The one thing people should recognize is how fundamentally unfair it is to look at a team in the NCAA Tournament, where the coach is making $5 million, the school is generating hundreds of millions.

Sponsors are cashing in, administrators are cashing in and the only group that is not receiving any benefit are these athletes – most of whom will not graduate and most of whom will never be a professional athlete. This is their one opportunity to be recognized and compensated.
—  Jeffrey Kessler goes HAM

Thomas DiLorenzo - Labor Unions and Anti-Trust Laws

Interviewed by Prof. Tom Woods, Professor DiLorenzo attacks the mythology surrounding labor unions and anti-trust legislation.

I feel like most of the attention is focused on girls, though I see more of them having issues with “daddy doms” , I feel like this should be said
Underage littles, girl, boy, nonbinary or otherwise, please don’t get into ddlg. Please don’t listen to daddy/mommy doms. They don’t care about you, and this is coming from someone who’s been there and was abused in the cgl community on more than one occasion.
Antis care about your safety, we care about you and I promise you “doms” want you for your innocence and the power imbalance. They’re trying to take advantage of you.
There’s alternatives (kidcore, rekid etc) where you can safely regress without the fear of pedophiles or having to sexualize yourself.
You’re valid, & I hope you listen to antis because trust me when I say we genuinely care.

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you could just... ignore jynnic and reylo, especially jynnic, barley 2 bloggers care mate. the film isn't even out yet and antis are salty.

Unfortunately the stupid fucks who ship those two things are unable to properly tag their shit so others including me are forced to see it in tags that have nothing to do with them. Not to mention, these two groups seem very concerned with being pieces of shit and not being able to understand why people are calling them out for their behavior. Lmao salty? Please tell me what is so precious about shipping two people who have never even been in a scene together much less even acknowledging each others existence. 

Well, it is reasonable to assume it’s the Other that’s messing with Gil’s head. I don’t think anyone would go to “Klaus didn’t trust him so he stuck a minder version of himself into his own son’s brain” as a first option. I wonder if Tarvek will think this means Gil didn’t trust his anti-wasp method?

  • anti-sjw:hey guys wanna hear this joke i've been coming up with it's super funny
  • person:sure
  • anti-sjw:trust me it's super funny and original it's so funny trust me
  • person:um okay
  • anti-sjw:it's the most original hilarious goddamn thing i've ever thought of
  • person:what is it
  • anti-sjw:...TRIGGERED XD
  • person:HOLY SHIT!!!
  • anti-sjw:AHHHHHHH!!!! (jacks off)

Anti Trust - Chagrin (1986)

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  • How I feel about this character: I LOVE JAUNE SO MUCH I WOULD PHYSICALLY FIGHT THE ANTIS AND TRUST ME I WOULD WIN LMAO. He’s such a good boy I love him so much it’s actually scary. I just find his character really refreshing because??? For one thing I love that he’s just this “normal” guy who thus far hasn’t been revealed to have this special power only he has within him. He’s got exceptional leadership skills and loves his friends and I think it’s very very tragic how he never realized his attachment to Pyrrha until it was too late. I do find his persistence to get a date with Weiss a bit obnoxious though but I do think he’s grown past it. I think there’s a lot of potential for him and I can’t wait to see what future volumes have in store.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: PYRRHA HOLY MOLY DO I LOVE ME SOME ARKOS, also Neptune I love. I love Jaunep.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: RUBY PLATONIC LANCASTER (?) MAKES ME SO HAPPY LOL also Team JNPR in general!! I also think he’d have a fun friendship with Team SSSN lol.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Idk how unpopular this is but I love my boy and he’s one of the show’s best charas and I will fight his antis.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Quite a few, actually: 1. That his crush on Weiss was never overdone like they did do it. I just found it boring and obnoxious. 2. To give us more of his backstory and his Semblance development!!! I wanna learn if he has this like ultimate shield semblance or whatever lol. 3. Further development with more characters!