*Movimiento que declara  contra el objeto artístico tradicional como mercancía y se proclama así mismo como antiarte.

*Este movimiento artístico es imparable hacia un empeño más ético que estético, no mira a la idea de la vanguardia como renovación lingüística, sino que pretende hacer un uso distinto de los canales oficiales del arte que se separa de todo lenguaje específico; es decir, pretende la interdisciplinariedad y la adopción de medios y materiales procedentes de diferentes campos.

*proviene del latín flux que significa flujo.


Fluxus-arte-diversión debe ser simple, entretenido y sin pretensiones, tratar temas triviales, sin necesidad de dominar técnicas especiales ni realizar innumerables ensayos y sin aspirar a tener ningún tipo de valor comercial o institucional.

George Maciunas

I'm just a wet piece of paper, but

I want to do so many things. I want to buy wigs and coloured contacts and the good kind of makeup that’s sort of like good paint, but first I’m going to graduate high school by some miracle and maybe learn how to drive. Then I want to take adult ballet classes and make a complete fool out of myself attempting them, and I want to study religion and go to lots of different churches, and maybe get a moon tattooed on my butt and marry a tree and make some nice tree babies and plant them by the sea, and my tree and I will travel the world together and maybe have a vacation home on the moon, and I’ll write graphic novels about our adventures and have a gender neutral pen name so my work will have a potentially bigger audience, and I’ll write songs about taking out the garbage and changing tree diapers and play them on a banjo, and I’ll call my drawing style “postmodern antiart” and my music style “underground antibanjo” to trick people into thinking I’m creative and not a squiggly line, and once that’s done I’ll ask elkeverywhere to teach me how to ride a bike so I can visit yermomsbestie in Oregon and jinxholly in Seattle (because who am I kidding, I won’t have a car by then) and I’ll write treehermit letters and work on a groundbreaking cartoon with couchtaro, and I’ll see other old friends and make new ones in between and maybe eventually I’ll be a nice dried up piece of paper that you’d mistake for a napkin and toss in your glove compartment for later