The one thing people should recognize is how fundamentally unfair it is to look at a team in the NCAA Tournament, where the coach is making $5 million, the school is generating hundreds of millions.

Sponsors are cashing in, administrators are cashing in and the only group that is not receiving any benefit are these athletes – most of whom will not graduate and most of whom will never be a professional athlete. This is their one opportunity to be recognized and compensated.
—  Jeffrey Kessler goes HAM

Thomas DiLorenzo - Labor Unions and Anti-Trust Laws

Interviewed by Prof. Tom Woods, Professor DiLorenzo attacks the mythology surrounding labor unions and anti-trust legislation.

I don’t like it because it’s bad.

It’s bad for lots of reasons, really, but my main issues are

  • The age difference. Like mayyybe I can accept people shipping Sh/eith back when we thought all the paladins were in their late teens, but now that we know that Shiro is a grown man and Keith is still a teenager, there’s no excuse. Even before we knew the ages, there was still a very obvious difference in maturity level and stage of life that squicked me out. And people still shipping it now that we know that there’s a significant age difference is just disgusting
  • The fact that shipping Sh/eith seems to be intentionally ignoring another possible ship with Keith, one that involves someone else that’s around the same age as him and in the same stage of life. That’s right, it’s Kla/nce!!! Why would people ignore this significantly healthier ship in favor of one involving two light skinned boys, I wonder? Why ever would people want to cast aside the dark skinned boy as less desirable and have Keith pick someone light skinned over Lance? Hmmmmmm
  • The shippers make me so incredibly angry. Pointing out legitimate problems with a ship is not “hate” despite what many of the shippers may say. Excusing the unhealthy aspects of Sh/eith is not okay because “it’s fiction!!!!” That’s not an excuse. Condoning these types of things in fiction encourages such actions in real life, whether people realize it or not

So, yeah, I really really don’t like Sh/eith. Or any other Shiro/other paladin ship. Shiro is an adult, and should not, under any circumstances, be shipped with teenagers.

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I wouldn't listen to PDD. imo they're too out of touch with the show to give a fair review. Characters have acted OOC to teach the episodes message to children better since season 1 so Idk why they think that mlp has somehow suddenly gone downhill.

idk i mean, i haven’t seen s6 at all i’m hardly more in touch with what’s goin on! maybe they’re right maybe they aren’t i can’t rlly comment

although this ask did remind me of the most amazingly out of touch criticism of an mlp ep i’ve ever seen. in response to the beautiful episode that was testing testing 1, 2, 3:

apparently equestria doesn’t have that level of technology :o of course they do have

airships (sweet and elite, season two)

and um. flying moving trucks (feeling pinkie keen, season one)

it’s kind of weird that ppl complain about the show changing and going downhill by calling out traits it’s had since the beginning lmao

A Very Short Fact: On this day in 1995, Microsoft’s “Windows 95” went on sale.

“President supported vigorous anti-trust campaigns involving high-profile government lawsuits against Microsoft, Intel Corp, and American Airlines. In its case against Microsoft, the Department of Justice alleged that the software giant – which held a virtual monopoly over desktop computer operating systems – had deliberately attempted to squelch competition by requiring major computer manufacturers to include its own Microsoft Explorer Internet web browser package along with its entire Windows 95 operating system software. Under these conditions, software companies like Netscape, which produced their own web browsers, would be unable to compete on a level playing field.”

[p. 63, Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction by Manfred B. Steger and Ravi K. Roy]

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Image credit: Military Field Computer running Windows 95 - National Cryptologic Museum. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The Four Most Common Classes of Criticism of MRA.

The Wrong Number: “If you guys stopped trying to pick up women and really respected them you’d have a girlfriend.”

The Inexplicable: “Fuck these misogynistic assholes for saying violence against men isn’t OK.”

The Batshit Crazy: “MRA are trash because they just want to be able to abuse women.”

The Emasculator: “They are just a bunch of whining manbabies who need to move out of their Mom’s basement and grow up.”

Please, I’m not saying you have to be an MRA, or even like them, but if you’re going to say something at least try to avoid these embarrassing gaffes.

Respectively, don’t confuse them with pickup artists, don’t rush to take offence to even reasonable statements your opponent’s make, don’t strawman/slander/believe slander, don’t try to win arguments against people claiming misandry is a problem by using anti-male shaming tactics, trust me it’s gonna backfire.
Lawmakers demand answers over soaring cost of potentially life-saving EpiPens
Senator Amy Klobuchar and others have written to drug-maker, Mylan, over its nearly 500-percent price hike of the lifesaving device for people with severe allergies

Three senators have written to drug maker Mylan, asking for an explanation for the nearly 500-percent price hikeof EpiPen, a potentially life-saving medical device for people with severe allergies.

The EpiPen faces little competition – the drug accounted for 87 percent of all epinephrine prescriptions pharmacies filled last year.  That included sales from a competing brand, which have since recalled its product.

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar said she understands the importance of the EpiPen.  She first learned her daughter needed one when she was four years old.

“We gave her a cashew.  Her whole throat closed up,” Klobuchar said.  “I still remember that panicked drive to the hospital in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  I didn’t know if we were going to make it.  She couldn’t breathe.”

Klobuchar is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether the manufacturer of the device, Mylan, has violated anti-trust laws.

“To do that to a parent, to tell them, ‘well yeah, that costs $100 five years ago but now it costs $600,’ that just can’t happen in this country,” Klobuchar said.

In a previous statement, Mylan said the EpiPen’s price “has changed over time to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides,” adding: “We’ve made a significant investment to support the device.”

Republican Senator Charles Grassley is now asking the company to “explain the changes Mylan has made… that have caused it to increase the price.”

But one prominent and controversial figure is defending the increase.

“This particular drug is a necessity for some people,” Nair said.

“Yeah sure, that’s great – but I think important medicine should be expensive because they’re valuable,” said Martin Shkreli.

The former pharmaceutical chief gained notoriety last year by ratcheting up the cost of a malaria and HIV medication by 5,000 percent.

He defended the EpiPen’s increase from about $100 for a two-pack in 2009, to more than $600 this year.

“Everyone can understand in a free market that dollars rule,” Nair said.  “However, these are life-saving drugs.  People don’t have a choice whether they can buy them or not.”

“Yeah well, that’s up to insurance to pay for them.  Like I said, it’s three hundred dollars a pen.  Three hundred dollars.  My iPhone’s $700,” Shkreli responded.

“But you don’t need an iPhone to exist,” Nair said.

“Yeah, that doesn’t matter though because it’s three hundred dollars and 90 percent of Americans are insured,” Shkreli said.

CBS News contributor Dr. David Agus criticized the price hike.

“To me, it’s a predatory practice and it’s almost monopolistic because they’re taking advantage of the patient,” Agus said.

Shkreli smirked and took the fifth when lawmakers questioned him about his own price increase of a drug called Daraprim.  He has been indicted in an unrelated securities fraud case, but says in his opinion, the EpiPen remains a bargain.  

“Mylan sort of found themselves in my shoes in the sense that they bought a company, that company had a lot of old medicines, a lot of those old medicines had old prices that weren’t reflective of modern prices,” Shkreli said.  “Three hundred dollars, they’ve been raising it slowly about 15 percent every six months which is relatively slowly – not as fast as what I did.  My guess is Mylan probably thinks that they could sell this thing for $1,000 a syringe.  And with, now with these news reports, they probably won’t.

Shkreli has no connection to Mylan and EpiPen.  Mylan offers coupons which allow many families to pay little or nothing for the EpiPen.  But families with no insurance or high deductibles are still paying hundreds of dollars.

As the EpiPen’s price has risen, the total compensation of Mylan’s CEO is up more than 600 percent over the past decade.  

Mylan EpiPen Statement

Shkreli: “I think important medicine should be expensive because they’re valuable.”

Translation: “Poor people don’t deserve to live.”

anti-science types:  there’s no evidence!!!!! I’d listen to evidence!!!! I need empirical evidence!!!! why is there no evidence????!!!

scientists: here’s a literal crap-ton of empirical evidence, from dozens of research groups, across all continents, from the last several decades, all showing the same thing

anti-science types: …

scientists: …

anti-science types:


anti-science types:


anti-science types:


anti-science types:


anti-science types: …no not that

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Hey, when you (rightfully) wished for CC to leave Shadowhunters alone: Were you speaking in general or did she do something™ again? I thought she was mostly powerless by now or am I uninformed? I'm mostly unaware of what she does/posts but am of course worried about our lovely show being affected (: . Have a lovely day!

honey!! you’re so cute, i hope your day is going well!! sadly the new show runners for shadowhunters had dinner with cassie, and one of them tweeted, “@Dswin and i just had such a nice coversation with @cassieclare. What a cool, funny, supremely talented woman. #ShadowhuntersSeason2″ which is…………..yikes………….and why some of us are The Most Worried………i’m not sure how much of a hold she actually does have on the show, if any, but she is in touch with the show runners, and even a conversation they could have with her worries me…………like…………… thanks……………

Israeli scholar: 'If I were a British Jew, I'd be worried'

Via World Jewish Congress:

The renowned Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer, 90, has warned of growing anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party and called the former Labour mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, a “violent antisemite.”

The academic adviser to Yad Vashem was referring to Livingstone’s long history of anti-Semitic rhetoric, such as his controversial comment this May that Hitler “was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.”

Earlier this month, the Community Security Trust, the anti-Semitism watchdog of the UK Jewish community, reported an increase in anti-Semitic incidents, with 557 cases of malicious acts from January to June 2016, an 11 per cent rise compared with the same period last year.

Asked whether UK Jews had a right to feel concerned, Bauer replied: “Yes. If I were a British Jew, I certainly would be worried by it. I mean, after all, they are being attacked one way or the other.” He said that research in Israel had found that threats made verbally or on social media worldwide had fallen, but violent incidents had increased. “There are more violent incidents, therefore if I were a British Jew, the concern would certainly be there, because of that increasing violence,” he said.

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The New Antisemite:
Delta's $1.5 billion joint venture just got some great news

(A Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR and Aeromexico Connect Embraer ERJ-145 at LAX.Flickr/BriYYZ)
A new air transport agreement between the United States and Mexico just went into effect and it could be great news for Delta’s $1.5 billion joint venture with Aeromexico.

Atlanta-based Delta and Mexico’s national airline have been seeking anti-trust protection  for a $1.5 billion joint venture that will allow the two companies to coordinate flights and fare prices.

Delta also announced last year that it intends to acquire up to 49% of Mexico City-based carrier. 

The new agreement, which went into effect on Sunday, could pave the way for the joint venture’s approval.

“This new agreement will expand travel and trade between the United States and Mexico, and facilitate broader economic growth in both countries,” Secretary of State John Kerry and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a joint statement on Friday. 

“Passenger carriers will be able to provide new options for travelers and enhance competition,” Foxx said. 

The new agreement, which was signed on December 18, 2015, works as a de facto Open Skies agreement that removed many of the barriers that existed in the previous version that was signed in 1960. 

As a result, US airlines will now have significantly improved access to the Mexican market while Delta and Aeromexico’s joint venture edges closer to reality. 

Even though the new agreement clears the path for the joint venture, Delta and Aeromexico will still likely have to give up some of its slots and gates in Mexico City to gain approval, Airways senior business analyst told Business Insider. 

While the joint venture received the green light from Mexican regulators earlier this year, the airlines are still awaiting approval from the US Department of Transportation. 

Rivals such as JetBlue have opposed the joint the venture — insisting that the new entity is anti-competitive. The main crux of the opposition lies with access to Mexico City International Airport — the country’s highly congested main international gateway. 

In a statement to Business Insider, JetBlue wrote:

“The proposed joint venture raises significant competition concerns at congested Mexico City International Airport. It is extremely challenging for new entrant carriers like JetBlue to obtain commercially viable slots, gates or facilities at MEX and a grant of unconditional anti-trust immunity is likely to only further inhibit competition and keep fares high to the detriment of the travelling public.”

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes echoed these sentiments in an interview published by the International Air Transport Association earlier this year.

“We are trying to gain further slots at the airport and that is why we are opposed to the proposed Delta-Aeromexico joint venture, which would allow their further growth while others are unable to grow,” Hayes said in the interview. 

“If it goes ahead, these airlines will control more than half of the slots at the airport. JetBlue, on the other hand, has some challenging slots times, leaving early in morning,” Hayes said. 

Representatives from Delta Air Lines were not immediately available for comment. 

NOW WATCH: This one room in Atlanta acts as a mission control for all of Delta’s planes

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Coke bottler to rethink South Africa spending plans due to sugar tax

JOHANNESBURG, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Africa’s biggest Coke bottler, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, will rethink its spending plans in South Africa if Pretoria’s proposed tax on sugary drinks gets the green light, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

In a bid to fight a growing obesity rate in the continent’s most lucrative market for Coca-Cola and fast-food chains in sub-Saharan Africa, the government has proposed a 20 percent tax on sugar sweetened drinks under a plan that has delighted health campaigners and angered drink makers.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa was created earlier this year through a combination of SABMiller and Coca-Cola African soft drink operations. The deal won an anti-trust go-ahead on several conditions that included a commitment to spend 800 million rand to develop farmers and retailers.

“It is not what the company is wanting to do but when you look at the impact the tax would have, we will have relook at some investment commitments we have made,” said Coca-Cola southern African spokeswoman Vukani Magubane.

The proposed levy, which was first announced by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in February, is expected to be implemented this year. Last month, the Treasury has asked the public submit comments on the proposal by Aug. 22.

It has already received endorsement from lobby group Public Health Association of South Africa, saying it was a cheaper intervention measure to fight obesity-linked diseases such as diabetes.

More than half of South Africa’s adults are overweight, with 42 percent of women and 13 percent of men obese, according to National Treasury data. Sub-Sahara’s most industrialised economy also has its most overweight population, the figures show.

A local soft drinks industry body, Beverage Association of South Africa, has already dismissed the proposed tax as “discriminatory” and warned it could lead to job losses. The industry employs about 200,000 people.

Britain on Thursday launched a strategy to tax companies selling sugary soft drinks, joining Belgium, France, Hungary and Mexico, all of which have imposed some form of tax on drinks with added sugar. Scandinavian countries have levied similar taxes for many years.

(Reporting by Tiisetso Motsoeneng, editing by David Evans)