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podcasts wot i listen to

this is a rec list of sorts

okay, so, in the order i listened to them:

  1. welcome to night vale - everyone and their mother has heard of wtnv, it’s the first podcast most people listen to, and it is deserving of that fame! funny, creepy, weird, and great on representation, it is an exceedingly well written and thought out podcast. in case, for some inexplicable reason, you haven’t heard people banging on about it enough, it is in the format of a local radio show in the small desert town of night vale, where every conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard is true.
  2. the orbiting human circus (of the air) - ngl, this is my comfort podcast. it is the nicest sounding thing i’ve ever listened to. the way voices and music blend together creates a plethora of delights for the ears. the story of the first season follows julian, janitor of the eiffel tower, and tells weird and wonderful stories that are pure magic. the second season is a different story, but is just as beautiful.
  3. within the wires - the format for this one is so. clever. it had me hooked from the beginning to the end, and the writing and the way the story unfolds is genius. it is quite unsettling, but in a good way if that makes any sense. it is told in the format of relaxation cassettes addressed to you, the listener, in a medical facility.
  4. alice isn’t dead - okay, so, i’m not really a horror person, but alice isn’t dead is too good for that to matter. it features absolutely stellar acting from jasika nicole, and brilliant writing from joseph fink. it follows a truck driver as she journeys across america to find her missing wife, and encounters strange and horrific things along the way. 
  5. wolf 359 - this was my first non-night vale presents podcast, and boy did i like it! the characters are endearing and complex, the pacing of the story is perfection itself, and the soundtrack! hoo man, the soundtrack is awesome. the podcast follows the uss hephaestus station in orbit around the dwarf star wolf 359, and features crew antics, strange happenings, and feels.
  6. wooden overcoats - i have to be honest here, i love podcasts, but the us-centric nature of them made it really nice to find one made in the uk. as an english person, wooden overcoats was a refreshing touch of home. plus, it is very funny. it follows rudyard and antigone funn, funeral directors on the channel island of piffling, as they deal with the arrival of eric chapman, a new opposition to their monopoly on funerals.
  7. eos 10 - i love this podcast. i love it so much i can barely formulate words. it is funny, and heartwarming at times, with characters that i just want to bundle up and hug. it is about life in the medical section of space base eos 10, and details how the main characters deal with medical emergencies, addiction, deposed alien princes, and (alleged) terrorists.
  8. the penumbra podcast - another favourite! it has a great format, alternating stories about juno steel, a non-binary, bisexual, PI on mars, with other stories set in different locations, including but not limited to lesbian bandits in the old west and a disabled knight in a high fantasy setting. every episode is consistently stunning, and i guarantee you will fall head over heels for the characters.
  9. the bright sessions - you may have heard this summary before, but ‘superheroes go to therapy’ sums it up accurately. to be more precise, it follows the practice of dr joan bright, who provides ‘therapy for the strange and unusual’. the superheroes are known as ‘atypicals’ and the episodes detail how their powers affect their lives. it tackles themes of isolation, involuntary testing, ptsd, the difficulties of being a teenager and many others. the characters and acting are awesome!
  10. inkwyrm - this is an amateur podcast written and produced by high schoolers, and it. is. so. professional. the team have gone above and beyond to create an awesome podcast, with great characters! the voice-acting is really good and they’re great on lgbt+ representation. it follows the crew of inkwyrm magazine, an intergalactic fashion publication produced from a space station.
  11. marscorp - this is another one for my sorry english ass. the humour is very good, i have laughed out loud in several places! the setting is on point and i love the characters. (please, can i hug david knight?) it follows e.l. hobb, who is woken 400 years late from suspended animation and now has a degraded, sloppy first attempt at colonising mars to get into shape.
  12. alba salix, royal physician - so i only started this one today, but i’m loving it! i’m two episodes in and already know that the characters and worldbuilding are great. it’s clear the writers know their fantasy, as it effortlessly pokes fun at tropes of the genre. it’s laugh-out-loud funny and i can’t wait to listen to more. the podcast follows alba salix, physician to the king and queen as she deals with a helpful-to-the-point-of-annoyance fairy assistant and an apprentice who just wants to learn dark magic.

A non-exhaustive list of the antics the crew got up to at IPRE boot camp, because really, there’s no way these hooligans acted like actual professionals the whole time. 

  • The illicit kitchen Taako and Lup set up underneath a desk and stocked with transmuted ingredients, because they refused to accept the Institute’s food. They had a little camp stove, some knives and a lot of magic and more or less fed themselves for a year with it. Everyone else opted for the more conventional route and just snuck in tons of snack food. 
  • Given that the pool of candidates was probably pretty broad there was a lot of diversity in age and species. You had all sorts of adventurers, arcanists, mercenaries, scientists. Lots of types of folks, who all cliqued up pretty fast. And since the group was constantly being whittled down, those lines kept shifting. It was hard to keep up with. Most of the people who ended up on the Institute’s short list in fact distinguished themselves by ignoring all of this. World famous botanist? Distinguished adventurer? Magnus hugs all equally.
  • One of the Key Bonding Moments of Magnus and Taako and Lup’s friendship was pretty early on when they were hanging out and got distracted by how big Magnus’ hands were compared to the twins. Lup and Taako thought it was ridiculous and proceeded to drag him around IPRE bootcamp comparing him to various other people’s hands. When they found the tiniest person on campus (a very small gnome woman) and got her to hold her palm up against Magnus’ they nearly cried.
  • Merle got a religious exemption for everything. A few months in it became a game of what he could argue to Institute staff about. Some of it was well justified. Pan was well known for approving of revels, the religious exemption to have Cocktail Hour was probably legit. Nude yoga was just him messing with people though. 
  • Lucretia loved the chance to get stories from so many people. After her initial shyness, she more or less pinned every person in the Institute down and asked them about their life before the mission. She ended up soliciting more cool stories than anyone had realized lurked among their midst. Her lunch table was very popular because that was where you went to hear seasoned adventurers talking about their exploits. 
  • You know those ridiculously intricate pranks engineering students pull to put cars on top of major campus monuments and stuff? Now imagine that times ten because magic. The twins and Magnus were terrible about this, but Barry enabled them and provided scientific assistance, and they had lots of help from other sources within the Institute. Once they transported an entire building to the ethereal plane for a whole morning. 
Prison Blues

zoro/sanji, strawhats | 2.8k words | outsider’s pov

Zoro gets lost, Sanji gets captured by the marines, the Strawhats break into the ship’s prison, and they all escape with a bang.

Not exactly in that order, much to the confusion of Sanji’s cellmates.



If Impel Down is hell, this would be its gate.

Bound with his hands behind his back and chained to the stone walls of the massive brig of the marine ship, no food, and two ten-minutes bathroom break each day (and only if that pathetic excuse of a prison guard isn’t drunk and remembers, that is), this is his personal hell. He doesn’t deserve this. He’s only a small-time member of a small-time pirate crew. His bounty is one million berries, and only because he accidentally tripped a particularly vengeful marine captain during a minor skirmish. He helped his crew pillaged a village, like, once

It was just his luck that he managed to get into a bar fight with a weak-looking dude who turned out to be a not-so-weak pirate hunter, and two days ago he found himself in this marine ship, en-route to Impel Down.

His pirate dream died before it even began. 

He sighs, allowing himself a short moment of self-pity. If he’s lucky, he’ll only have to serve a couple of months on the first level. Scars—physical and what not—seem imminent, but not lethal. A quiet life as a farmer far, far away from large bodies of water suddenly sounds like an interesting career prospect in the future.

If Black Leg doesn’t kill him today, that is. 

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What’s the story? Well, Gil Brodie Appreciation Week is coming soon to a galaxy near you so get ready to celebrate our favourite tech officer and engineer!

When: July 3-July 9

How: Create and share all of your Gil Brodie content- art, fic, playlists, aesthetics, edits, gifs, manips, renders, metas- if it’s got Gil, we want to see it!

Where: Post your content using the #gilbrodieweek tag and everything will be rounded up to this blog hopefully! Make sure to use the event tag within your first 5 tags in order for tumblr to track it! You can also submit directly to this blog if you so wish!

At the end of the week a masterpost will be made of all the content made for the week. If it’s been a day or two and your post still hasn’t made it’s way onto this blog, send a message and I’ll see if I can track it down.

Ground Rules:

  • For the sake of all of our sanity, let’s keep the Discourse™ at the door, and we can leave Jill with it just to not open old wounds, please
  • No discussion of Gil engaging in romantic or sexual activities with women or femmes
  • No whitewashing
  • Be respectful and considerate

Some ideas for inspiration:

  • What was Gil doing during the Nexus Uprising? How did he react? What was he feeling?
  • What did Gil do in the Milky Way? All we really know is that he ended up with a job despite living on the street as a kid and did cool enough stuff to attract Vetra’s attention- but what?
  • Andromeda’s a big place- what are his plans and aspirations going forward?
  • There’s a lot of time stuck on the Tempest where we don’t get to see what Gil’s doing, so what are his relationships like with the crew? What antics does he get up to? 
  • Ryder’s got a lot of unknowns attached to them- what are Gil’s first impressions?
  • How is he dealing with his insomnia? Does Lexi know about it?

Have fun with Reyes this week and hope to see some great content in the next!

Special thanks to @life-is-no-sugarlicking for letting me use one of her many amazing screenshots for this banner!

barenhaft  asked:

Hi :) I loved the imagine about short MC! Could you write one about MC, RFA, V and Saeran going to a cat cafe? ^_^

✿ Hehe, thank you! Glad you liked it. (…..considering how long ago that post came out, you should get a sense of just how many messages i have in my inbox.)


  • well, okay, a cat cafe sounds pretty nice, he’ll go.
  • At first, he’s kind of nervous. what if he messes something up? what if he breaks a rule or something? …what if he gets scratched?
  • but once he’s around the cats, he gets this big goofy grin on his face and starts playing with them.
  • He takes TONS of pictures and sends them to the guild’s group-chat, giving them a real-time play-by-play of the Cat Antics. The LOLOL crew gets into it, and you have a chat log to go back through once you’re done at the cafe.


  • he does it because he loves you, but you are a monster.


  • does. does she have to.
  • You tell her that you’ll wash her clothes afterwards and, since it’s at the cafe, there’s no worry of cat fur getting on any of your own furniture.
  • you’re just scoping out the competition! c’mon, jaehee, it’ll be fun.
  • After spending some time there, Jaehee is shocked. it is fun. when she doesn’t have to worry about the ramifications of interacting with cats (and once they’re separated from Jumin’s influence) she actually…. kinda… likes them? They’re nice to pet, charmingly aloof, and fun to watch as she eats cake and drinks coffee.
  • she actually wouldn’t mind going back (particularly since she has a favorite, a huge, fat, lazy white cat named Muto.)


  • (ΦωΦ)
  • (ΦωΦ)
  • (ΦωΦ)
  • none of them are as pretty and elegant as Elizabeth the III, of course, and he’s going to suggest that they use photos of her on their promotional material, but this is basically paradise on earth.
  • they’re all so sweet! and loving! there’s a cat sitting on his lap and another sitting on his shoulders and another sitting on his head and he’s sipping tea elegantly like a true company heir.
  • you take pictures. (they’re pretty good.) he takes pictures. (they’re pretty bad.) he says that this should be therapy, you say that it probably is in some places. It becomes a tradition to go to the cat cafe on the weekends, and Jumin has a new business to propose. 
  • (Sorry, Jaehee.)


  • seven, we can not adopt all of the cats.
  • once you can calm this rambunctious child, the two of you have a pretty good time, but before that you’re pretty nervous about getting kicked out.
  • The two of you make up names and elaborate backstories for the cats as you eat. Like - ah yes, that’s King Pudding the Fifteenth, the current ruling monarch of the grand cat kingdom. He dines on premium lamb friskies daily and garnishes all of his meals with fish sauce.
  • This inspires Seven to make a blog where he routinely posts photos for cats up for adoption and gives them extravagant biographies. Singlehandedly, Seven the Hacker becomes a crusader for homeless kitties.


  • So, going into the cafe, you might have played a tiny bit of a trick on V. 
  • It’s nothing mean-spirited, not is it anything that clever - you just sprinkled a little catnip on him so he’s be a bit more popular.
  • and oh, popular he IS.
  • this can is just swimming in cats - all of them meowing, purring, rubbing their faces on him…
  • And V just looks so happy, with this gentle little smile on his face as he gives them all the love and attention he has to offer.
  • That smile only grows when you tell him that it’s common knowledge that animals are attracted to people with good spirits, and gosh, look at them, they all just love him.
  • …you keep your little trick a secret. You just want him to feel good about himself, y’know?

Unknown (Saeran)

  • this is stupid, he says as you drag him in, and you know that he’s literally only saying that because he’s trying to save face.
  • this man loves cats.
  • this man loves cats.
  • this man loves animals in general, actually, but he likes cats because they’re independent and, when they come to you for attention, it feels really special.
  • He tries incredibly hard not to basically f a w n over them all, but when a pure black cat named Peaches comes to sprawl over him, he can’t help himself.
  • he gushes. cats are so good, he whispers, tearing up just a little bit as he picks her up and holds her. cats are so, so good.
  • When he notices you’re looking, he clams up and looks away like he’s trying to pretend he totally didn’t just do that. which, thinking about it… is a pretty cat-like trait, isn’t it?

voicelessw1nter  asked:

Oh can you do a romantic/nsfw gif headcanon about Marco please

I added in some funny ones :)

Marco Romantic gif headcanons

Originally posted by loveviral

He reassures at random, and you probably won’t be expecting them, but their really sweet when he does, and its romantic in sense because you could feel the love radiating off of this man, even if he still has the same look on his face. 

Originally posted by perksofexistingcontently

Marco looks like he sleeps a lot, and if he ask him this questions he’s going to stare a lot deeply and nod his head and say everytime, pull you into his arms and tell you his going to take a nap and go to sleep. 

Originally posted by loveviral

Silent meaningful moments happen a lot between you two, and it becomes just so much more romantic when your hands are intertwined, and yours are are connected, and your sitting on top of him. Its like you two ignore the outside world and the crazy antics of the whiteboard crew for five minutes of nothing but each other. 

Originally posted by loveviral

One liners like these are common, Marco is a suave bird. Everyone knows his intense bedroom eyes, it goes perfect with his one liners that are cheesy but work 

Originally posted by gifworld13

He has really warm hugs, omfg and their really welcoming, and he has strong arms so you just really really secure like nothing else bad can happen if you two are together. Bc after the war, and also after the payback war, he’s going need a hug

Originally posted by painfulblisss

He likes kissing you were he can reach, so if some day he kisses you on your stop, your fingers, your nose, your hair, don’t be surprised~

Originally posted by omghowgirl

Marco has like one of the funniest dry humor I could think of in one piece. Like he’s a really funny dude, and he’s sarcastic, so he will always be able to cheer you up. 

Originally posted by mysticmegxn

He likes to be leaned on, physically and figuratively, but definitely not the point of annoyance or extreme dependence. After doing his first mate duties he finds extreme relaxation with cuddles from you, preferably in the crows nest. 

Originally posted by love-this-pic-dot-com

If your dating Marco you kindle get into a relationship with the entire crew, and some days you decide to join in on their pranking adventures. So when they mention prancing marco you just stand by and watch silently laughing to yourself. The situation can either go like the gif is, or Marco takes the vacuum right before its touch his lips and turns it around and puts it on the person lips lmao. Last time 

Originally posted by im-still-staying-strong

Mornings is the time where Marco does most of the things he has to do, and that includes giving TLC t this PYT. i like michael jackson

Originally posted by 3-57am

He likes taking shots and drinks with you because he can’t really get drunk, and its fun to him seeing you slowly go over edge and believe you can out drink everytime. He’s just like ‘lol sure’. Theres always an annual drinking contest o the whiteboard pirate ship

Can you request nsfw marco gifs in another ask please, and tell me how you liked them! I also added some funny ones in there 

There was nothing exceptional or prestigious about the University of Los Santos, except perhaps its unique ability to attract lost and uncertain souls. Even in its unique location in one of the nation’s, arguably, most dangerous cities, it managed to attract students from all over.

But every crew has to start somewhere.

This crew started with Gavin, who had a desire to get as far away from home as he could  and a fascination with Burnie and the Cockbite Crew - whose antics had made the news even as far as England. Who found that where the school lacked in a Cinematography program it more than made up for with its Computer Science program. It started with Gavin finding a home in Los Santos - and finding that he had a certain gift when it came to hacking - and changing his paperwork so they couldn’t send him away. Or it might have started when Gavin decided to supplement his student income with the skill he had developed, hacking into the bank accounts of people who annoyed him and taking petty cash for himself.

The crew started with Michael, who didn’t know what he wanted to do but he knew it didn’t involve staying in Jersey, but he couldn’t tell you what it was that drew him to applying to school in Los Santos. It started with Michael finding engineering, something he hadn’t expected to like when he’d never enjoyed math, but he was good at the practicality of it. He was good at explosives, not what the program was for, exactly, but he was good at it all the same; he could almost unfailingly predict what they would do when they went off. Michael learned it was even easier to predict what they would do when he was the one to make them himself. It might have started when he began selling those explosives to people, the ones he sold paid for his tuition and the ones he kept supplied him with plenty of fun.

The crew started with Lindsay, who had always had a thing for the drama of the theatre, and let that bring her to this city where she could try to turn that into a career. It started when she found stage combat and found she liked the thrill of a fake fight almost more than she liked acting. She found she liked close combat fighting with the prop weapons the best, and that there wasn’t a lot of difference between a staged fight and a real fight. It started at the end of the late shift while she walked back to school, when she got pushed into an alley by one of the local muggers. Started when instinct kicked in when it probably shouldn’t have and she fought back. Or it might have started when she got a taste of real violence, and she added some of the cash from the pockets of her would-be mugger to her tips from the night.

The crew started with Meg, who had always been comfortable enough with herself to pretend to be someone else, and had come to Los Santos to try on a some new skins. Who found herself working in the costume shop during her time at school, she enjoyed the work but liked even more how easy it was to borrow the pieces she wanted for her own charades. It started when she was young, lying to strangers about who she was to get things she wanted. It started when she started borrowing from the drama department to create even more dramatic characters. When she learned that all it took were some pretty words and fake smiles and she could get anything: money, jewelry, information. Or maybe it started the first time she used her routine and that smile that could cut like a knife to get something she knew wouldn’t serve her immediately.

It probably really started when the four met.

When Lindsay recognized the dress that the girl flirting with her had on from the costume shop, but cared more about where this was going than the theft. When Meg realized she wasn’t pretending when she was flirting with the redhead who waitressed at the local diner, and what she wanted from her was her attention. When Michael came in and sat across from Meg without pausing for a hello because she was already at his usual table, and he wasn’t going to let a stranger keep him from his regular time with Lindsay. When Gavin rushed into the diner with all of his focus dedicated to his tablet and sat at the first available seat he got to, which happened to be Michael’s lap.

It probably started when they started talking.

When Michael shoved Gavin out of his lap but into the seat beside him. When Meg asked what it was that he was doing. When Lindsay sat down at the table with them because the diner was dead except for them. When Gavin admitted that what he was doing wasn’t exactly legal.

It probably started when they started bragging.

When Meg rolled her eyes at the petty cash Gavin had been stealing and bragged that’d she’d stolen thousands from people before. When Lindsay admitted she’d started taking the night shift because it usually gave her the excuse to fight with someone before she went home. When Gavin tried to redeem himself by talking about the government agencies he’d hacked. When Michael won by sharing how he’d been selling his explosives to the Cockbite Crew all semester.

It definitely started around that sticky, diner table.

The four of them talking and flirting and bragging until Lindsay’s shift ended and the late night diner closed. The exchange of numbers and smiles as they were forced to part for the night. The promise of something hanging in the air as they went their separate ways. A chain of texts sent before they’d made it a block away from the others.

A crew and a relationship that started almost simultaneously, thanks to a school that had managed to graduate four new criminals into the city of Los Santos.