Reassess. Regroup. Redeploy.

“Sometimes you have to break it all down to build it back up.”

I wrote that line at 16 years old right before I fell asleep at my friends parent’s house. I was crashing there at the time because I had gotten kicked out of my house for giving myself a tattoo utilizing a homemade “prison machine” and blending a pen’s internal muck and cigarette ashes as the ink.

Here I am again at 27. I’ve broken my life down to the core essentials once again. I’ve reduced my life to little more than residing on a futon in the corner of my friends bedroom. I’ve given up more than one man ever willingly would. I have sacrificed everything I’ve came to know.

Now, it’s time for a full rebuild from the ground up.

Reassess. Regroup. Redeploy.

Look the fuck out world.

Exorbitant Obstination

Stage camera.

Another night on the road.


Front row center, my lens stays affixed to a devastatingly lustful beauty.

Impatiently, I wait for her to catch my eye.

She does not.

Show ends, she turns to leave.

Fuck work, Fuck responsibility, Fuck life.

She is all I want.

I retrieve her and never let go.

Misadventures In Drinking

Bought my roomate a burrito last night while I was inebriated. My buddy and I stuck our dicks on it, took a picture and sent it to him. After ¾ of a bottle of corn-whiskey and a full bottle of Merlot, I got so drunk I forgot and ate the burrito myself.