antichrist verse


“No!” He begged, violently thrashing around. Tears steamed down his face as he laughed so hard his chest was about to burst.


“Where’s your God, now?!” she shouted back her wiggling fingers unrelenting as she continued tickling him, her hips pinning him to the bed.

She gave a small whine as she hopped onto the bed and curled up next to her master, her wings shaking to distribute her feathers evenly. At the moment all she wanted was to be close to him, her heat hadn’t started and she had time before she would be compelled to build a nest. So she wiggled into his arms, nudging her head under his chin with a low, contented purr.



“Just a picture of you, darling.” Benedict purred. “That’s all.”

She said nothing as she stared at him, the irony of his pickup line not lost on her before her eyebrow cocked at him.

“Sorry, but everyone knows celestial beings don’t show up on film. Not the real ones anyway,” she hummed back, pressing her index finger against the corner of her mouth.

Slaying werewolves hadn’t exactly put her in the best of moods and there was just something the half-Siren didn’t trust about this man.