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  • Anti-sj blogger: Oh so you're just going to use a gif? You don't have an argument do you?
  • Me, to myself: Actually, I do have an argument. I know what it is, and you know what it is because both of us have done this song and dance with other people in similar situations a million times. Repeating my argument is a useless, draining attempt at getting you to understand basic concepts of social justice that 15 year olds already understand. You don't care about that. You want me to waste my time and get riled up because you thrive off the attention and you enjoy painting people who disagree with you as angry, unreasonable marginalized people who are only hurting themselves by not being complacent.
  • Me, to them: You ugly

anti-sj bloggers: omg, why are sjws offended by everything?

anti-sj bloggers: i am deeply offended by your headcanons, your media criticism, your donate button, your mental illness, your lived experience, your “made-up words,” your life choices, and virtually every aspect of your identity

Honestly at this point exclusionists are just a bunch of anti sj bloggers pretending to give a shit about privilege and oppression because it gives them an excuse to hate on aces and aros

i really dont get anti sj bloggers obsession with “hurting special snowflakes fee-fees” or whatever like great. you hurt a child on the internet. that really isnt as funny as you seem to think it is

okay actual money making idea for SJ bloggers : anti-SJW merch.

print some fancy text onto hoodies that simply say “I’m anti-sjw!” or something, leave it really vague with no graphics indicating what a anti sjw actually is. put it on redbubble to print onto hoodies/shirts/mugs ect.   

- you (a sjw) get money off of the very people who hate you
- anti sjws have to explain to friends and family what a ‘SJW’ is
- you can use their money to buy whatever you want (i recommend a down with cis shirt)

it’s rlly funny when anti-sj bloggers say trans and queer people have serious victim complexes because lets be real white cishet people on tumblr have the WORST and most UNNECESSARY victim complexes in the world have you seen all the comics and powerpoints they make about it

  • <p> <b>Anti SJ Bloggers:</b> Sjws are just babies and special snowflakes desperate for attention<p/><b>Anti SJ Bloggers:</b> Ethan. 21. I'm cis AND white AND straight aka straightwhiteoppressor. Lmao are you offended yet? I spend my time "oppressing" poor Tumblerinas by finding them and teaching them about a little thing called logic. If you're here to send me anon hate, go right ahead. I do it all for you, folks. 😂<p/></p>

u could tell anti-sj bloggers that someone wrote gullible on the ceiling of a men’s domestic abuse shelter in pig’s blood and they’d be blogging about irl misandry being realer than misogyny within the minute

The anti-SJ blogger looks fondly through a family scrapbook and finds an old photo of his grandparents campaigning at a civil rights rally in the 60s. Reeling from the revelation that he is descended from SJWs, he falls to his knees. All his life he had tried to pwn others, but by being born, life had pwn’d him

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Why do people always try to silence Black people? I hate seeing "Why doesn't anyone talk about the Japanese, Native Americans, Chinese, Hawaiians, etc. Why is is it always Black and white?" I'm so sick of hearing that because Black people are the ones talking about OUR issues, I'm 100% sure there are Japanese people that talk about their problems, Native people that talk about their problems on here. But people ALWAYS try to silence Black people and it's fucking annoying and anti-Black as hell.

Hyper visibility and hyper focus ain’t a privilege nor doesn’t mean that those conversations don’t exist. So yeah it’s definitely antiblack to dismiss us just because we focus on our own issues.

Especially with that whole post yesterday with that anti-sj blogger

  • anti sj bloggers: im cis and i say that im not transphobic and whatever u say IS transphobic also isnt u overly sensitive child
  • anti sj bloggers: im white and i say that im not racist and whatever u say IS racist also isnt u overly sensitive child
  • anti sj bloggers: im a man and i say that im not misogynist and whatever u say IS misogynist also isnt u overly sensitive child
  • anti sj bloggers: cisphobia, racism towards whites, and misandry are the literal worst things in the world everyone.. can u not see me over here being so heavily oppressed on the internet and crying? this... what im facing is true bigotry.

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You do realize that most anti-sjw's want their descriptions on this? Mainly because they're funny and mock SJW retardation. I didn't even know you were an SJW until I saw your description. I thought this was a hall of fame ROFL.

Yes, I fully realize that, but you act like this is some game of chess or something in which the sj side makes a move, and then it’s up to the anti-sj side to come up with their brilliant counter move using flawless logic and utter brilliance. Like really

I’m literally laughing at the wannabe edginess of these descriptions. My followers are literally laughing at the wannabe edginess of these descriptions. I really don’t care how the anti-sj side wants to take it. It’s not about what the anti-sj side wants. Not everything revolves around you guys, like honestly. Who fucking cares? We’re still laughing. Sometimes even harder because they respond to this shit trying to be EVEN EDGIER.

Fun drinking games that will kill you time: take a shot for every anti-sj blogger who reblogs this saying some variation of “LOL YOU SOUND SO MAD THO”

anti sj blogger hits a pedestrian with their car
  • emotional SJW, triggered and offended: sweet lord sjwesus why. i'm so much pain right now i need immediate medical attention
  • Defender of Logic: So, you’re basing your entire argument off of illogical FEELINGS and you expect me to believe that you’re opinion is the only correct one? Pathetic. You have ABSOLUTELY NO LOGICAL BASIS for your claim
  • thought police: this isn’t an argument i’m litersly bleeding to death in front of you i’m actually going to die if someone doesn't drives me to a hospital oh my godwha tthe fuck is wrong with you
  • Crusader of Truth and Reason: Typical SJW, unable to even come up with a Decent counterargument, and instead resorting to personal attacks and Ad Hominem. Heh. It looks as though I've won.

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can you please elaborate on autism selfie day being 'fake ass drama'. im not on tumblr very often so i dont really know that much about what's happening.

So it goes back to the first blackout in March which got a lot of anti-sjs (”egalitarian”, anti-sjw, anti-feminism, real social justice, etc) blogs upset because  1) how dare a marginalized group do something to appreciate their own self worth and 2) an misinformed post had spread giving people the idea that no white person can post selfie on that day. 

A bunch of them wanted to and/or encouraged their followers to spam the tag #blackout in order to ruin the event. A bunch of them denounced it (as if their opinion on the matter was important) One blog in particular who denounced it goes by the name of anti-feminism-pro-equality . 

So the blackout went off and the spamming didn’t work cause of the pure numbers and rate people were posting their selfies in the tag.

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I don’t understand why so many people on this website look for fights when there literally isn’t one. Imagine if we acted like this in real life.

“my favorite color is orange.”



saying “protect girls” does not mean “push every man, boy, and androgynous person who might be male into oncoming traffic”, and no, it is not implied. All that is implied is “protect girls”. this is very simple to understand, actually.

making a post supporting one thing is not necessarily condemning the opposite, so stop pretending it does.

Honestly I really hope the people who react to posts like that in such a volatile way don’t act like that all the time, because such an explosive person who jumps to conclusions like there is no tomorrow sounds exceedingly unpleasant.

What do anti-sj bloggers tell people when they’re asked what they do in their free time.

“Oh, I harass the most marginalized people in our society for daring to have an opinion and expressing it in a way I don’t like.”