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Hi There! So I am new to this and this is the first Imagine which I have posted. Lets just cut to the chase though!

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PAIRING - Reader X Kirk



The room around you was bustling as delegates from the Antican republic worked to cater to your every need. The dog like species had applied for membership within the Federation, they were so desperate to join that they even went to the trouble of arranging a special banquet to try and sway the Admiral’s decision.

Little did the species know, that the banquet was Starfleet’s perfect opportunity to survey their planet and decide whether the union was beneficial for both parties. Being the nearest ship, the Enterprise had been drafted for this political mission. The plan was simple enough, you had been selected along with a couple of science ensigns to conduct the monitoring of their planet inconspicuously while Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov took the lead in political relations.

The banquet was being held on a particularly beautiful beach; the sand which clung to your boots a blood red colour as it mixed with the black sea; the only light highlighting its presence being the warm orange glow from a nearby planet called Selay and the white dying light of the stars above you. Colourful paper lanterns painted by the children of the republic glowed as it bathed the vast array of foods before you in a dim light.

Everything was perfect… for an away mission.

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Realm of Eternity: Part 9

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Chaol and Nesryn were welcomed to a feast that night by Sartaq and his wife–who gave them permission to call her Yrene, as Chaol kept brutalizing her new name in his northern accent, no matter how often he tried to get it right. He’d had similar difficulties throughout their stay in Antica so far, and few others had been so forgiving. Nesryn had thought it all hilarious, but Chaol had far less of a good temper about it. He was thankful for the graciousness of the gonji. An Erilean barmaid to Antican royalty, he mused. Nevertheless, Yrene seemed well-suited to the role she had adopted, and she was a generous hostess to the both of them throughout the banquet.

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