23 photos from Trump’s first 100 days show the true power of the Resistance

  • The day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration wasn’t just the beginning of an unprecedented presidency. It was the launch of one of the most sustained protest movements in American history.
  • Over the past 100 days, immigrant communities showed the force of their protest, anti-fascists have lashed out violently at the rising tide of white supremacy and anti-war coalitions long dead have come to life with renewed interest and energy.
  • Here is a concise look back at some of the most significant marches, disruptions and protests that pushed back against Trump’s agenda at every opportunity. Read more. (4/29/17, 10:55AM)

As is tradition, here’s an unorganized list of all the Good Shit™ i loved in Wonder Woman. 

  • the line about how men are not necessary for sexual pleasure. Lesbian Island #confirmed
  • the inclusion of discussions of period racism and the Native American genocide
  • a well-depicted character with PTSD 
  • Antiope, my wife.
  • every time Diana just looked at Steve like ‘your culture is backwards and prejudiced and it sucks, Steve.’
  • didn’t include a male-gaze ridden sex scene, but did include a gratutious, moderately objectifying naked Chris Pine scene
  • Diana coming to terms with the fact that she needed to adjust her worldview and perspective on the nature of humanity, and deciding that humanity is worth saving anyway
  • all the greek gods are fucking dead get wrekt scrubs
  • Diana! Being so genuine and kind and compassionate!!!! 
  • the very strong anti-war message. like, it doesn’t get much stronger than completely annihilating the godly manifestation of war itself. 
  • The bait-and-switch bad guy reveal.
  • Diana “I am no man” Prince taking the greatest power walk of all time across the battlefield.
  • Diana just flying directly into a tower and smashing that shit to pieces.
  • Diana ends up by fighting for good without even needing a sword, just like she said she would as a little girl.
  • i’m so gay for this character good god
  • take my fucking money patty jenkins just fuckin take it
Things that I DON’T want from The Last Jedi
  • Kylo’s sad back story
  • Kylo redemption arc
  • Kylo sad crying face
  • People treating Kylo like he’s not that bad
  • People dying for trying to “give him a chance”
  • Luke making up excuses for Kylo
    • Anyone not acknowledging he’s gone to the dark side by choice and killed hundreds and killed his own father and tortured and terrorized the main trio 

all you fucks keep saying that star wars is all about ~redemption stories~ but you don’t know what it’s really all about

it’s all about being gay af and taking down fascist organizations while being super gay

what do you think ‘force’ stands for? it stands for fgay ogay rgay cgay egay

people keep saying the sequels are about redeeming kylo ren, no, kylo ren is fascist that the bisexual woman, bisexual black man and gay latinx man have to take down

star wars is about gay people killing fascists and that’s what it’s always been about, why else do you think luke skywalker - mr gay himself - blew up an entire DEATH STAR of fascists? or why lando calrissian - han solo’s husband - blew up ANOTHER death star of fascists? checkmate