Ontario MPP wants province to intervene in Toronto police ‘carding’

They aren’t suspects in a crime, but many people on the streets of Toronto are still being stopped by police.

It’s a practice known as “carding,” where officers approach people simply to record their personal information. Many were hoping the city’s new police chief Mark Saunders would put and end to it, but so far that doesn’t look likely.

Jagmeet Singh says it’s time for the province to step in. He’s a Member of Provincial Parliament and the deputy leader of the Ontario NDP. He says he has been stopped by the Toronto Police 10 times.

“I’m sure looking diverse or standing out was certainly a part of why I was targeted,” Singh tells As It Happens co-host Carol Off. “Much like the report that we’ve heard from the Law Union [of Ontario], people that are black and brown or racialized people are stopped far more often than other folks.”

Singh is calling for a provincial strategy against carding, proposing legislation to prevent police across the province from detaining and stopping people arbitrarily.

Listen to our interview and here’s what he said at the Ontario Legislature on May 26: (video above)

Listen to the interview.

A user submitted an ask they requested I publish anonymously:

how do you feel about black vs. jewish tensions, and jew vs. muslim tensions? i ask as someone who is both black and secular shia muslim, because ive experienced discrimination from jewish folk on both ends…im really not sure how to feel on this one…

I wrote a very long answer to this question because the tensions between Jews and Black people and Jews and Muslims are very complicated. Just addressing one of these issues is complicated enough, but both is even more of an endeavor. Keep in mind that this is not meant to be an end all be all comprehensive post on the matter: I’m still learning about these topics and these are my thoughts from what I have read and observed so far. I definitely open the floor to others who have more knowledge and other perspectives on these issues.

Some of what I talk about here requires background knowledge to understand. Readers who aren’t aware of the complex racialization of Jews or the concept of a model minority, please check out the sources at the bottom of this post first. 

Keep in mind I reside in the US, and what I write is from a US framework, although I do discuss tensions between Muslims and Jews in other countries (especially France). 

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12 Year Old Dymond Milburn was severely beaten by 3 plainclothes police officers because they thought she was a prostitute. Even though they beat her with a flashlight and caused injuries to her head, spine, throat and ear, the cops charged her with assault.

Sean Stewart, one of the cops involved, later received “Officer of the Year”

Credit: Cop Block



She was gunned down in cold blood by Detroit Police Officer Isaac Parrish. 

  • She was at that police officer’s party at his house. 
  • She only knew one person at that party(the person that brought her).
  • The fabricated story the police gave is that she was dancing on the police officer and his gun accidentally went off (from his hip) when she went to hug him. 


  • She was shot in the CHEST but he says his gun was on his waist!
  • They took 25 minutes to call the police in a party with 20+ people
  • The cop that murdered her wasn’t questioned until the day after






Model says her photo was used without consent for skin-lightening ad

The Toronto model who appeared in a controversial skin-lightening advertisement in the TTC believes her photo was stolen and has decided to take a stand against the bleaching her likeness was used to promote.

Chinthiya Rajah has been modelling for more than a decade. She says she has always been careful to read every release form twice to make sure her photos weren’t going to be used for anything but their intended purpose.

“I did not sign up to do this … I’ve never worked for these guys … They look like stolen images,” she said.

Rajah was featured in a TTC advertisement for, beside the slogan “Get brighter and lighter skin!” The website is run by the Liberty Clinic, a private integrated health clinic near Yonge St. and Bloor St.

Contacted by the Star, the Liberty Clinic apologized to Rajah and explained that it bought her photo from a stock image website.

“In order to protect the privacy of our patients, we do not use their facial images on marketing materials. As such, we rely on stock and medical images when producing marketing materials,” the clinic wrote in an email.

Rajah’s story stands as a warning to budding models everywhere that unscrupulous photographers can resell their image to anyone and, as a result, their photo could end up anywhere.

In the contentious ad, Rajah’s face is bisected; the left side has been digitally altered to show very pale skin while the right has a much darker hue.

“Neither of those shades is my colour. I’m not that dark and I’m not that light. I’m brown-skinned.”

Last month, Rajah was alerted to the ad by a friend who saw it in the subway and called to congratulate her on the gig. Shortly afterward, following an outcry on social media,the Liberty Clinic withdrew the ad and apologized, explaining in a statement that “the elective, natural skin treatment stated in the ad is used for medical reasons.”

Rajah doesn’t buy that explanation. The Toronto-born woman of Sri Lankan descent says skin lightening is a deplorable cosmetic process, full stop.

“In my culture, paler is better, but I don’t support that,” she said. “I’m the type of person that believes in embracing your skin tone no matter what your colour is.”

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I keep thinking about what would happen if a cop is wearing gloves and puts his hands on my son. And my son pulls away because the texture of the gloves bother him. Or if my son just doesn’t like being touched by strangers. Or doesn’t react well when people point or raise their voices at him. Right now, the best way to get Langston to follow instructions is to get at eye level with him and explain very calmly what we need from him. What if that’ll always be the best way to communicate with him and a cop sees my son’s inability to process orders as an act of disobedience. What if my son pulling back from a cop is seen as an act of aggression? What if a simple repetitive motion is mistaken for an attempt at physical confrontation? If a cop is yelling at my son and he doesn’t respond because he doesn’t understand, what’s stopping the cop from murdering my boy in cold blood?

Just in case anyone needed a reminder of how outstandingly racist and lazy CNN is, they actually reported the local chapter of Zeta Phi Beta in a Baltimore Town Hall, a historically black sorority as “gang members” because the colors they wear are blue. (x)

Dear Black People, 

It’s 2015. Stop being the token black friend, stop accepting ‘you’re not even black'as a compliment, stop having conversation  with white people that only wants you to teach them how to twerk, Stop being in relationships with someone of another race if they don’t want you to meet their parents.(This applies to other races too.) And for the love of God learn that other races also hold anti-black sentiments. Just because they are POCs does not mean they are pro Black.

How about we stop doing the whole Slavery vs. Holocaust thing. And homogenizing and simplifying both while perpetuating either antiblackness, antisemitism, or anti-rrom /antiziganism. (edit: thank you to the person who called me out on my erasure on non-Jews who experienced violence and horror during the holocaust). Shit is complicated and the narratives around both are trash. So instead of perpetuating trash ass divisive narratives why don’t we tell our own stories and support each other’s narratives.


@OwningMyTruth: NYC Mayor de Blasio is now calling for #BlackLivesMatter protests to be put on hold until NYPD officers are buried. Two things-

#1 We now know that the shooter of the officers was NOT an activist and was NOT connected to #BlackLivesMatter, so that point is moot.

#2 Did NYPD stop brutalizing black people after they killed Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Eric Garner or Akai Gurley? Naw.

In summary: this is some bullshit.

DETROIT: Rally against the murder of Terrence Kellum

Tuesday 4:30 PM at corner of EVERGREEN AND CHICAGO

MASS ACTION against the wanton murder of Terrence Kellum.

He was killed in his home by an ICE agent who entered the home illegally.

He was killed while reaching out to his father.

He was shot about 10 times, at least once in the back.

He was handcuffed after he was shot.

8 of the Worst Countries For Black People to Travel

January 8, 2014 | Posted by A Moore | 

A person of African descent traveling to China should not be surprised if they are repeatedly stared at or even swarmed by crowds of curious Chinese who will treat them as a spectacle by taking pictures, touching their hair, rubbing their skin, and asking questions that reflect their ignorance and lack of interaction with Black people.

Racism against Blacks may be the strongest form of prejudice in China. Chinese racism is linked to ignorance, class divisions, ethnocentrism and colorism that exists within Chinese society. Many people in China look down upon other Chinese of darker skin, and believe the whiter skin has more beauty.

In China, Black people are viewed through stereotypes, and most Chinese assume Blacks are poor, uneducated, violent, play basketball, are barbaric and wild, and even eat each other. The most common Chinese slur used against Black people means “black ghost.”

South Korea

Racist mockery of Black people is very common in the public sphere in South Korea.  When a Black person turns on the television in Korea, they can  expect to experience Koreans using blackface and other stereotypical depictions to mock African people, the Diaspora, and Black culture in general.

Tourists can also anticipate being mistreated because of skin color or ethnicity. Foreigners say although many Koreans are polite and respectful,  it’s not unusual to experience an angry, public xenophobic outburst from some of Korea’s citizens and taxi drivers, who they say overlook them in favor of picking up Koreans.  A number of visitors have also reported locals shifting uneasily away from them on public transportation.

Some Koreans and visitors explain the racism against Black people as stemming from a fear of the unknown, since the country  has historically been one of the most ethnically homogeneous nations in the world. Some Koreans will go their entire lives and never see a Black person. Others say Koreans, over time, have adopted whites’ attitudes towards Blacks.


Many people of color who have lived in Thailand can attest to the problematic racial attitudes commonplace in the country. Thais have an aversion to dark skin in general, and are prejudiced against people of African descent or anyone who has a darker skin tone, even among themselves. Black people frequently face discrimination in the workplace and are targeted for scrutiny from police. According to some travelers, it is legal there to discriminate on the basis of skin color or ethnicity.

In 2010, while visiting Thailand for a series of music performances, Ribkat, a well-known member of the multi-platinum selling group Fort Minor, and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park were notified by a hotel manager that they did not allow Blacks or Indians at their hotel. Ribkat and Shinoda, who are both African-Americans, were told they should respect the racist policy and leave. The white band members were told they could stay. The policy to exclude Blacks and other foreigners can also be seen implemented by some local businesses.


bayuncadas asked:

how do you feel about non black poc using "we can't breathe" because I find it highly inappropriate considering it's black people that are being killed for just existing and non black poc (myself included) won't face that kind of violence.

I agree that it’s very offensive because as maarnayeri described so well, Eric Garner’s murder by Officer Daniel Pantaleo was a lynching. Eric Garner was suffocated to death because he was black, and so stepping in as non-black people and saying “We can’t breathe” is an offensive erasure which perpetuates the very antiblackness that killed Eric Garner and gets all of us black people killed every single day in this country. 

I really just wish that white and non-black POC “allies” would take the half a second necessary in rallies to think about the chants and how repeating some of them contextually is inappropriate and hurts black people more than the so-called “good intentions” behind them will ever help us. Solidarity requires, no demands, at least 2 seconds of reflection, but most non-black “allies” refuse to give us even that, which is more telling than anything.