Kea are known for being utterly fearless around humans. This can be both a blessing and a curse; on the one hand, many tourists fall in love with the kea’s comical antics.  On the other, this fearlessness combined with the parrot’s natural curiosity has led them to cause significant damage to property.  Kea have been known to rifle through clothes, open backpacks, strip windshield wipers and rubber sealant from cars.  They are also unrepentant thieves, flying away with anything that catches their fancy.  One kea flew through the open window of a camper van, making away with a bag containing $900 of a tourist’s money.  And a Scottish tourist got the shock of his life when a kea flew off with his passport!  The tourist in question stated: “My passport is somewhere out there in Fiordland. The kea’s probably using it for fraudulent claims or something. I’ll never look at a kea in the same way.”

Expectation v. Reality: DMMD Edition
  • aoba expectation: "It's super awesome day to be an innocent protagonist who doesn't know what he's in for!" /sunshine and rainbows and late to anime school
  • aoba reality: "fucking shit im so fucking done just knock me out and carry me home i wanna nap for 12 hours and eat donuts and dicks until i pass out fuckin dON'T TOUCH MY HAIR GODDAMNIT"
  • koujaku exectation: "hello llllladies I have a dark tragic past but awesome swordplay skills ill use to defeat my sworn anime rival" /brooding angst
  • koujaku reality: /drops aoba 12 times "I-I-uuuuuhh kjshdjksd s-so embarrassed DONT LOOK AT ME YOU'RE MAKING ME NERVOUS" /trips over himself hits his face on a curling iron and cries in a pool of his own blood
  • noiz expectation: "im the stereotypical computer nerd going outside is illogical" /uses math in mario kart
  • noiz reality: "Hehehe you like my dick piercings dont you you cum-thirsty twink yeah fight me in rhyme and bite my cock while I hack into your asshole with my fresh meme skills" /stuffs face with pizza and churros and then buys all of mexico
  • clear expectation: "herp derp im a robot i don't understand societal conventions" /zany antics and comic relief
  • clear reality: "Allow us to engage in sophisticated conversation about the particulars of life and death whilst I serenade you, making you fall deeply in love with me before I crush your heart by dying a tragic -- HOLY BALLS A SHINY THING" /vibrates and giggles excitedly "PUPPIES!"
  • mink expectation: /silent brooding character who only says one or two words and beats up everything
  • mink reality: "my navajo ancestors are talking to me and THEY SAID TO KNOCK YOUR SHIT OUT" /punches someone half his size repeatedly in the face "COMMENCE THE PURIFICATION RITUAL" /decapitating people while motorbiking over buildings
1000 Cranes - When MC gets into an accident

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder ; ; Ota Kisaki
Genre: Angst 
A nice song to listen to while reading:

“What are you doing Koro?”  

“Folding a paper crane,” You stated without much of a glance to your beloved boyfriend as you were much too focused on the red piece of paper in your fingers. It had creases throughout every corner, a sign displaying that you had a rough time creating the crane.

Your eyebrows furrowed, puffing out your cheeks in annoyance as you threw the rumpled paper in the air. “Ah, I can’t do it!”

Ota chuckled at your antics, finding it comical that you couldn’t do something so simple. “Give me that here.”

He reached out for the discarded paper and within a few seconds, a beautiful yet wrinkled crane was produced. He blatantly shoved it to her face and chuckled, attempting to mock her. His face showed arrogance as if saying it’s such an easy thing to do so why couldn’t you do it.

You ignored it as you were too in awe at his magical hands, “That’s so cool Ota! Can you teach me how to do it?”

He pouted, not liking how you weren’t paying much attention to him but instead to the stupid crane, “Why do you want to learn how to make a crane anyways?”

“Because I want to make 1000 of them!” You exclaimed enthusiastically.

He scoffed, “1000?”

You nodded, “They say that if you make a 1000, your wish will be granted.”

Ota smirked before grabbing you and pushing you down on the couch, “What could you possibly want. Come here. I can fulfill your every desire.”

Ah red, the color that represents love, passion…

Warning and blood.

That was the first crane.



“Luke, what is her condition?”

The men of the Tres Spade hotel all gathered right outside your ward with a forlorn look that passed by to almost everyone’s faces. They didn’t know how much time has passed since the dreaded accident occurred, but it felt like they suffered a million years of sadness and despair though they would never admit it.

Luke glanced down, “She might never wake up ever again.” For once he didn’t refer to her usual nickname, ‘sexy bones.’ No the situation was too serious for that.

With every word spoken, it felt as if knives had continuously stabbed at their wounded heart. The sentence hanged around the group, words echoing in their minds, making the atmosphere heavy and depressing.  

Baba broke the silence, muttering quietly, “What about Ota? Wasn’t he in the same car?”

Luke quickly responded, “I ran some tests, he’s okay besides some injuries. Luckily his arms and hands are unharmed. It seemed that she protected him the entire time.”

The usually composed Soryu kicked the chair in a fit of anger, “Of course that damn woman would do that, not caring about herself.”

Unconsciously they all turned around and peered through the glass window where you laid unmoving on the bed in the room with Ota right beside you. He was in a wheelchair, with an IV drip attached to his arm, but his hands were intertwined with your unresponsive one. The blonde continues to stare at your face with his impassive one. He doesn’t cry, he doesn’t move, he just stares at you as if you might wake up anytime.



“Here are the origami papers you asked for Ota, and the red paper crane.” Baba said before dumping a bundle of origami papers onto the said man’s lap and setting aside the lone crane on the table. Ota doesn’t respond and pulls out a green piece of paper before folding it and creating a crane.

That was the second one, a green one.

One filled with hope.

“Ota you should eat.”

He ignored him before grabbing another piece of paper and folding it again.

Baba could only watch helplessly, eyes filled with pity as he sees what his friend has become,

An emotionless robot.



Scenes of the accident continuously haunted him for days, never letting him get a moment of rest. He could still smell the familiar coppery scent. When he looked down at his hands, he could still see red, the blood that tainted your body.

“Koro, let me go that hurts.”

Slowly, Ota opened his eyes, wiping at the liquid that traveled to his face. For a second there was complete silence and then there was utter chaos. Ota couldn’t move, confused at the screams that were coming from outside. The door curved in, pressing against his back and preventing him from getting out of the vehicle. Something warm meets the top of his head and the blonde turns to recognize it’s his beloved Koro.

What he saw was something that would forever haunt him.

“Koro? H-hey are you okay?” He asked, having an urge to shake her, “Come on answer me! Good pets are supposed to listen to their masters right?”

“Please ___ answer me…”

Ota blanches. His voice runs dry.

He shook his head, snapping himself out of his reverie. No don’t think about it. Don’t think about anything. Just focus on making the cranes.

745 more to go.



The boys tried to talk to him but considering their personality, not much was said.

“Why are you making so many cranes?” One of them would ask one day, only to be met with silence. At some point they had given up trying to communicate with him, but Baba made sure to hang the paper cranes so that one day you would wake up and see them.




“Are you going to continue to be like this?! What do you think she would say?” Baba hollered, feeling completely fed up with how Ota has been acting the past few weeks. The said man would only stay beside you and fold more and more cranes, not caring about his own self.

Hundreds of various colored cranes had already hung from the ceiling, covering up almost half the room.

Baba roughly grabbed onto Ota’s shirt, tugging him up and dropping the papers on the floor, “___ would not be happy if she finds out how you have been acting!”

Emotionless orange orbs met with his furious brown ones. “Let me go,” His voice croaked, having not spoken in a while, “I have to make the cranes.”

That sentence made Baba even more enraged. He pushed Ota aside and stormed out of the room, stepping on a few papers in the process. Once he closed the door, he leaned on it with a sigh. 

“How do you think I feel? I also had loved her…”




“I love you,” She had muttered before slowly drifting off to deep slumber. After a particular rough love making session, the two were laying on the bed, cuddled up beside each other.

Ota chuckled, bringing an arm to wrap around her waist and pulling her closer. He kissed her forehead, enjoying the peaceful aftermath. “I love you too.”

One tear drop.

Then another.

They all splattered onto the dark blue paper. Next thing you know, tears continued to fall much like a waterfall. It was as if the break to his emotions had disappeared with nothing to hold him back.

Ota threw the soggy paper aside, finding it unusable from all the tears.




The last one, a black one. An emotion he hasn’t felt in so long started to resurface.


He placed the last one onto your chest  and proudly admired his work. Covering the entire ceiling was numerous paper cranes in different colors and sizes.

Ota wasn’t religious and he definitely never prays but this was an exception.

“I wish ___ will wake up right now.”

He opened his eyes slowly, staring at your sleeping figure and anticipating for any signs of you moving. It was as if the god had heard his words because he swore your finger twitched.

“___?” He tested.

Another twitch. Relief quickly boiled up. He was so happy. After weeks and weeks of torture where he could only sit and glance at your unresponsive body, he can finally see your beautiful eyes and tell you how much he loves you. And how stupid you were for not listening to him and protecting him.


What was that?

Beep Beep Beep

Panicked rose up, quickly replacing his earlier excitement. He glanced at the heart rate monitor besides you. It plummeted from 80 to 50 within a few seconds. No this shouldn’t be happening! The Gods should’ve listened to his wishes and make it come true! 

“Doctor! Come here!” He screamed hysterically, running out of the hallways to call for them. A few doctors rushed in trying to make you come back. Ota watched helplessly, back sliding down the wall.

All he could hear was the dreaded noise that signaled you were forever gone.



“See that’s how you make it.”

“Thanks Ota! The first one is a red one.”

“You mean the second one?”

“No. I have to make 1000 of them by myself or else the wish won’t come true!”


The End

So if you didn’t get it. The last black crane represented death. When baba came in with the origami papers, he brought the first red crane that MC made. Since you have to make 1000 cranes by yourself, his wish for MC to come back didn’t come true and so she died. 

Natural Feelings By TEN


Going to school in the morning and working at the local Starbucks at night. That’s all you ever did. Until you peak the interest of a weird stranger that frequents your coffee shop late at night.

AU Where you have no idea who Rap monster or who BTS even is. 

Rap Monster x Reader ( a little bit of everything, with eventual smut )

Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Final 

A/N: Okay legit this was inspired by a dream that I had and I thought it would make a fun fic. I’m so happy to write this because Namjoon is my ultimate bias and my high-key boyfriend

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Will Smith praising Jared Leto for his on-set Suicide Squad antics at San Diego Comic Con.

Does Viola Davis’s emphatic, supportive clapping & nodding look like someone who is perturbed or upset or annoyed by Jared Leto?

Or does it look like someone who has genuine respect for him and his methods - as a fellow actor?

Listen, we know the other narrative (“Jared is abusive”, “Jared is a predator”, “Jared is disgusting”) is way more click-baity to spin and pass around - but the proof is in her & the Skwad’s real reactions yesterday to being near him all day and having to discuss the film.

Will Smith: “He really kicked everybody into another level-”
Viola Davis: “Yes.”
Will Smith: “-another level of focus -”
Viola Davis: “Absolutely.”
Will Smith: -“on doing this right.”

They undeniably enjoyed working with him in part because he pushed them to go beyond just showing up, knowing lines and hitting a mark.

Anything else anyone wants to say - is untrue.

Krampus is a beast-like creature of Alpine folklore, threatening to punish misbehaved children in the Christmas season - in contrast with St. Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved ones with gifts on Dec 6. According to tradition, Krampus captures particularly naughty children in his sack and carries them away to his lair. Young men dress up as Krampus in Bavaria, Austria, South Tyrol and Friuli in Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, and Croatia on the evening of Dec 5 and roam the streets frightening children with rusty bells and chains. St. Nicholas became popular in Germany around the 11th century. Masked devils acting boisterously are known since at least the 16th century while animal masked devils combining dreadful-comic antics appeared in Medieval church plays. Krampus may derive from a pagan supernatural being who was assimilated to the Christian devil. By the 17th century, he had been incorporated into winter celebrations by pairing him with St. Nicholas in a “good versus evil” control mechanism. More recently, there’s been a discussion if the Krampus figure is appropriate for children. He carries bells and chains to symbolize the binding of the Devil by the Christian Church, and thrashes them for dramatic effect. Of pagan origins are the Ruten, bundles of birch branches that Krampus carries and occasionally swats people with. Sometimes he appears with a sack or a washtub strapped to his back to cart off evil children. St. Nicholas concerns himself only with the good, while Krampus is responsible for the bad. Nicholas dispenses gifts; Krampus supplies coal and Ruten. In the Krampuslauf, celebrants dressed as the beasts have a race, usually fueled by alcohol. It’s customary to offer Krampus schnapps, a strong distilled fruit brandy. These runs may include perchten, similarly wild pagan spirits of Germanic folklore, who are sometimes female. The Krampus figure often is more humorous than frightening and mostly appears in South German areas only.