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A lot of these summer bummer critiques are just white people being antiblack.

You can dislike rap / hip hop music and have nothing against black people. It’s mostly that the lyrics & song title aren’t great. There is a lot of rappers who are crazy talented and then there are those who write really simple predictable songs.. like Playboi Carti.. The same goes for other genres though? Some people can write and some can’t. 

“In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock
Running from an opp, then I shoot at opp
And I’m on the block, and I’m on the block
In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock
Hide in my sock, selling that rerock
In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock
Used to sell rerock, running from the cops
Shooting at the opps
Shooting at the opps, cause I run they block
Gimme top top, in my drop top
All these hoes gon’ flock flock, when I drop drop
All these hoes gon’ flock flock, when I drop drop
All these hoes gon’ flock flock, when I drop
Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!” 

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ch*nce is a black woman. she can not like zayn bc of his constant antiblackness w/out people trying to police her feelings. ofc that doesnt give her license to say anything islamaphobic but legit what has she said tho? simply making fun of zayn doesnt count lol. i like zayn but legit black fans have a right to hate zayn imo and fellow poc ought to be more sympathetic esp since hes a celeb and really ought t watch what he says. and unlike zayn who will never see this, ch*nce will. ur post is ugly

you must have misread my fucking post just because you don’t like somebody doesn’t give you the right to act like an insensitive cunt THE FACT THAT SHE HAS BEEN CALLED OUT ON IT SO MANY TIMES AND CHOOSES TO IGNORE IT AND NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT MAKES HER ISLAMOPHOBIC! SHE LAUGHED ABOUT A POST COMPARING DONALD TRUMP AND ZAYN AS IF ZAYN AIN’T MUSLIM AND BROWN HIMSELF. But yeah do tell me how i’m dismissing her because she’s black get outta here lmfao. She’s also said many shitty things about zayn not just petty insults. You have no proof about zayn being antiblack being uneducated about police brutality doesn’t count. 

“I’m not racist, I’d love this character even if they weren’t white”











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what does yt stand for?

what do u racially identify as? that’s what i ask before i get into ANY online discussion. i cannot respond until I know cause i only do intellectual labor under antiBlack capitalism 4 free 4 Black ppl (while prioritizing Black ppl w/ less access/mobility/class/social capital than me.) heard of ‘punching up’ instead of ‘punching down’ 2 make *good* comedy? well i try 2 ‘teach down’ not ‘up’ and i ain’t no gatekeeper 2 Black ppl or a translator 4 nonBlack ppl. also reminder 2 all internet lurkers: no1 owes any1 a response.

A white: but saying Asians are naturally smart is POSITIVE discrimination:)))

Me: The model minority myth was invented by whites as a tool of antiblackness to create divisions between communities of color and prove that ‘anyone can succeed in America if they just TRY hard enough!!1!’ thereby implying that antiblackness is black ppl’s own fault for not TRYING enough. Additionally, it relies on false interpretations of data and hurts the opportunities of all Asians, particularly less privileged ones, and dehumanizes Asians by furthering stereotypes of us as some kind of innately robot-like monolithic-minded hive, devalues our individual accomplishments and uses us as a tool to further antiblackness

Laura Moon is not your “iconic badass female character” at all, and I’d appreciate it if white women stopped pretending otherwise. 

I do think it’s important and necessary to portray female characters who are complex, flawed, selfish, dangerous, and even a bit villainous. I also think it’s crucial to represent female characters with mental illnesses properly. So yes, in that sense, Laura is written quite well. Her depression is not aestheticized or glorified in the slightest, nor is it fetishized for a male viewing audience. She’s not a typical wife to a male protagonist because she is dangerous, she is apathetic, she is both a liar and casually blunt, she is self-aware, and she is cynical. These are not typical traits for the love interests of male characters. I get that. 

But Laura is also meant to be a character you dislike, or, at the very least, one that you should have quite a difficult time empathizing with. Not only did she cheat on her husband - she cheated on him with his best friend, a man who also happened to be her best friend’s husband. Her selfish desires caused Shadow to get imprisoned, and she committed adultery while he was in prison because she lied to both Shadow and to herself when she said she could wait for him. She chose temporary relief over honesty. She treated Shadow apathetically, selfishly, and patronizingly, and in fact even after her death she continues to condescend to Shadow and expects him to be at her beck and call. She was callous and flippant with a god (Mr. Jacquel, AKA Anubis) and expected him to listen to her whims. Mr. Jacquel is a serious but compassionate person - if even someone like him is irritated by her actions, then you know that Laura is not a nice or good person at all. 

You don’t need to justify her behavior. You need to accept that she’s a selfish and bad person. If you truly want complicated and different female characters, you cannot spend time trying to prettify or justify their awful behavior. 

Audrey, who justifiably hates Laura, still cares for her because Laura, albeit her actions, was her best friend. It’s difficult to fully hate someone when you found out about their death and their adultery at the same time. But she has no qualms about letting Laura know what she truly thinks about her. And she’s right - Laura did not love Shadow. Laura did not treat him properly. Laura was selfish. Laura is still selfish. Laura thinks of nothing but herself, and it doesn’t matter that she’s depressed; depression does not excuse treating your loved ones like toys to play with or manipulate. 

The only reason any of you are justifying Laura’s behavior is because Shadow is black. The protagonist of the show is a black man, and that’s exactly why you think the show is only good now that Laura is on it. I’ve seen people say “well the show passes the Bechdel test because of Laura now”. Setting aside the sad reality that the Bechdel Test was created by a lesbian to measure lesbian representation (so the show doesn’t actually pass the test since there are currently no lesbian characters on it), there are actually interesting and unique female characters already. These same fans who are touting Laura Moon as the height of “revolutionary” female representation ignore Bilquis. 

If Shadow was a white man, he’d definitely get more sympathy from white fans. Conversely, if Laura was a black woman, she’d get villainized by the same people who are currently defending her. Or alternatively, if Shadow had cheated on Laura, he would be deemed persona non grata by these “Laura defense squad” type fans. Hell, if Shadow was a white man, white fans would not be saying that the show was “boring” until Laura came along - they’d hype it up from the get go. 

This show is incredibly important because the main character is a black man who isn’t reduced to stereotypes at all, and it’s important because it has many characters of color who are written well and aren’t typecast into boring roles. Laura Moon is not what makes this show great. Sure, she’s one example of the great writing behind the show precisely because she’s such a challenging character to figure out and analyze. But even her actress, Emily Browning, acknowledges that she is supposed to be a character you have a hard time liking or empathizing with. Do not excuse her actions or lessen the degree of hurt she caused. 

Very Important PSA

So, it hasn’t even been a week, and I’m already seeing “Black Panther’s race doesn’t matter, we’re all human” shit. And you know what? I ain’t here for that shit. Tell, MCU fandon:

Where was “We’re all human” when ya’ll were erasing Rhodey and calling him “Rodney?” 

Where was “We’re all human” when ya’ll were blatantly mischaracterizing Nick Fury, making fun of his disability, and saying “He curses too much”?

Where was “We’re all human” when ya’ll convinced yourselves that Sam Wilson was actually a secret HYDRA agent? Where was “We’re all human” when ya’ll turned Sam Wilson into the Avengers’ personal house Negro? 

Where was “We’re all human” when ya’ll turned Heimdall into “The human telescope”? 

Where was “We’re all human” when ya’ll ignored Gabe Jones?

Where the fuck was “We’re all human” when ya’ll erased Mike Peterson’s son, Ace, and then said Mike would be used as a vehicle for Ward’s redemption?

Where the fuck was “We’re all human” when Trip died?

Where the fuck was “We’re all human” when ya’ll were demonizing Jason Wilkes for being Peggy Carter’s love interest? 

Where was “We’re all human” when Ben Urich was murdered in a graphic, dehumanizing way on Daredevil?

Where was “We’re all human” when Will Simpson  Oscar Clemons was burned alive on Jessica Jones?

Where was “We’re all human” when Jessica weaponized her white womanhood and pushed Malcolm Ducasse into a crowded room full of white people and said “He lunged at me”?

Where was “We’re all human” when Malcolm was expected to do massive amounts of emotional labor for white people who treated him like shit? With no reciprocity? 

Where was “We’re all human” when Luke Cage was being abused by Jessica?

Where was “We’re all human” when the MCU fandom decided to make Luke Cage their white fave’s bartender, and resident expert on superhuman sex? 

Where was “We’re all human” when Tessa Thompson was casted as Valkyrie, and confirmed to be Thor’s new love interest, and the entire Thor fandom attacked the character saying “Why does she need a love interest? She’d be better off alone” Even though the “Strong Black Woman Who Don’t Need No Man” has roots in dehumanizing Black women. 

Where was “We’re all human” when Zendaya was rumored to be playing Mary Jane?

Where was “We’re all human” when people were campaigning for a Miles Morales movie and the MCU Klandom rose up and said “Well, Peter’s just more iconic”?

Where was “We’re all human” when the MCU fandom was blantantly hating on Claire Temple? Where the fuck was “We’re all human” when the MCU klandom was dead set against Claire as a love interest for Matt? 

Where was “We’re all human” when the MCU fandom was demonizing T’challa for trying to find out who killed his father? 

Where was “We’re all human” Mordo came onto the scene, and ya’ll ignored him while ALSO swearing that you all LOVE “Complicated villainous/gray characters”?

But now that Black fans have Black Panther,  a character and a world that celebrates us,  suddenly its “We’re all human”? Suddenly it’s “AllHeroesMatter”? Suddenly its “You Black fans are the reason no one wants to use the Black characters”? 

Ya’ll can miss me with that bullshit, cuz I ain’t havin’ it. Did ya’ll think we just forgot about all that bullshit? We’ve been dealing with your bullshit for years now, and we’ve got the receipts. So no. Black People are gonna have our moment. We’re gonna have our movie, and the rest of ya’ll can stay the fuck out of our tags. 

So let me get this straight. We have:

Moonlight- A movie about a black gay man growing up in a poor Florida neighborhood.

Hidden Figures- A movie about three black women who rose through misogynoir from white men, white women and black men to place a man in space.

Fences-  I mean…come on. Denzel Washington AND Viola Davis? Enough said. 

And all anyone wants to talk about is La La Land. 

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“I don’t think Princess Tiana deserves to be in the same league as the rest of the Disney Princesses”

“T’challa was selfish in CACW”

“Finn isn’t a Jedi!”

“Iris West CAN”T be black!”

“Cyborg doesn’t deserve his own movie!”

“Why did they cast Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie?”

“Luke Cage doesn’t have any white people in it!”

“Why is everyone in the Wiz black?”

fascism doesn’t mean violence yall, it means nationalistic, authoritarian government.

Words have meaning. You can use violence and not be fascists. 

Is someone defending themselves from imminent death a fascist because they used violence? No because thats a fucking ignorant leap.

Defense against oppression is not fascism, defense against authoritarianism is not fascism, fighting nazis is not fascism.

Yall out here glorifying World War II veterans, but as soon as people start punching real life nazis right outside your window, you start callin’ em fascists without knowing what you’re saying. 

You’re erasing history to suit your liberal agenda, violence has always been used to defend others against those who wish harm upon the masses.

Comedian George Lopez recently told a crowd “There’s two rules in the f**cking Latino family. Don’t marry somebody Black, and don’t park in front of our house.” Anti-Blackness is a global phenomenon. There’s probably an epithet to dehumanize Black people in every language. Because of the legacy of White supremacy, Anti-Blackness even affects how Black people view themselves and each other. NBPOC are not exempt from being Anti-Black.

NBPOC are pointing fingers at White people after seeing “Get Out” - but don’t get it twisted. In the eyes of many Black people we see no difference in the way you treat us from White people. Growing up in the inner-city I witnessed both White and NBPOC exploit us. NBPOC followed me around stores, and called the police on me because I looked “suspicious” too.

NBPOC appropriate Black culture, co-opt our struggle when it’s convenient, and speak in cringe-worthy imitations of Black Vernacular English (BVE), but keep Black people at a distance. I have had the chance to cross-paths with some hardcore-engaged NBPOC; I appreciate their support, but I have to hold them just as accountable as I hold White allies. Anti-Blackness can permeate the psyches of even the most well-intentioned people. As much as one might think they “get it” one still needs to check in periodically to make sure they still “got it.” Your work isn’t done just because you’ve watched “Lemonade” and read “Between the World and Me.” NBPOC don’t get a pass by virtue of not being White.

sry the prison industry as a whole, even state and federal prisons are just cheap ways to get slave labor, out of people society largely doesn’t give a shit about, and should be abolished. 

They aren’t about reformation, they aren’t about justice, they aren’t even about punishment, they’re about profit.