Lots of people are at the midway mark to being anticapitalist.

I was reading this blog called ‘Ugly Capitalism’. Here is a statement from it:

“Globalisation is often blamed for job losses in the new digital economy. But the real culprit is the move from old-style capitalism to a new type of ugly capitalism.”

This person does acknowledge issues with capitalism, but thinks of it as different than 'real capitalism’. That’s becoming increasingly common as capitalism begins to crumble. Similar criticisms in mainstream politics include corporate greed, 'corporate capitalism’, and money in politics.

Instead of mocking these people for being naive, we should introduce them to the anticapitalist left.

anarchist organising tends to constrain itself to the scale of local and that means it can’t effectively challenge capitalism as a global hegemony. this isn’t to say that horizontalism isn’t an admirable ideal or something to strive for, but including it as an imperative for our anticapitalist organising hamstrings our efforts to build structures which can bring about international proletarian revolution and establish a lasting left hegemony. anarchism tends to put the “classless society” cart before the “lasting and powerful leftist institutions” horse.

You smugly say “Show me a time socialism worked”

The idea of socialism is only around a hundred years old, has been implemented in maybe a dozen countries, has only been implemented in countries already in turmoil economically, once socialist those countries have been cut off from most capitalist countries or attacked by them, and have often been taken over by dictators who’s actions were in no way socialist.

But enough about socialism, show me a time capitalism has worked and how it worked. Let’s look at the richest capitalist country in the world; the United States was built on stolen land gotten through genocide and made rich largely through slavery and has continued to prosper through overthrowing democratically elected leaders, killing political opponents, supporting terrorists, invading countries for their natural resources and continues to have institutional inequality and oppression as well as having many citizens unable to feed themselves or their families.

So before you smugly ask me when socialism has worked answer me when capitalism has.

anonymous asked:

What's ur opinion about if attending the women's march the day after the inauguration is a good idea or not. There's other protests but due to my job it's the only one that I can go to. But the women's march seems to be really liberal and shitty (Gloria Steinnem is one of the organizers). But as much as I would rather go to an antifa protest or an explicitly anticapitalist march, do you think there is value in just showing up? I want to do something... but i don't want to be at Hilary love fest.

I think there is more value in being on more body on the street, even at a very libfem event, than in staying home. But if you have more options that appeal to you better then sure, go to those! Neither will change the world on its own as an action- I genuinely don’t think it is all that important. I think the major point of a lot of protests this week will just be getting in the street and making noise.

I’m honestly not terribly interested in protests and protest politics in general anymore- I am quite burned out from years of really intense belief, participation, and organization in them and have never bounced back from the inevitable disappointment that comes from realizing protests honestly aren’t that politically powerful the majority of the time. If you wanted to join an antifa contingent (idk if any fasc groups are even planning to have events of their own to combat that day, keep meaning to look that up) then you’d need to contact then directly because whatever they have planned is not likely to be online anywhere.

Least favorite SJ concept: “It costs zero dollars to do X”, where X actually does have some non-negligible cost that you could probably translate to money.

Also, SJ throws around the concept of emotional labor and skews anticapitalist, ffs. Can’t it actually remember that not-explicitly-monetary costs are real?

Leverage is probably my number one comfort show because while its not explicitly gay or very diverse, theres just SO many nuggets of gold, and most of the squicky prejudiced plots or humor are self contained in episodes i can easily ignore…so basically what i do is watch my Fave most warm and Team Bonding Episodes and think about my ot3 and how happy they are being anticapitalist neurodivergent gay poly nerds