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you know the baby boomers who fucking said they worked their way through college? Yeah they were probably already fucking rich, you know how many baby boomers went to college? 28.8%, you’d be fucking willfully ignorant if you think that was poor ass baby boomers going to college, you’d be fucking willfully ignorant if you thought that was just all these poor people, women, people of color, disabled people, mentally ill people, trans people, gay people, etc. going to school.

University has ALWAYS been for the upper classes, and those people that claimed to work their way through college were already fucking rich, shut the fuck up about baby boomers having all these fancy college privileges. They didn’t. College has always been for the rich, the white, the het, the etc.

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I feel like a fool for not knowing this but how are the sciences used to promote white supremacy? Does this refer to all sciences or just the social sciences? If it's much too complicated to sum up succinctly why they're racist, could you maybe point me to some reading material on the subject? I wouldn't really know where to start researching a topic like this. Thank you.

every natural and social science originated in service to, is deeply indebted to, or has at least been wielded in service of, empire & white supremacy (some more directly than others imo). science & scientific thought under capitalism exist as tools for the dissemination of narratives that support capitalism and/or imperialist exploitation, plus some scientific knowledge arises from or is used to further imperialism & white supremacy in a very immediate sense.

a few things to consider off the top of my head:

additional readings and specific things to research can be found in my science tag

The "Myth" of Black Love

Let me start off by saying that I got inspiration for this post from another post about the disillusionment of a black woman about dating within the black community, expressing that too many black men aren’t attracted to black women and ideally go for non black women. Which got me thinking that with all this recent promotion of black couples via social media, I feel like we can’t just focus on the pros of black love, but we must also bring to light the darker, behind the scenes reality for black women finding love among black men who directly and indirectly express their refusal to be with black women.

I get it, the praise for black love has to do with unifying the black community by saying, “See, black men and women DO love each other.” And yes, I believe it. I don’t believe the photos I see of black couples on social media are fake or anything, but can we also bring to light female black singles and how their singleness is affected by the presence of misogyny noir and anti blackness among black men? Dating in general is hard, but imagine how dating is as not only a black person, but a black woman who does not fit Eurocentric beauty standards (such as light skin, light eyes, loose hair, slim facial features, etc.) Often times I commonly see these types of “conventionally” attractive black women paired up with black men more so than mono-racial looking black women - I wonder why?

As a mono-racial, dark skinned black woman who grew up in predominantly white spaces, from my own experiences on and offline, I can confidently say that a lot of black men don’t consider me to necessarily be their “ideal” type based off black and white standards of beauty, and I feel like black and white standards of beauty go hand in hand for obvious reasons having to do with cultural assimilation, a history of colonization, and so on. Which brings me right to another point I’d like to make about looks equating to superiority or inferiority. Sure, you can’t judge a book by the cover yet too often black men do so, falling prone to the stereotypes associated with non black ethnicities of women - so it’s not just about non black women meeting a Eurocentric standard of beauty easier than most black women. It’s also about how black men view them as less “controlling” than black women, therefore more agreeable and “nicer” JUST due to ethnicity and ethnicity alone. Mind you, I’m not saying black men who date outside their ethnicity all have agendas behind their attractions, BUT I am still iffy about their reasonings for “racial preferences.” I think now is a good time to quote myself from the post about the disillusioned black woman:

“And whenever I see a black woman who exclusively dates outside the black community I feel like it’s not for the same reasons black men often do it - for black women who either often or only date non black men I feel like I have more understanding for them because of the treatment they receive from black men who often have no issue with voicing how undesirable black women are to them. That gives black women more authority of their love lives by expanding their dating pool (since the lot of black women go for black mates) vs. black men who often go for non black women for superficial, anti black reasons rooted in sexism. So when a black woman says “I don’t date black dudes” I don’t see it as excusable but at the same time I understand her reasons for doing so more than a black man refusing to date black women. I feel like black women are often looking for genuine love, the kind of love too many black men can’t give them because of their racial baggage, while said black men are oftentimes looking for trophies to use to spite black women and make non black men “envy” them for “stealing” their women.”

You read it right. I do feel like a lot of black men aren’t capable of loving black women the way they need to be loved, which has to do with seeing their blackness in the same way that they see their own and not letting gender be the deciding factor concerning superiority vs. inferiority, especially if said black women don’t fit the Eurocentric standard of beauty. I will say that non black men aren’t the “golden ticket” of black women in order for them to find love - there’s undeniably issues of anti blackness and sexism in all communities. But at the same time since non black men aren’t hit the hardest by racism, since anti blackness is global, they do have less baggage from that and less pressure to socially conform in my eyes. Because really, I believe more non black men are attracted to black women more so than they let on, it’s just that their cultural ties such as pleasing family and community hold them back from acting on this attraction confidently.

We really do need to have a real conversation about misogyny noir alongside “black love.” Because part of the way black men are going to love black women unconditionally has to do with an awareness of their own social conditioning and their own perceptions of black womanhood.

if you’re truly not racist, if you truly believe black & brown people deserve respect and empathy and access to full personhood, then you don’t associate yourself with racists in any positive way ever, then you don’t participate in that “i can love the art but hate the artist uwu” bullshit, then you don’t prioritize your personal interests and tastes over the safety and basic human rights of poc.

talking and talking about how you’re ~so supportive~ and ~such a good ally~ is completely useless if you’re buddy-buddy with people and communities who are widely racist just because you have interests in common, if racism is something you’re willing to tolerate in any way shape or form for any reason at all ever then you’re a racist yourself.

twefs: we’re leftists! we’re rrradical!
twefs: *repeatedly side with anti lgbt right wing movements in order to take down mutual targets*
twefs: *openly push the trap narrative*
twefs: gender and sexuality are transhistorical biological facts. other societies are just too primitive to realize them/never existed at all and diamat just a cheap tactic to make male rape culture stronger.
twefs: homosexual
twefs: you support refugees? you disgusting male/clinton supporter
twefs: *slap stalins ugly antisemitic, revisionist face all over everything like a fed trying to fuck minisoc*
twefs: intersex people?? whats that
twefs: *readily convert to nazism*
twefs: *doxx and make sexual comments about trans minors*
twefs: white liberal feminist “issues”? no sweetie this is radical praxis!
twefs: *harass black women for calling out their racism*
twefs: *perpetuate myths about transwomen created by the right*
twefs: anyone who wants trans people to have rights is a liberal
etc. ad infinitum
George Lopez Calls A Woman 'Bitch' For Her Reaction To His Racist Joke
"You have two choices: Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out," Lopez said.

George Lopez lost it on a female audience member who evidently didn’t appreciate a racist joke the comedian told at his show in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday night.

“There are only two rules in the Latino family. Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house,” Lopez said during his set, which prompted a woman in the audience to put up her middle finger.

In a clip of the incident obtained by TMZ, Lopez is seen responding to the woman’s gesture by calling her a “bitch” and telling her, “Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k out.”

“Sit your f**king ass down,” Lopez repeated three times. “I’m talking, bitch. You paid to see a show. Sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherf**king place. Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k out of here.”

lmao fucking, republican trump supporters who like hold their right to arms as their supreme goal to keep, are fucking liberals, who don’t actually care about protecting all people’s right to bear arms. 

They don’t care about arming black people, disabled people, women, the marginalized. They don’t care about defending themselves from our corrupt government.

whatre they going to do with those guns. it was meant to defend yourself against a corrupt government, they’re not about to overthrow our government, so why do they care so much about their gun rights.

lmao if they aren’t hunting they’re just fucking posers.

The left are the true people concerned with our right to arm ourselves, because we see our government for what it is.

Why are we still fighting the “side bitch”?

Here are all my honest views on this whole (Other Woman / Side Chick) topic that people are trying to get to the bottom of.

Why are you demanding any type of “sisterhood rules” from random women who don’t even know you? To me, that has nothing to do with fighting the oppression on women. That’s some personal shit.
In fact, it comes off as internalized misogynoir to me because you hold random women to moral standards that you don’t even hold the men in your life to. Men who made commitments to you. It’s like you need random women to fill in where your man is lacking.  
Personally I am non-monogamous, but if I was in a monogamous relationship and I agreed to a commitment with a man, HE is the only person I would hold accountable for that commitment.
Because HE is the only one who made the commitment.
The “other woman” would have simply been who HE cheated with and it could have been ANY other woman so I would NOT be making it personal with her. Regardless of if she knew about me.

I also think it’s anti sex-worker to impose these moral standards on women. Because often times, women do provide sex work to men who are in monogamous relationships. Don’t make it her problem that your man is cheating. Money pays bills regardless of if it came from a man who has a woman. Sorry!

Many women believe that the solution to having a “faithful man” is by publishing a bible about how women should “respect other women’s relationships”.
So basically women have to step in, yet again, and prevent grown ass men from cheating because apparently male accountability is STILL a myth in 2017.

Maybe just maybe if y'all would hold men to the same standards that y'all hold random women to then male accountability would not still be such a foreign concept. And men wouldn’t be able to keep walking around laughing at women being hateful of other women over what men did.

And please don’t come saying, “They both deserve their asses beat.”
I’m not cool with domestic violence from any gender.. nor am I cool with violence against random women over lying ass men so nah. Miss me with that too, please.

I’m over the whole “side chick” rhetoric because technically y'all are both on one side or the other …unless he is hitting it from the back, then in that case you’d be in the front.

LGB no T.

I am so sick of this. The black community has worshipped dick and centered black men in everything since day 1. Now silly handmaidens and black men who ‘identify’ as black women want to speak over actual black women to prop themselves up. How dare you disrespect our existence and use patriarchy in a dress to make yourselves the focal point of female oppression. It’s called SEXISM not genderism for a reason. Being female has been the sole basis of our abuse and you have the nerve to pretend all of that can be redirected to being about your “mentality”. Get the hell outta here. You don’t get to redefine things to suit your agenda. Now you’re out here peddling the lie that “black trans women” face the highest level of violence. Bull fucking shit. Black women have experienced more violence than ANYONE ever, especially if we are dark skinned. Black people have been enslaved by other black people, whites, arabs and Natives, all of whom raped black women . Some even forced us to breed in astronomical numbers and take care of all the children regardless of color because all we were good for was production. Black women have suffered FGM, have been forced into marriages as children, our bodies have been placed in human zoos for people to gawk at our 'unusual’ figures, our bodies have been used against our will to advance science. Present day black women carry those scars with us because trauma against our humanity for daring to exist while black and female is generational. Not only are we missing and trafficked at ridiculous rates but we are also raped, assaulted and killed under the radar. We have become the punchline for black 'entertainers’ and black men everywhere from our skin tone to our character to our mannerisms to our genitalia to our diction. We get cervical cancer more than anyone but we better not say it because “not all women have a cervix.” 😑 We are the poster children for everything wrong in society. When society talks about welfare queens and single motherhood, they’re not thinking of 'trans’ black women. When we get blamed for “destroying the black community with our feminism”, they’re not thinking of 'trans’ black women. When society talks about black women being ugly and ghetto they’re not thinking of 'trans’ black women. When people approriate our culture and style to give themselves an edge, they’re not taking it from 'trans’ black women. Black women have attitude. Black women are fat. Black women are raising thugs. They’re not talking about 'trans’ black women. Day in and out, black women are society’s scapegoat while all you care about is being able to use the bathroom you prefer and being able to date straight men without opposition. That is what we call a First World Problem. Your identity crisis and the elective surgeries you get to appease it do not take precedent over the global and never ending disrespect of black women. We didn’t have to alter ourselves and go out of our way to be oppressed like you. Just by existing as is, the world has told us that is enough reason to take endless craps on us. Stop acting like black men haven’t always found it ok to fight black women like men because our blackness allegedly discounts our womanhood. Stop acting like black men haven’t embedded it in their mind that black women are not human but their mules to take care of them when life is hard, only to be discarded when they become successful. Stop acting like black girls aren’t constantly robbed of our innocence with assault and dubbed 'fast’ so our pain is overlooked and our fault. Stop acting like people haven’t always called black women, men because we are the antithesis of white beauty standards. Stop acting like every woman doesn’t get an ego boost on our backs. We are woman enough to be raped, trafficked, called bitches and hoes but too 'manly’ to reap the finances, protection and reverence patriarchal society’s claim to give women. Stop acting like black women are not abused physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially and haven’t always been by white society, black society and everyone in between. Acting like you have it so hard when we have always been treated like an other just for being born. “The most disrespected and least protected person on the planet is the black woman.” - Malcolm X He said black woman. Not black 'trans’ woman. Cis privilege my ass. You think because you’ve been feeling for the last year what black women have been feeling since FOREVER, that you have it worse? You are only experiencing a sliver of what we get anyway. It’s just that typical fragile masculinity you were born into that has you thinking you are the peak of oppression. You went your whole lives ignoring and/or capitalizing on the degradation of black women because your maleness allowed you to put it on the back burner. Your internal issues with gender did not negate the external privilege you received. But now that you 'identify’ as one of us, we need to make you a priority or you slander us with poor reverse psychology. How narcissistic can you get? Womens rights are only worthy of attention when you are involved? “TERF” is not a thing btw. Stop using racism, sexism and homophobia to make yourself valid. You cannot compare white privilege, male privilege and straight privilege to this nonsense. Women have never had privilege. Or do you just wanna ignore the last thousands of years? You were born on the side of privilege and into the dominant oppressing class. Now you want access to a marginalized group with no questions and throw tantrums when we say no. It’s almost like your male privilege conditioned you to force yourself onto women at any cost and taught you how to play victim when women don’t fall for your shit. You want equal footing in womanhood but won’t hesitate to remind us you “have it worse”. You want to call lesbians bigots if they exclusively like women and vagina… because hey, how dare some women not want penis in any way, shape or form. Blasphemy! You have no concern for women in shelters fleeing abusive men. You invade their spaces and tell them to suck it up if they don’t like your dick and masculine energy. You say nothing when born males use their advantages to dominate female sports. But you’re the victim, right? I will say it again. It’s called SEXISM, not genderism for a reason. You don’t get to keep playing the “being born in the wrong body is not a privilege” card to ignore your advantages and complicity at our expense. Gender identity issues are low priority in comparison to everything else. Every day black women leave our homes, we are subjected to antiblackness and misogyny just for being ourselves. Doesn’t matter how we dress or speak, it is hurled our way just for being in a female body via a black package. It will be a cold day in hell before those born male and their delusions get to define womanhood but those of us born female and our realities that came with it don’t. Yes, we are the arbiters and gatekeepers of womanhood and it pisses you off there’s nothing you can do about it except rally your naive liberal handmaidens and scream TERF. Interestingly enough, there are countless instances of 'trans women’ raping, assaulting and killing women but not ONE woman has done that to you. Yet here you all come… into our spaces IRL and on the internet to force yourselves onto us. Why don’t you go after the men who fuck you in private but don’t want to publicly be seen with you and take your lives with the same gusto? Is it because you have no privilege over them and instead, it’s easier to gang up on the 'weaker sex’? It’s almost like you devalue women so much, you wanna speak over, redefine and attack us all while blaming our words for violence against you… well what do you know, patriarchy strikes again. We will not give into your demands. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. (If misgendering you is 'violence’, well propagating existent violence against us is indeed terrorism.) 😊

#blackfeminism #feminism #womanism #womenfirst #saynotopatriarchyinadress
sum thoughts about beauty
  • beauty of the kind that women are expected to perform is innately, inherently harmful to us & works to alienate us from ourselves and our bodies, to force us to police ourselves, to make us waste time and money and energy (emotional and physical) trying to live up to a standard that we can be subjected to violence for failing to meet, and in many cases to physically restrict us and to cause us physical harm. it is not merely standards of beauty that must be challenged or redefined or expanded, but the very concept of beauty as something that women must live up to in order to be treated as vaguely worthwhile (useful / usable) must be eradicated in order for us to be able to truly + freely occupy our own bodies without anxiety, self-consciousness, self-hatred, and fear (n of course this entails eradicating patriarchy).
  • women need to be able + allowed to say that we are parsed as beautiful or as ugly as a means of describing our lived experiences with beauty and the ways in which we are treated, without being accused of being vain or of having low self-esteem, without anyone attempting to knock us down a peg or to comfort / reassure us–we need to be able to state facts about how the world receives + reacts to us without our words being misdirected or trivialised, as if our recognition of the reality our embodiment + how it affects us is necessarily connected to our sense of self-worth (as if our sense of self-worth must come from beauty), as if we are merely talking about how we feel about ourselves rather than trying to open a dialogue about how beauty works on us.
  • of course beauty’s impacts on our self-esteem are very real and cannot be ignored (see the earlier point about beauty alienating us from ourselves and forcing us to police ourselves), but to act as if the impacts of beauty are all in women’s minds, and to focus on women’s minds as the sole battleground on which a war against “beauty standards” is to be waged, serves only 1) to ignore how beauty is wielded against us externally in our everyday lives (those of us who are parsed as beautiful and those of us who aren’t); and 2) to ensnare us once more in the same trap from which we are trying to escape, in acting as if any specific beauty standard is the problem and all we need to do is to accept that this one thing about ourselves is beautiful–rather than problematising the idea that our worth (including our self-worth) should come from beauty (speaking, again, specifically of “beauty of the kind that women are expected to perform”) in the first place
  • obviously, the things that are considered beautiful in women, while constantly shifting, are more or less affixed to upper / middle class white cis (+ non-intersex) womanhood, and the reasons that certain women are considered “undesirable” (and therefore, in many ways, inhuman) are often heavily tied into racism (and, hugely, antiblackness & colourism), classism, transmisogyny, ableism, etc. (see, white women being considered “delicate” while brown & black women are masculinized due to histories of colonialism)
  • as such, women of colour & trans women (not to say that the two groups are either mutually exclusive or completely analogous) have extremely complex relationships with beauty, and this needs to be treated with nuance + with compassion. when you’ve been dehumanised for e.g. racialised aspects of your appearance, when you have a very real and visceral sense of how your race + gender are embodied, how they are being parsed as things that are inherently ugly and aberrant/abhorrent, and how those appellations (that is, ugly and abhorrent) feed into and become each other–and, not for nothing, but it is largely dark-skinned women and especially dark-skinned black women who are parsed this way–it is very tempting to look to beauty (meaning, the beauty reserved for upper / middle class white (cis) womanhood) for a sense of self-worth–but, again, while this may make us temporarily feel better, it does nothing to combat the harm that beauty does in the first place.
  • that being said, I do think that there is a way to declare that racialised features, e.g. dark skin, are beautiful without meaning beauty as in “beauty of the kind that women are expected to perform,” but rather, a kind of beauty that is perceived as innate and arises / is recognised and articulated in contradiction to and rebellion against racist & antiblack / misogynoiristic dehumanisation based on the inscription of race onto bodies–that is, not saying “this thing is worthwhile because it is beautiful, and therefore I am worthwhile because I am beautiful,” but rather, “this aspect of myself is beautiful because it is worthwhile, and because I am worthwhile, when I and people like me have been told that we are not worthwhile + have been oppressed through the inscription of race onto our bodies & the racialisation of these aspects of our bodies.” this kind of thing is, again, responding to a deeply felt knowledge of how race is embodied that I think we need to be given room to articulate.

I’m not sure if people are really that naive or this is some kind willful ignorance / deep level of denial, because they don’t want to damper their love for the show, and thus refuse to see the obvious… Like all of these “but they had to kill off Sasha because Sonequa was cast in Star Trek: Discovery” posts?

I mean, isn’t it crystal clear that the only way Sonequa could even audition for the role was if she knew for fact that her stay in TWD was going to an end? If the writers / TPTB had long going plans for Sasha, Sonequa wouldn’t have been able to go lead another show simply because of all the legal obligations and contracts. The comic Holly storyline was written and published back in 2014, so Sasha’s fate was sealed the minute they had inserted her into that Abe/Rosita love triangle.

The only good thing out of it was that Kirkman and Co. didn’t make much of a secret out of this (unlike with SY and the whole Lucille victim BS), and apparently gave Sonequa freedom to pursue other options while she was still filming TWD. Which actually benefited them in the end because they’re now absolved of all the accusations in racism / misogyny / Antiblackness because Sonequa has a better role in another show.

I can understand arguments on whether Sasha’s exit was handled well or it wasn’t… but people justifying her death by Sonequa’s new role in ST: Discovery is beyond naive. It’s the same level of naivety and denial, as when people were justifying Glenn’s brutal death by saying that “Steven pushed for it!”


This happened at my school, SUNY Albany. I need you all to reblog this and spread it like wildfire. We need the world to be enraged about this. 

i try not to get too involved in interracial dating or “swirling” discourse within problack circles since the conversations are always so centered around heterosexuality and childbirth and my childfree lesbian ass couldn’t give two shits about straight people shittalking each other and letting everyone know they’re terrible parents

but like don’t think i haven’t noticed the obvious sexist bias in these conversations, don’t think i don’t see how a black male celebrity can date and marry only white women and other nonblack women all his damn life and have a bunch of mixed kids with said nonblack women and constantly participate in misogynoir and colorism and internalized antiblackness and y’all fuckers will still kiss his ass 24/7 but when a black female celebrity who’s only ever dated and married black men and had only black kids and has always supported and uplifted the black family barely glances for like half a second towards a nonblack man’s direction suddenly she’s a irredeemable race traitor who deserves to be disowned 🙄

so like excuuuuse me if i don’t trust any straight black man who claims to be against interracial dating because from personal experience i can tell most of them are raging misogynists and homophobes who think a black woman’s only use is being a black man’s baby maker and that black gay people are “destroying the black family” just by existing and being gay 🙄 🙄 🙄

i always side eye white gays & white lesbians who make posts like “adding ‘white’ before ‘gays’ or ‘lesbians’ doesn’t make what you’re about to say any less homophobic.” because while yeah i get it sometimes straight poc pretend to only be targeting white gays when expressing their homophobic bullshit but the immense majority of posts at least on this site talking negatively about white gays & white lesbians have been written by gay moc and lesbians of color who are venting about the discrimination they’ve experienced within the gay community because of their race & skin color and tbh if you’re a white gay and you think gay poc calling you out on your racism is homophobia i have nothing to say to you except you’ve lost all right to dictate what is and what isn’t homophobic.

Also see: “if you’re not proud of this country, if you’re not patriotic, then you can leave!!!”

I am sick and tired of people acting as if this country and other “first world” countries don’t have real problems or be silent about our lives being at risk every day, since we “could have it worse”.

man ok i woke up in a mood and i want to talk about blaise zabini and fandom racism and i know i’ve talked about this before but i’m so fucking sick of seeing blaise being written off as the fandom’s antiblack stereotype if he’s even acknowledged at all.

for starters, everyone who writes blaise zabini as having no respect for women has, as far as i’m concerned, never met an italian mother in their life. and coming from an italian mother, and an italian grandmother, and a whole host of italian cousins and aunts and uncles, let me tell you that no matter how misogynistic any italian man i’ve met is, they all love their mamas. why? because mama gave them life, mama gave them god, and if anyone, anyone, disrespects mama – themselves included – that’s tantamount to starting a war. that’s not to say that there’s no such thing as an abusive or negligent italian mother – merely to say that i’m very tired of seeing one of the few canonically black characters in the series painted into two antiblack stereotypes – the first of the “bad mother,” who cares more about men and money than her children and who uses her children as leverage to get more, who doesn’t have any integrity, and the second of the “misogynist who especially targets white women,” because there is a HUGE culture of painting black men as predatory and misogynistic, especially towards white women, in order to set black men as “monsters” and white women as “damsels in distress.” both of these stereotypes are rooted very heavily in racism, and in antiblack misogyny. there is literally nothing to suggest that mama zabini is abusive, or negligent – just that she’s a black widow. and i think this website has established that so long as the black widow is white, we love her and think her a hero – so maybe try extending that elsewhere?

i’m also EXTREMELY hesitant about the idea that blaise zabini – a black man living in england, which is just as fucking racist as the us, if not more so – is somehow unaware of racism and is willing to simply throw blood supremacy around without first considering what it means for a member of any oppressed or marginalized population to perpetuate oppression of another.