A question for r*ylos who think their ship will be canon.

Why do you think that r*ylo will be canon? How could Rey possibly have ANY feelings towards Kylo at all, after all of the things he did to her? Like, knocking her out, kidnapping her, looking through her mind without permission, killing her only father figure and his own father, throwing her against a tree, almost killing her best friend, and not to mention she called him a ‘creature’ and a 'monster.’ So r*ylos, I just want to simply know why you think it’ll be canon.

We’re studying the things they carried as our first English book it’s apparently anti-war which I’m glad abt I was worried we were going to be reading war propaganda

Believe there is good left in people and continuously place emphasis on peace and love, the world needs it. In a time where there seems to be no joy, no peace, no love and no compassion you must keep yours firm and help others to feel the same. There are good people in the world. Ones as kindhearted as you, as loving as you and as caring, ones who are willing to help and willing to fight. Keep practicing peace and one day it will come.

Peace by Amy Kennedy