father argument doesn’t stand, either logically or morally. These people haven’t suffered under the yoke of slavery, but they demand to be treated as if they have.

I claim no responsibility for the actions of my ancestors, and I will not have their actions foisted upon me by brainless ideologues seeking to satisfy their emotional vendettas. My race, my skin color does not define me, who I am, or what I stand for. I understand that for some people, it does, but I pity those shallow armchair intellectuals whose thinking literally only goes skin deep.