Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

What my health teacher had to say about the Stydia kiss scene:

Today in health we were talking about panic disorder and I brought up the Stydia kiss scene and asked her if that was an okay thing that Lydia did.

She looked at me like I was insane and shook her head and basically said that there are many things you can do to try to help someone during a panic attack, but that’s definitely not one of them.

She also said it was doing a huge disservice to people with panic disorders and that the show writer shouldn’t have included that bit as if it’s actually an okay thing to do when someone is in such a state.

okay so this is the ONLY thing i will be posting addressing the ship hate going around. and i’m not gonna be answering any asks about it (publically. i’ll answer non-anon asks about it privately). this is my opinion on the matter and it probably is not going to change.

as you know, this blog has never tolerated ship hate of any kind. even for ships that i personally do not like, even for ships that personally squick me, i simply blacklist them and do not reblog them. i never post hate.

so i am absolutely appalled by the new surge of hate the antis are spreading against sheith shippers. because of one line: “you’re like a brother to me”

and like? i get why that could make some people - both shippers and antis - uncomfortable. trust me. but you know what other pairing said that? katara and aang. she canonically viewed him as a brother for part of the show. and then, due to the fact that they were - y’know - not actually siblings and were not raised as such either, her view of him eventually changed from that of a friend, to that of a brother, to that of a very close friend, to something more. things happen. people change. bonds change. feelings change.

shiro and keith are also not actual siblings. he says “like” a brother. if they were actually brothers - even adopted brothers, as so many antis like to believe - he would’ve straight up said “you’re my brother” not “you’re like a brother to me”. have they been very close for a long time? yes. but i think this is evidence enough not just for “#brotherzoned” as antis like to put it, but to say that they were not raised as siblings in any way. so that’s that about that. him saying “you are like a brother to me” does not erase all future sheith possibilities. nor does it negate all of the wonderful moments they had together this season. things happen. people change. bonds change. feelings change.

but, what really strikes me hardest is that if klance were ever to get a “you’re like a brother to me” or even a more general “you’re like family to me” moment, antis would be up in arms trying to defend the ship. and before any of you jump down my throat and say “but klance didn’t get a moment like that sheith did!” yes. i know. i’m saying if. i’m speaking hypothetically. but anyways, i’m 100% sure that if klance were to ever get a moment like that antis would defend it to the death. 

but because it is sheith - something they’ve been attacking since day one, even before any legitimate controversy over ages began - they attack it, put it down, spread hate within the fandom, invade tags and blogs, go on a massive witch hunt fueled by mob mentality and venom.

it’s disrespectful. it’s hypocritical. it’s hurtful. it’s spiteful. it’s shameful. and it is completely uncalled for.

so yeah, that’s my stance on the matter. if you’ve reblogged any #sheithisdead posts, i ask that you reflect on your actions, and if you disagree with my above statements, i ask that you unfollow me. and if my stance on things makes you uncomfortable, the unfollow and block buttons exist for a reason. i do not want anything to do with spreading hate within the fandom. so yeah. bye.

Cory can post whatever the fuck he wants on his twitter and delete it. It’s his social media; if you don’t like what he says, the unfollow button isn’t hard to miss.

Alternative names for the “pro-life” movement that aren’t emotionally manipulative



sex police


anti-woman (I am only using this gendered language because someone as closed-minded as an anti-choicer will almost always be transphobic as well)


Fandom is barely feminist, and it’s not at all intersectional. 

What I’ve noticed about these ‘#MakeCapBi’ hashtags, and the many text posts about getting Steve a boyfriend, is that a lot of the time, it doesn’t come from people WANTING representation, but from people wanting to push their own shipping agenda forward.

Usually, at the expense of female characters.

#MakeCapBi isn’t about wanting Steve to be bisexual, it’s about wanting him to be in a relationship with Bucky. It wants to replace the Steve/Sharon relationship with a Steve/Bucky relationship, because Steve/Sharon is ‘forced’, ‘unnecessary heterosexuality’.

Forget the fact that Sharon and Steve have been interacting in 2 out of 3 Captain America movies or anything! And that she and Steve have a substantial relationship in the comics! All of a sudden it’s ‘don’t kiss your ex’s niece, Steve’ ‘it’s disgusting that they’d have Steve kissing his ex’s niece but not him getting a boyfriend’.

The ‘Sharon deserves better’ crew are the same people who are completely willing to refer to her as nothing but ‘Steve’s ex’s niece’, completely willing to diminish Sharon’s character in order to make her a punchline in faux social justice posts that are really just bitter Steve/Bucky fans whining.

Everyone is a social justice warrior when it comes to fighting for two white dudes to fuck, but they’re perfectly content to stand idly by in a fandom space COMPLETELY toxic to female characters. Steve can’t build something with a woman HIS OWN AGE, who he feels an emotional connection to, without a thousand people writing bitter posts about ‘forced romance’, but everyone is perfectly okay with the rampant racism in MCU fandom. 

People are SO sensitive about Steve kissing Sharon ONCE, but waited until three white Chrises were the leads of the MCU before noticing that… maybe MCU casting is “a bit white”.

What I’m saying is if all you care about is white dude kissing, maybe all you’re doing is fetishising homosexuality and you’re just masquerading as someone who cares about social justice.

Calm the fuck down

Stop the religious hate. Stop the political hate. Stop asking me to delete stories that aren’t even a little offensive. I never once took a religious stand. Literally not one follower on this blog, besides the family and friends I have that follow, know my religious stance. I’m not taking a political stance either. All the stories submitted just happen to be anti trump. Trust me when I say that anything even remotely political gets the hawk eye. I know the few political stories posted are not rude or degrading. I know how to run this blog. Stay out of my inbox telling me how to do so. Y'all have a good night. Much love.

April fools day with 707

*707 decided to change everyone’s Facebook name*
Zen is now: Cat Lover<3<3
Jaehee: Zen’s My Bae
Yoosung: Anti LOLOL
Jumin: Senor Trust Fund Kid
And he wants to be included too, so he changed his own name to: Elizabeth the fourth

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Honestly, I was so disappointed to see Kylo Ren. I don't find the actor attractive at all? Like... he's supposed to be the big bad, and they have HIM?! lol

ghsjkalksjhdghjk same tbh I think the actor plays the role just fine and it’s reasonable of them to have picked a guy with an.. unique face but there’s so many reylos on here who actually find him really attractive it’s amazing (I don’t find him attractive either, but I thought “well, I’m a lesbian, how would I know” so I’m glad I’m not the only one haha) 

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I feel like Amandla had the right to go off. People saw one photo and that was enough to commence a dragging, despite the fact that she's given us no reason to doubt her before. Like, we haven't even gotten a teaser yet. Amandla's activism has been rock solid for YEARS and I doubt she'd throw all that away for some movie that probably won't even break 25 million in the box office. Call out culture and hive mentalities are the only explanation for this kind of response.

NO. Oh man. Alright, imma say it again. What you (and Amandla) are saying reduces HUGE CRITICISMS of the movie as Anti-Semitic (which it is) by a whoooole lot of people, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Jewish folks and those affected by the Holocaust to ‘dragging culture’. No. You’re invalidating a whole bunch of important critiques and honestly contributing to anti-semitism.

Trust me, I can see WHY you all would think this way but INCORRECT. Amandla is not above making a mistake, they are young and learning. Their ‘activism’ is just beginning, they gotta take this L. Talking about hive mind and dragging culture is ‘I Don’t Wanna Own Up to my Internalized Bigotries 101’.

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I've had the same problem with having to unfollow some people. I think the reason is because a ota//yuri week fandom event is going on right now.

That must be it, and though I am repulsed that this event is even occurring, I’m glad it is weeding the very last people out. I just wish people would stop shipping minors with adults. We already have a healthy gay couple!!! Why are they going after and sexualizing a 15 year old??!!! And for goodness sake, Otabek would never date a minor, especially a minor who has never even had friends before. Let Yurio have a friend first. And while I am at it, I am mad at the people making products because they made a body pillow sexualizing a bloody 15 year old…stop.