Why do people ever expect celebrities to have even decent politics? Most of em are regular liberals my guy. What your TV shows and move on. If you tell me “x celebrity is antiblack” like…I already assumed as much because they’re not black but it’s not that deep man. I’m watching my TV show for fun, not for politics.

Worshiping rich people is weird enough in and of itself without acting like you’re surprised they aren’t all anticapitalist feminist heroes.

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Message to “Anticapitalist” Vandals in Portland

I hate it when people think they're being deep but really just require a PUNCH IN THE FACE.

I don’t, just to clarify, mean all the emotional things everyone will say from time to time. I just mean when people say they’re buddhists or vegetarians or cite religious texts and try and bring an extra level of moral fibre into their life just to impress people.

And I don’t know why. Fuck them all. Stop making me question the purity of my hatred.

While we’re on the subject of hatred, I hate


-Anti Capitalists

-Ethnic Minorities

-Ethnic Majorities

-People who like sports

-People who don’t

-Overzealous folk

-Passive folk




-Happy people

-Depressed people

-Over emotional people

-Stone hearted bastards



etc. I tend to hate everyone until I meet them. Then I decide whether I like them or not. It would be silly to decide any earlier.

clochard-celeste  asked:

do you think the ongoing situation in Kurdistan has possibilities to turn into anarchist communism ?

Hi, thanks for the question,

I’m an optimist in that I think yes, there are liberatory potentials emerging in Kurdistan that could evolve into an anarchist communist society. I think the spread of ideas linked to democratic confederalism and anti-capitalism are promising, especially given the triple pressures of the Turkish state/Syrian government forces/Daesh.

However I won’t lie to you - I do not feel remotely qualified into giving you an answer you would find decent and satisfactory. Therefore I think directing you to other resources is the best bet here!

If other comrades feel they can weigh in with their thoughts/resources please do so! Ideas grow better for being stepped on!

- J

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Louis and Lottie doing each other's makeup and he's constantly buying her new products that he likes using himself and he's always complimenting her like 'you're so beautiful lots' and 'God I would buy that eye shadow but I don't think anyone can look as pretty in it as you love eh?' And like he'd let her do really weird looks on him and he'd do her makeup before she goes out with her boyfriend and ahh they cute

no Offence but louis bein so supportive of everyone who’s learning to do makeup n being so sweet abt it and answering questions on twitter n being like “i will personally Kill anyone who says drugstore isn’t good enough fuck their classism rock that anticapitalist highlight”

mother 3 is the only nintendo game i can think of that has an overtly anticapitalist message and is maybe even kinda pro-communism/marxism its like the most political nintendo game by far imo and ive come to appreciate it so much more for those reasons as i get older beyond just being a great game with a great story

Sorry Vanguard but I don’t think Michelle Obama speaking to voters about ambition, no matter our anticapitalist perspective, has the same context as when Melania Trump speaks it. It’s not really that kind of problematic. That claim is ahistorical and oversimplified for bad reasons. We can’t drop our critical race perspective because some black women have status. The burden we place on black women in public discourse is fucking loads heavier than white people have ever had to endure. This is materially significant weight, by the way, and not a form of rhetoric.

Anticapitalists: “Anyone who uses anarchist or communist rhetoric to justify mass killings is a despot and a counter-revolutionary.”
Neo-Nazis: “We want to commit genocide against several racial/ethnic groups and also LGBT people”
Liberals/libertarians/ancaps: “You’re all the same.”

not only are the ads autoplaying theyre autoplaying life insurance ads we’re all broke young and anticapitalist yahoo could you at least pick ads that make sense to put here this is just surreal and im getting enough of that out of the rest of 2016 thanks