My tour plans~

First of all to everyone asking:
Neotokyo doesn’t know whether there’re going to be any VIP this time or not!
As soon as they know, they’re going to tell us via Facebook or the newsletter!

The tour is approaching and though it’s still little over two months I’m getting really nervous!
That’s the reason why Nyappy-kun shows its unnyappy face. As soon as the tour starts I’m going to switch it to the nyappy mode!
It’s just a very little part of my goodies, and as for the towels, they’re on my wall and I still haven’t decided which one to take on tour. Therefore, the picture content shows what I’m going to bring for sure.

My buddy Nyappy-kun is going to do the sightseeing with me as well, hehe( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
So, you might be seeing him on a couple of photos(laughs)

Now my plans(*・ω・*):

On the right side are the dates, on the left the cities, the middle tells you how the day will be spent. The red Kanji says ‘hima’ and literally means 'free time’, the three black Katakana say 'live’ and now you know what the days are about www!!

The last day, the 12th, is about my return home^_^✨

About the blog & pictures from tour

I’m still being asked quite frequently why the blog has been stopped, and therefore I’ve decided to explain it to you.

First of all the facts:

  • YES, I did finish the tour
  • YES, I did have free internet access via mobile phone and tweeted quite frequently
  • YES, I have taken several photos
  • Bonds was played in Stuttgart, Warsaw, London(?) and Helsinki.

However, due to some private reasons I wasn’t able to continue the blog. Hopefully you understand that.

I’m sorry if that caused you any inconvenience (>_<)

I’ll show you some photos from the last concerts now✩

In front of Trabendo, Paris

normal entrance time Trabendo, Paris

Upon arrival at O2 Academy Islington, London

Got this as a surprise present for my 50th concert in London.

Airport express train at Domodevo airport, Moscow

in front of the venue Club Volta, Moscow

Nearby my hotel, Helsinki

Looking for the venue the day before, TAVASTIA, Helsinki

normal entrance time  TAVASTIA, Helsinki TOUR FINAL

plane home the day after, change at Copenhagen airport.

So I went to check AN CAFE tag to see, if there’s some new posts. I mostly go my own way to the tag (to see them in order from newest to latest etc.) This time I decided to, however, go to the search.

That’s when I realized, that my blog is one of the “recommended”, when searched the tag. And that got me a really happy. And I just wanted to thank everyone who’s following my blog and rebloging / liking my posts. ♥

I just…agjpwrhjpw. I can’t think straight. I can’t even type well anymore. That’s how happy and surprised I am. And yes, this is a big thing for me. 

ALSO have you seen that smile face on the top of tumblr. The chatting thing? I’ve never used it but if you ever feel like saying hi or talking about An Cafe of whatever comes to your mind, feel free. I love to talk with people but I’m really bad at sending the “hi” first.