anti-social justice bloggers

  • Anti-sjw troll blogger: Hey cuties ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) Friendly reminder that the number 8 is ableist because it's more difficult to write than the other numbers; if you use this number you're white cis ableist scum uwu ♡o。(๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)。o♡
  • a perplexingly huge amount of people on this website: smh is this real.... you can never tell with sjws.... this is political correctness gone wild.... this is why i hate minorities.....
A handy guide to tumblr terms
  • Racist: used to silence white people criticizing those of another race
  • Homophobe: used to silence straight people criticizing homo people
  • Misogynist: used to silence men criticizing women
  • Bigot: used to silence anyone with a different opinion
  • Transphobe: used to silence cis people criticizing trans people
  • Islamophobe: used to silence anyone criticizing a Muslim
  • Ignorant: used to shame those who don't know much about a certain subject
  • Diversity: only PoC, but only my kind of PoC
  • PoC: black people
  • Black Lives Matter: only care about blacks dying when white people do it
  • Internalized misogyny: used by women to silence women against feminism
  • Add any I may have missed

I think Tumblr is trying to delete my blog. This is actually a sideblog of my main account. Lately whenever I try to reblog something, the option to reblog on this blog disappears. Trying to shut me up, Tumblr?

How about you focus on silencing the blogs of people who have threatened me and attacked me for voicing my opinion?

open letter to pagan fundies

in other words, if you’re anti-Lokean, anti-godspouse, anti-PC paganism, anti-godkin, etc. this is @ you.

When I first joined tumblr, the handful of blogs I’d been told to follow often reblogged a lot of sj posts as well as a lot of “anti-sjw” posts making fun of “The Other Social Justice Bloggers”. These posts generally consisted of mocking otherkin, trans people with severe enough dysphoria to be bothered by accidental misgendering, people with weird triggers, and anyone with the audacity to sound angry about these things. Me being fifteen and insecure, the result was that even though I’d grown up talking about gender inequality before I’d ever even heard the word “feminism”, I was drinking the Status Quo Warrior kool-aid for a while in an attempt to distance myself from the particular varieties of “sjw” that I saw being mocked the most harshly.

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No, because guess what?

I like the assholes in society nicely cooked. Evenly through, about an hour in the oven (but hey don’t forget, the more you cut them up, the easier it is to cook). AND SEASONING, DON’T FORGET THE SEASONING.

Their privileged, snobby ass can’t handle being cooked all plain like. YOU MUST SEASON THEM, OH THE HORROR IF YOU DON’T.

Well actually, if you don’t, they just taste dry - like everything they consist of and their ideals.

whats funny about the whole sj/anti sjw thing is that most “social justice warriors” are humor/personal bloggers who also happen to have opinions, as people tend to do, and they sometimes post them in passing on their own blogs and anti sjws literally create entire blogs dedicated to “educating” (read: insulting and harassing) these so called sjws and spreading hate??? like they waste so much time doing the absolute most just to upset people??? what an interesting and fulfilling life that must be

  • me: i mean i guess it's okay that you have these opinions for now i was against social justice when i was 14 too
  • anti sj blogger: i'm 22
  • me: haha oh
  • me: wow that's really embarrassing for you

imagine being on a date with someone and alk if a sudden they were like “im 28, and im an anti social justice blogger, which means i yell at 12 and 13 year olds who are exploring their sexualities”