antifa demo


Antifa protest in Belleville, Paris during the presidential election night (7 May - France) 

Whilst the rest of France was trapped within the dilemma between capitalist Macron or fascist Le Pen, in the evening of presidential election night on Sunday May 7th, 2017, when most of french people were waiting to see who’s going to rule their lives for them, instead of themselves, anarchists, antifascists and anticapitalists gathered once again to protest with the slogan “No nation, no bosses, No Le Pen, no Macron" (Ni patrie, Ni patron, Ni Le Pen, Ni Macron).

Many protests or riots like this one in Belleville have been taking place during the fortnight between the first and the second round of the presidential election process in France, but the mass media wouldn’t really cover or show that there is another France that resists their corrupt and hierarchical political – economic system.