anticipating summer

  • Me: *sees Cars 3 preview* Wow this actually looks way better than the second one. I can't wait to see what it's about.
  • Also Me: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Lightning McQueen are you ok, what the fuck kind of movie are they planning, making lightning crash like that?!
  • Also me: Well looks like I have a few months until the movie comes out the anticipation is killing me.
  • Also me: I'll bring the tissues.

Here’s a close up of the makeup from this festival season. A bit melancholic this years festival is over, but I’m also highly anticipating future summer adventures to come.
wearing precious fairy bottle necklace from foxandfaecreations on etsy! 💫💕
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Lilium Part 1

Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Genre: angst, smut, slight fluff?
Word Count: 11,989 I’m so sorry ;_;

Summary: Yoongi’s moving out of the country, and he’s leaving you with a parting gift that’s going to change your life forever. 

A/N: So this is part one to a new fic I’m writing! I hope you all enjoy, and please anticipate part two!

- - - 

Early Summer, 2012

When you told Yoongi that you needed to talk, the last thing you expected to be doing was scouring his bedroom for your missing panties.


Plucking the lacy garment off of the lamp shade, you quickly shimmy back into them. How they got there in the first place was a mystery to you. But once you pull on your pants, you turn to look at Yoongi, now covered fully by a pair of sweats and t-shirt sitting at the edge of the bed twiddling his thumbs.

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for classifiedluke and peacetealuke‘s art major!5sos night

when you bring up the idea of getting a tattoo to your friends, they all recommend you go see art major!luke at the local shop because he’ll do your tattoo for free as a part of his apprenticeship. as enticing as the idea of a free tattoo sounds, you’re not entirely keen on the idea of saving money just to have someone tattoo you as practice. they all assure you that his work is of quality though, so you decide to just bite the bullet and go see him. 

he thinks you’re there looking for one of the other artists at first – because the only people he ever got to tattoo were friends (or friends of friends) and clients who viewed him as a last resort – but his expression lights up after you tell him that you’re actually there to see him and he’s immediately ready to get down to business, asking you what you wanted to get done, how big you wanted the tattoo to be, if you wanted color, etc. once you two discuss the logistics, he puts a pencil to paper, ready to crank out your tattoo design, but finds himself just sitting there for a moment, completely at a loss. 

“i thought you were talented beyond your years,” you lightly quipped. 

your remark snaps him out of his stupor because even though he knows you’re only teasing, he’s determined to prove that he has what it takes to be a full-fledged tattoo artist. he flashes you an easy grin, reassuring you that he is and that he was just mentally sketching your tattoo design because “someone as perfect as you deserves perfection” and even goes as far as winking at you, which makes you giggle and your face warm. 

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Top 5 most anticipated Anime of summer 2015

And brief explantations as to why.

5. Junjou Romantica 3

Because gay guys.

4.  Gatchaman Crowds insight (season 2)

Because I liked the first season.

3. Durarara!!x2 Ten

Because Drrr!! is gold.

2. God Eater

Because Ufotable.

1. Gangsta.

Because the manga is pretty awesome.

TOP 10: Most Anticipated Films of Summer 2015











We are anticipating a very busy summer, so we’ve already started stocking up heavily on all sorts of gorgeous pieces. Lots of orders are being placed, and we have a lot of new items arriving regularly.

Here’s our newest addition for anybody looking for a unique and stunning piece of jewelry for their navel piercing.

This anatometal​ navel curve cluster features genuine Ice Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Arctic Blue & Aquamarine gems. All hand set in implant grade titanium.  

Monterey, CA


with that pokemon variation thing happening, I wanted to try soooo much with deerling. different flowers for different seasons, etc, but I decided to stick with roses.

autumn: primarily orange with trims of gold or vice-versa. some may still have hints of green or yellow-green pigments left from summer. yellow fade on the legs is a characteristic for both summer and fall, or roughly half the year.

winter: transitioning from autumn, the yellow deerling’s legs fades to white and most of its fur fades to a light brown. the roses on its body also brighten to a beautiful white with a green trim. it’s not uncommon for the whiteness of the rose to linger after winter. however, a permanent white rose paired with a lighter coat suggests you’ve stumbled upon a shiny.

spring: after winter melts away, deerling’s fur brightens to welcome spring. various fur and rose colors include pink, lavender, or salmon. yellow pigments may emerge in early anticipation for summer.

summer: when the temperature rises, it is welcomed with bright green and gold fur. depending on the environment, its fur gains or loses brightness, and may even have brown pigments. this is true in dryer climates, while areas that receive more rain are heavily populated with brightly-colored deerling.


Tumblr Summer Amazing Meetup together with Oreo promotes #PLAYWITHOREO for #TSAMU2015 this coming May 16 at The Japanese Garden, Rizal Park - Manila. There will be a lot of things that will happen this coming Saturday that you wouldn’t want to miss! Activities, giveaways, meet new and old bloggers/friends and a lot more!

Just don’t forget to bring *empty or not* Oreo Coconut or Strawberry Oreo slugs, cups or minis with you because that will serve as your entrance ticket for the most anticipated summer meetup of the year! Isn’t that great?! 

So, the gate will open at 12:30PM but please be reminded that we decided to strictly close the gate at 1:30PM for quality control. So please come early, everyone because TSAMU is bringing the best Tumblr event so far to everybody so please be able to participate so that our effort of organizing this together with the hardworking people behind TSAMU2015, and your effort in coming to the event, will definitely not be wasted.

Got it? That’s great! See you there mga Tumblr Bloggers! :*