I almost for got I had anti valentines day cards made. For that unspecial someone. 

//some of my favorite cartoon characters/anime characters plus sans and papyrus (Also please give credit if you repost)

turvytops  asked:

Hatvey Beak ep 2 what was it that Harvey wrote in that card to his mother? Super curious on how "disturbing" it was

Nic Sumida and Monica Ray wrote that episode. Although it’s not ever seen in the episode, they did however, once read me said card.

It was the most horrific, violent, and hideously offensive grouping of thoughts I’ve ever been presented with. The specifics of the note are hazy to me. When I try to remember anything about it, my body convulses, my gag reflex goes into hyperdrive, and my nipples peel off. 

My therapist said my brain is repressing these thoughts because they’re just way too “icky.” When he told me this, I immediately slapped him across his mouth. I’ve become a very violent person.

For the sake of all humanity, I hope Harvey’s Anti-Valentines Day card is never found, remembered, or read. May god have mercy on our souls.