Twining Vines Hair Pick Set

Available in the following colors:
Gold- Bright shiny gold
Black- Black with white backing
Royale- Primarily Black with Gold
Verso Royale- Primarily Gold with Black

This regal set of hair picks is made of your choice of black or brass clock hands. The longest hand measures about 3" from the fastener hole. Please remember, black hands are white on the opposite side.

The style can be changed over and over again just by loosening the screw, rearranging the hands and tightening it into place.

Look at these gorgeous creatures! LOOK AT THEM! “Who are they?” you ask. Well, they are Sheila and Sylar of Aicosu, of course, and two people whom I look up to and adore.

So, I am sharing my joy all over the place because it just can’t be contained. Nope. It can’t. Dayle’s life was made today. Long story short, I found out they credited Antickquities with Sylar’s pocket watch (which he bought from me dressed as Grell just over a year ago LOL) in their Fable III photo shoot and I noticed that Sheila was also wearing some of my earrings! So…SPAZ ATTACK!! 

Now, let me tell you, these two are absolutely amazing and adorable like no other. Even last year when I was a mean little anti-social shit in artist alley, they were incredibly sweet. I still remember the first time seeing Sheila gush over my wares and that’s probably what kept me going when being-trapped-behind-a-table-con-anxiety was about to make me go crazy. And even after seeing my stuff at several cons, they still get all excited about it, which just gives me the warmest of fuzzies in my heart. Not to mention, they host the best panels. If you ever have a chance to attend one, seriously, go! Do it! You will come away with amazing knowledge (like put your craftfoam armor in a cooler so it doesn’t warp during transport!!) and you’ll have a really good time being there!

TL:DR? Well then: Antickquities loves Aicosu! That is all!

Mayhap there is a little something in my shop that is a perfect holiday bauble for those that are a little brassy, a little steamy, or, dare I go so far as to mention those of the punky persuasion, in your life? Then this event is most certainly relevant to your holiday shopping interests!

That’s right, ladies and gents! 20% off your ENTIRE purchase AND a free key at the Antickquities Etsy store all Black Weekend!

Just be sure to use code: BF2013 upon checkout to get this magnificent deal all weekend from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 29-December 2)!

A Rainbow of Love for the SabotenCon 2013 Vendor Hall!

All of these people I know and love and have bought stuff from each and every one of them!

  • Red- 503- Autumn Fox Creations! All sorts of costume accessories including gorgeous tiny top hats and horns!
  • Orange- 517- Mana Overdose! GIVER HER YOUR PANTS! She will paint them and make them pretty~! Also, Art by ALE! Nifty fan art, charms, buttons, etc!
  • Yellow- 531 & 529- Wanabi Epic Designs! All the buttons and charms your heart could desire! Tshirts, bags, you name it!
  • Green- 509- Antickquities! Accessories made of clock hands and pocket watches!
  • Blue- 416- Tonomura Bix and RAD Candy! Bitchin’ art! Gorgeous fanart and original pieces, even some for charity!
  • Purple- 417- Laminartz! Poly clay figurines and accessories! Super cute and affordable little bits of love!

Of course, some of this may change by the con, but even if it does, they’re still my friends and I love them and LOOK AT THEIR STUFF!


Return of the Faerie Queen!

For a limited time only Brass Titania wings are back at Antickquities! This was once my most popular set, but I had to discontinue the brass as one clock hand was no longer in production. But, recently, I stumbled upon a surprise cache of the elusive discontinued clock hand! Hurry! There’s only enough for 30 sets! Available as hair picks for $9 a set or as over the ear cuffs for $11 a set!


Marchioness Hair Pick Steampunk Accessory

Available in the following colors:
Gold- Bright shiny gold
Black- Black with white backing
Royale- Primarily Black with Gold
Verso Royale- Primarily Gold with Black
Monochrome- Matte Silver and Black
Precious- Matte Silver with Gold

The longer wide hands are about 3" long with a 2" pick to stick into the hair. It is also available in many color combinations!

Many of the brass clock hands shown may appear silver or coppery in the pictures, but they ARE brass (unless otherwise noted), which is a golden tone. It is difficult to distinguish the golden tone in many of the pictures due to the highly reflective surface. All black hands are only black on one side and either white or silver on the other, and all “silver” hands are actually brushed aluminum which is a dull silvery color.


Not only is this gorgeous model showing off an ear cuff of mine (Silver Snow Queen @ around 8:20) she also has the style I adore! Steam Fae is breathtaking and advocating thrifting is totally my cup of tea! ♥