Theft exists only through the exploitation of man by man… when Society refuses you the right to exist, you must take it… the policeman arrested me in the name of the Law, I struck him in the name of Liberty.
—  Clément Duval

some sort of class/school-wide picture was being taking in front of the elementary across my from parent’s house when i got ‘home’ 30 minutes ago…

obviously, the photographer kept having them yell *something* on the count of three… i couldn’t tell what so i just kept figuring it was:

photog: *1-2-3-*!
kiddos: “HAIL SATAN!”

then when the pictures were finished, it sounded like a fvckn riot was going on, so many voices and young bundles of energy and a huge mass of bodies huddled together…

what i’m gitttin’ at is: i hope all this young kids grow up to be anti-authoritarian, free-thinking, sassy-satanists, who like to yell and be energized and encourage each other to keep up morale for each other (but not like school-patriotism-spirit bull shit, but yeah… excitement and energy and Power)