antifa black bloc

  • British taxation on America without sufficient representation: *results in Boston Tea Party, revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: These acts of property damage and militant resistance are justified and good =) because Britain was clearly tyrannical =) liberty needs to be fought for sweaty =)
  • Eight people control more wealth than half the world's people, climate change threatens to bring catastrophic damage to the planet, and a proto-fascist sexual predator was just made most powerful man in the world: *results in some shattered windows and limo bonfires, calls for revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: Um =\ violence is never the answer =/ protest is good and all =\ but this is taking it too far =/ can't you see you're just hurting any credibility you had =\ protests shouldn't interrupt my day =(

There is a reason why black bloc wears all black. There is a reason why everyone one of them cover themselves in the same color, all dressed very similarly, too similarly to tell one from another: it is the point. That is the tactic. The tactic is to keep each other as anonymous as possible, so you can engage in direct action against our corrupt government.

This is why pastel bloc is not a very great way to engage in direct action, it would be one thing if all of you dressed in one color, be it pink, or yellow, or whatever else, but all dressing in pastels that differentiate you all from one another defeats the purpose of what black bloc was trying to accomplish.

TL;DR pastel bloc compromises anonymity which is important when engaging in direct action.


Violent right wing defense mobs have finally emerged to fight the antifa.

Today was a pro-trump march in Berkeley in response to the protest and ensuing riot that occurred at UC Berkeley

The trump supporters who showed up anticipated a similar anarchist/leftist response to Milo’s speech and so came armed with blunt weapons, bear spray and shields. Sure enough, the antifa outnumbered the right wing protesters, but they were pushed back every time.

Buckle Up homestuck, this only escalates now.