Dear future Love,

I have been waiting for you. Each day bleeds into the next and I watch others say their vows and become one, and I am still here. I know that you are out there, up at 2am wondering if I’m out there too. I am here. I am waiting. I will become better. I will let God mold me and shape me. And one day, when we both have been reborn by the Spirit, prepared and mature, we shall meet and it will a celebration. Keep holding on, my Love. I will keep holding on too.

- a.k.


Occasionally, there is a pause.
A brief awareness, where, for a breath,
there is a profound acuity of perception.

Unveiling the membrane between moments,
it is an emergence of being, between what we perceive
as reality, and the worlds of anticipation, fiction, and memory


I hear him
I see him;

I feel him,
move through
the crowd,
and into my desolate world,
that is suddenly
I cannot turn,
I know his eyes
will enslave
my soul;

my lips are sealed,
and I imagine
he will pry them open
with his tongue;
if I look
he will,

and then,
he closes the gap,
reaches for me
and I am cold
being rescued now,
with warm hands
into a warmer embrace
that feels like home;

he is
beckoning, sweet
insistent and I am
a girl
who lost
to love.

© SoulReserve 2017