M’gann recognized the evil being committed by her people, risked her life to put a stop to it & even after fleeing at first, decided to go back to her planet to lead a rebellion against its oppressors even though she knew she probably wouldn’t live to see the end of it. That’s a fucking hero’s journey. Mon-El really can’t relate.

ant*s: leia organa ??? we ABSOLUTELY love her :)))) !!!!

ant*s also: literally want leia to watch as rey murders her own son, call kylo ren a “second hand” skywalker just bc he’s leia’s son while rey should be the “legit” one since luke is a male

ant*s: ……. like we said, we love leia organa

What manner of vile fuckery is this?

Just now have I heard with mine own two ears that Master Ren’s lineage hath been moste cruelly impugned. That amongst some antis he is but a ‘second hand Skywalker.’

Mayhap they have partaken of moldering bread such that their senses are completely overtaken!

I would be well prudent not to repeat such ill humored nattering within the presence of my Master, lest he cleave me in twain with that monstrous fiery sword of his.

Not to mention if his good mother, the Lady Solo, were to hear such ignominious slander, she’d blast their misogynist asses from the heavens.

A pox on them!

Honestly, I need to rant about how shitty of friends Archie and Veronica were tonight. They not only lied and went behind Betty’s back, but Veronica literally threw Betty under the bus, making it seem like she was involved with what THEY did. Betty believed Jughead. Veronica HEARD Betty say she believed Jughead. Heard her say she wanted no part in what was going on. But Veronica making that dinner comment made it seem like Betty was part of their little scheme to get inside of FP’s home. I don’t know. I’m just annoyed. I already didn’t like Archie and Veronica, but this really was the cherry on top.

When Betty said she never wanted to talk to them again I was like 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

God I’m salty.

WOw FP IS BEING FRAMED??! WOW BETTY WAS RIGHT IN TRUSTING JUGHEADS DAD WASNT INVOLVED IN THE MURDER?? Smh. Literally last episode as well, Archie was a shitty friend to Jughead. Oh, and wait, he was shitty to him in the baby shower episode as well. LMAO PSA: ARCHIE IS A SHITTY FRIEND AND VERONICA JUST WASNT BEING THE BEST TONIGHT.

(in no way am I saying you can’t have these as your fav characters. Everyone has their own opinions, I just needed to rant)


‘Look what happens when we don’t talk to each other’: Korean American filmmakers’ L.A. riots stories

“The mainstream media made it sound as if the 1992 L.A. riots were caused by black-Korean conflict,” [Kim-Gibson] said. “That boiled my blood, because that was not the case. Black-Korean conflict was one symptom, but it was certainly not the cause of that riot. The cause of that riot was black-white conflict that existed in this country from the establishment of this country.”

Media reports that pitted the African American community against their Korean immigrant neighbors, Kim-Gibson felt, “were tremendously wrong. So I decided I could not have the mainstream media tell our stories. We had to go and tell it ourselves.”

«Εγώ κι εσύ
και τα εκατομμύρια τιποτένιοι
σαν και σένα και σαν εμένα.
Υποκριτές, φιλόδοξοι, μικρόψυχοι, εγωιστές, δειλοί
εμείς κρατάμε μες στα ένοχα παράφορα τούτα χέρια
τις τύχες του κόσμου. 
Να το θυμάσαι αυτό».

Τάσος Λειβαδίτης, «Συμφωνία αριθ. 1», 1957

Shiro’s Age

tSince half of y’all can’t accept the fact that he’s an adult 

First off, Shiro is buff as hell. He’s a wall of pure muscle. He’s taller than the other paladins and could probably benchlift them. He doesn’t look like a teen. This is western animation people, the characters look their age.

Secondly the fact that he was on the Kerboros mission. Additionally he’s been on other mission. The Kerboros mission was important, they wouldn’t send an inexperienced pilot. There’s a reason Lance says Shiro was his hero.

Shiro’s also an instructor at the Garrison. He wears an instructors uniform. It would make sense for him to have had experience before he got the job. The Garrison seems to be pretty important. Not to mention that a bunch of the instructors seem to have medals of some sort

Including my guy Shiro

So if Shiro is a graduated fully fledged pilot with a medal under his belt and enough experience to teach at the Garrison then it would be reasonable to assume he’s at least 24-25. An adult. Not to mention the fact that he calls Lance and Keith “cadets” like an instructor would. And the fact that he spent another year after that with the Galra, making him 25-26.

Just me doing a thing on Shiro