Theft exists only through the exploitation of man by man… when Society refuses you the right to exist, you must take it… the policeman arrested me in the name of the Law, I struck him in the name of Liberty.
—  Clément Duval
Open letter to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement

Attack and destroy the responsible for repression and exploitation!

Attack and destroy prisons, banks, courts and police stations!

Revolt is contagious and can be reproduced! 

Social war against capital and the State!



We have created the Informal Anarchist Federation, that is to say a federation formed either by groups of action or by single individuals, in order to go beyond the limits implied in single projects and to experiment the real potentialities of informal organization. We strongly believe that only a chaotic and horizontal organization, without bosses, authorities or central committees taking decision, can fulfill our need for freedom here and now. Our goal is to have an organization reflecting the view of the anarchist society, which we struggle for. This is intended as an instrument and not as the copy of some old armed party or as an organization looking for adepts. If it were not an instrument to be used for testing the efficiency of informal organization and its capacity of strengthening quality and continuity of the revolutionary action, it would be absolutely useless and would certainly die out. Through widespread actions it is possible to conciliate organization and theoretical/practical debate on the one hand, and the anonymity of groups/individuals on the other. Actions, in fact, besides bringing their specific message of destruction/construction, also propose other kinds of message, such as the ones implied in their methods and instruments. In this case the damage caused does not matter. We are aware that it will not be a well-armed minority group that will stir up revolution, and we are determined not to postpone our insurrection waiting for everybody to be ready: we are more and more convinced that a simple direct action against institutions is more effective than thousands of words.

FEDERATION because of its widespread horizontal structure, that is to say federation of groups or individuals, free and equal men and women bond together by common practices of attack against dominion and aware that mutual support and revolutionary solidarity are instruments of freedom. Relationships inside the federation are stable and flexible at the same time; they evolve continuously thanks to the ideas and practices brought in by new individuals and groups that will join. We do not want any democratic federation, as this would involve representatives, delegates, official meetings, committees, and organs implying the election of leaders, charismatic figures and the imposition of specialists of speech. In the informal federation, communication must be based on  a horizontal and anonymous debate, which will come out of the practice (claims of actions) and of the widespread of theories through the means of communication of the movement. In other words, the meeting will be substituted by an anonymous and horizontal debate between groups or individuals who communicate through practice. The federation is our strength, that is to say the strength of groups or individuals that help one another through a well-defined pact of mutual support.

ANARCHIST because we want the destruction of capital and the State. We want a world where only freedom and self-organization ‘dominate’, and a society where exploitation of men over men and of men over nature does not exist. We strongly oppose any Marxist cancer, which is nothing more than a fascinating and dangerous siren that claims freedom for the oppressed but actually denies the possibility of a free society and just substitutes one dominion with another.

INFORMAL because we do not believe in vanguards nor do we think that we are an enlightened active minority. We just want to live as anarchists here and now and this is why we consider the informal organization as the only kind of organization capable of preventing the creation of any authoritarian and bureaucratic mechanism. It allows us to keep our independence as individuals and/or groups and to resist power with continuity. The Informal Anarchist Organization practices the armed struggle but it refuses classic monolithic organizations implying a base, regular and irregular members, columns, executive cadres, huge amounts of money and living on hiding. We think that this kind of structures is an easy target for power. In fact, an infiltrated cop or an informer is sufficient to have the whole organization or a good part of it collapsed like a house of cards. On the contrary, as the informal organization is formed by 1000 individuals or groups that do not know one another (as they recognize one another through the actions they carry out and the mutual support bonding them), if by some unfortunate chance infiltrators or informers should come out, this would affect a single group without spreading to the others. Furthermore, whoever takes part into the Informal organization is a militant only when preparing and carrying out an action. The organization, therefore, does not affect the entire life and projects of the comrades so that all kinds of armed struggle sectarianism are avoided. Once we are well rooted, power will find it very difficult to destroy us.

The pact of mutual support is the strong point of the Anarchist Informal Organization and it pivots on three key points based on the above mentioned anarchist revolutionary project, and that come into play when individuals or groups decide to join the Anarchist Informal Organization:


Each group of action in the Anarchist Informal Organization is engaged in showing revolutionary solidarity to comrades who are arrested or are in hiding. This solidarity will show itself mainly through armed action and the attack against men and structures responsible for the imprisonment of comrades. Solidarity will always be practiced as an indispensable feature of anarchist way of life and action. Of course we do not refer to legal and technical support: bourgeois society offers a sufficient number of lawyers, social workers and priests, which means that revolutionists can be engaged in another kind of activities.


When a group or individual starts a revolutionary campaign through the deeds and related communiqués, other groups and individuals in the Anarchist Informal Organization will follow according to their methods and time. Each group or individual can launch a struggle campaign on specific targets through one or more actions signed by the single group or individual and by the claim of the Federation. If a campaign is not agreed by the other groups, the critic will show itself through actions and communiqués that will contribute to correcting or discussing it.


The groups of action in the Anarchist Informal Organization are not required to know one another. This will avoid repression to strike them and possible leaders or bureaucrat from emerging. Communication between groups or individuals is carried out through the actions and through the channels of the movement without them to know one another directly.

Long live the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)!

Long live the International Revolutionary Front!

The Antiauthoritarian Manifesto of the Situationist Avant Garde (January 1961)


1. Whoever does not see politics, government, church, industry, military, the political parties,
and social organizations as a joke has nothing to do with us.

2. Boycott all ruling systems and conventions by viewing them as nothing but a joke that went

3. All true artists were born to change their surroundings.

4. Awards, scholarships, good reviews: they give us everything. But one thing is for certain, we
are of no use.

5. Our highest goal is to be useless: joking around is unpopular folk art.

6. The whole world is the sphere in which the artistic impulse that is reserved for fun alone can

7. Everything that can be used is not for people. Without artists there would already be no more

8. We are opposed to Mardi Gras carnival celebrations, because they commercialize fun.
Misusing fun is the greatest crime.

9. Art for art’s sake is over, as is art for money and art for women. This marks the beginning of
art for fun.

10. Being creative means: having fun with everything by constantly creating new things.

11. Being human means homo ludens and homo gaudens.

12. Fun has not been an integrating factor in culture since the ascendancy of dialectic 2
materialism and determinism. We demand its liberation from oppression by the prevailing
ideologies and rationalism.

13. The sentence “Knowledge is power,” which ushered in the age of science, shall be followed
by the sentence “Fun is power,” ushering in the age of fun.

14. Just as Marx derived a revolution from science, we derive a revolution from fun.

15. The socialist revolution misused artists. The one-sidedness of these subversions was due to
the separation of work and fun. A revolution without fun is no revolution.

16. There is no artistic freedom without the power of fun.

17. All discontented forces are gathering into an organization of anti-organizers, who will
manifest themselves through a general revolution.

18. In all seriousness we are calling for fun. We demand urban fun, as well as unitary, total, real,
imaginary, sexual, irrational, integral, military, political, psychological, philosophical … fun.

19. The implementation of Situationist Fun will solve all the problems in the world: the EastWest conflict, the Algerian conflict, the Congolese conflict, rioting by young hooligans,
blasphemy trials, and sexual repression.

20. We are engaging the entire world for our fun! January 1961

The “Gruppe Spur”
Sturm, Prem, Fischer, Kunzelmann, Zimmer

A scientifically testable claim is utterly transparent and can be shown to be either most probably true or false, whether the claim is made by a king or a president, a pope, a congressman, or a common citizen. Because of this, science is inherently antiauthoritarian, and a great equalizer of political power.
—  Shawn Lawrence Otto, Fool  Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America (2011)

This is how we’re taking our parts during the Day of Silence aka #Nyepi. Playing clandestine with the Pecalang to spread our carpet on the backyard.

To be honest–we love a day, or two, or even more days like today–but if we can still give our own meanings on it. If we can still dance to it. If there’s no force on it.

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