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No, because guess what?

I like the assholes in society nicely cooked. Evenly through, about an hour in the oven (but hey don’t forget, the more you cut them up, the easier it is to cook). AND SEASONING, DON’T FORGET THE SEASONING.

Their privileged, snobby ass can’t handle being cooked all plain like. YOU MUST SEASON THEM, OH THE HORROR IF YOU DON’T.

Well actually, if you don’t, they just taste dry - like everything they consist of and their ideals.

One thing that I find a lot of anti-SJW bloggers misunderstand when social justice advocates talk about race and colorblindness is that when people say that it’s wrong to be colorblind, they’re not saying that it’s okay to discriminate based on race. What they’re saying is that by refusing to “see” race, you lose the ability to empathize with the racial experiences of other people.

Discrimination is defined as the unjust and prejudicial treatment of other groups. Recognizing the reality of certain social obstacles that affect people of color disproportionately, such as black people being disproportionately targeted for marijuana arrests, is certainly not unjust, it’s certainly not prejudiced because prejudice by definition has no rational basis.

I think Stephen Colbert put it best in a running gag on the Colbert Report: while in-character he satirized colorblindness by acting as though he literally didn’t see race, including his own. He would say things like “I don’t see race, people tell me I’m white and I believe them because police officers call me ‘sir’.” This lampooned the idea of colorblindness by highlighting how the stance fails to acknowledge the reality of different racial experiences, and that’s why people say that colorblindness is wrong.

- Mod Ral

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I'm sorry if this is a rly dumb question, but what does it mean when people tag things as "the discourse?" I've seen it here and there but the posts tagged with it don't seem to have anything in common so I'm a bit confused.

it’s usually sarcastic. i think it started in reference to this image

which was used to reply to posts where the OP was expressing their really bad opinion on some social justice issue, so long as OP was also a social justice blogger (that is, an anti-SJ post wouldn’t be replied to with this image, its usage was strictly intracommunity) and then some people kinda dropped using the image and just started saying “the discourse” instead. at least that’s how i use it and how i’ve seen others using it

I had a dream I wore a bandana out somewhere and people were photographing me and I wasn’t sure why, then I logged onto tumblr and I had like a million asks telling me the bandana was apparently of culture significance and I was called out for being problematic. I tried to explain that I didn’t realize it was and if I did I definitely wouldn’t have but the anons got so bad I had to delete lmao
Wild. I didn’t realize my subconscious was an anti-social Justice blogger, this dream sounds like a story they’d make up for notes.

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I've noticed every post I've seen you comment on, it's like you try to piss on the entire post for various reasons

Thank you for you brilliant observation that an anti-SJW/Real Social Justice blogger reblogs a lot of stupid posts to call them out.

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she's trying to say that US Jews are, once again, overreacting. I'm Jewish, and was watching the show with my sister. The first thing we did as soon as the word ''Jewish'' was even mentioned was look at each other and go ''They're going to bitch about this.''

It seems like you don’t really grasp the dangerous effects of stereotypes. Not only does it mock and reduce Jewish people to these stereotypes, but it also can bring up horrific and terrifying memories of how Jewish people were seen and treated by Germans during WWII. You’re Jewish so it’s probably not my place to tell you about anti-Semitism in its entirety. Refer to some very educational Jewish Social Justice bloggers such as antisemitic champagnerabbi