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Charging Sigils

This is from sigilathenaeum’s page and I in no way claim it as my own. 

Earth: grounding, centering, nature, growth, life, creation, birth, fertility, health, the physical body, prosperity, money, savings, career, job, employment, business, maturity, age, boundaries, protection, home, family, trust, stability, reliability, practicality, strength, calm,

Air: voice, speech, eloquence, communication, intellect, memory, knowledge, information, education, school, song, music, youth, freedom, astral travel, mental power, divination, spirituality, finding lost things, happiness, joy, laughter, fairies, fae,

Fire: passion, desire, love, sex, sexuality, romance, protection (but with a kick), banishing, energy, inspiration, motivation, competition, athleticism, strength, empowerment,  ego, success, leadership, courage, bravery, anger, power, destruction, purification,

Water: fluidity, flexibility, change, adaptability, intuition, maturity, rebirth, renewal, mental health, emotions, sadness, dreams, sleep, psychic powers, travel, cleansing, beauty, appearance, healing, menstruation,

Sunlight: clarity, understanding, finding, truth, sight, vision, learning, school, education divination, confidence, happiness, mental health, anti-depressant, beauty, clear skin, perfection, talent, glory, prosperity, friendship,

Moonlight: dreams, sleep, astral travel, clairvoyance, potential, prophecy, mystery, secrets, love, menstruation,

Music: musical instruments, singing, dance, art, emotions, creativity, mix and match! (match the music to the intent: lullabies for sleep and dreams, love songs for relationships, etc.)

Personal Energy: confidence, anti-anxiety, self-love, self-harm, personal characteristics, anything personal,

Hello Witches! I’ve decided to start a weekly Withing Paper. Here I’ll feature interviews with witches, and sometimes mine and other witche’s takes on issues within the community, along with spells here and there.

This week, we’re interviewing Tumblr’s own Starborn-Witch! So without further ado!

Name: Amy

Age: 35

Type of witch: Eclectic, but my main focuses are Cosmic Witchcraft, Death Witchcraft (including LOTS of spirit work), and Sea Witchcraft, though I incorporate various paths when I see fit without appropriating practices that are closed to me, of course :)

Favorite color: Blue!! I love any shade though I’m quite partial to aqua ♡


When you first became a witch did you mix different path’s together right away, or did it take you some time?


I definitely started out as eclectic, though at first I only used to identify as a cosmic witch. I was doing spirit work at the same time and already incorporating sea magic right from the get-go. It just seemed easier to keep it simple and identify as one thing. Now I don’t care as much about having one label. It’s better that way for me because then I have some freedom to explore!


Do you incorporate witchcraft in your day to day life? Any little rituals in the morning or evening or while cleaning?


I do! I use magic for just about everything. There are quite a few things that may be considered mundane that I have found ways to make magical. For instance, I’m about to get in the shower now, but it’s not just a shower for me; it’s a daily cleansing ritual that can be quite powerful, despite its simplicity.

My daily witchy practices include:

  • Calling in the 4 cardinal directions when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night.
  • Daily tarot draws.
  • Ancestor spirit offerings and offering to other spirits I work with.
  • Pendulum divination.
  • Spirit work in the form of automatic writing.
  • Spirit work using ethically sourced animal bones.
  • My cleansing shower ritual.
  • Working out with intent to cleanse my body of toxins, as well as negative energy while I sweat it out at the gym.
  • Adding intent to my food and drink via sigils.
  • Adding intent to literally anything by drawing sigils.
  • Using books as divination tools (flipping to a random page).


So you’ve told me about your day to day Witchcraft, what about ceremonial? Do you break out the taper candles, cauldron, and robe that much, or is that a special occasion thing (if at all!)?


I actually LOVE ceremonial magic and have definitely gone pretty “full out” with some of my spells and rituals, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would like because I’m a spoonie.

 I have done some pretty badass rituals pulling out all the stops, minus the robe, though. I have a cloak on my amazon wishlist for just that purpose. When I’m not broke I intend to buy it and it will probably motivate me to do more ceremonial magic because I know I’ll want to live in it, ha ha!

I should mention that it’s my own form of ceremony, though. I’m not a Thelemite or ritual magician by any means, I just love the concept and I suppose I add my own eclectic spin to it. It’s definitely not “by the book”.


Haha. That sounds so badass and awesome! What’s your favorite ritual that you’ve done thus far? You don’t have to go too into detail if you don’t like.


Thanks! My very favorite so far is a Jovian prosperity ritual that I crafted myself. It was performed over the course of 3 nights, starting the night before the full moon, on the full moon, and the day after.

It was very effective in that my student loan was discharged the following week and that over 14,000 dollars I no longer have to pay back! I’ve been thinking about publishing it on my blog for others to perform if they want to, but it was quite involved an not “low spoons” at all so it might be a bit much for my followers. I’m still thinking about it :D


Holy cow! I would sure as hell love to see that spell! But I notice that you’ve mentioned spoonie witches and being a spoonie yourself. What does being a spoonie mean to you, and how does it affect your craft?


It definitely affects both my daily life and my craft because I often don’t have the energy (whether physical, emotional, or mental) to do the things that I want to do, let alone some things I need to do. There are days where I can’t get out of bed, so I might just blog instead or read something witchcraft related to keep up with my practices. Then there are days where I have physical energy, but it’s a bad mental health day due to any one of my several disorders.

Being in bad headspace can affect everything for me and even lead to physical symptoms of illness if I’m not careful.

The cool thing about being a spoonie witch, is that magic helps me immensely, even on a bad day! Witchcraft has given me so many ways to cope with the shit life throws my way in that there’s always something magical


It sounds like being a spoonie has its own set of magical powers. Do you have any advice for any other spoonie witches out there? Or any other witches at all that need help getting the gumption to do their practice?


Absolutely! Being a spoonie is frustrating for many reasons, but witchcraft can be so beneficial as a coping skill.

My advice to other spoonies would be not to get discouraged by limitations.

Of course, there are going to be practices that may be challenging or downright impossible for a spoonie to do, but this can be motivation to be creative and resourceful with one’s magic.

Witchcraft doesn’t have to be super elaborate to be effective.

Here are some examples of my own low spoons magic:

  • Drawing my ‘anti self-harm’ sigil on my body with a non-toxic marker instead of cutting.
  • Wearing fun socks that correspond to my intent (i.e. I wear my Sailor Venus socks when I feel like I could use some self-love).
  • Wearing a particular color of clothing to infuse my intent.
  • Using my ‘banishing bin’ spell when I’m having intrusive thoughts.
  • Placing a crystal on my forehead to help relieve headaches.
  • Making tea with herbs that correspond to my intent.
  • Using glamour magic to help me cope with random hair loss from autoimmune issues.
  • Drawing sigils in/over my food when I’m struggling with my ED.
  • Doing spirit work in bed.
  • Reading tarot or doing pendulum divination in bed.
  • Writing gratitude lists.
  • Taking cleansing baths/showers.

and honestly, probably a lot more than that. I’m spacing I can send you links to the anti self-harm sigil, the banishing bin, and the hair glamour. I’ve published those spells on my blog so I don’t mind sharing.


Is there any message you’d like to give to any and all witches who read this?


Becoming a witch has been extremely empowering for me.

One of the best things about witchcraft, in my opinion, is how DIY it is.

I love that I can craft spells to help with any number of things life throws my way. As witches, we can incorporate as much, or as little into our practices as we choose.

One of my suggestions for new witches is- don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do in your craft. It’s also best not to compare one’s craft to another, as we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

I know for me personally that I am always learning new things and expanding my creativity with every new spell I create.

Explore different practices and paths until you find watch suits you. Its okay to have more than one path, too. Just be mindful of appropriation as there are many traditions and paths that require initiation or are from different cultures that aren’t open everyone.

Ultimately, your intent is the most important thing, so you do what works best for you.


Tell us something totally mundane about yourself. Let us see a bit of Non-Witchy Amy. The girl behind the pointed hat.


The most mundane thing I can think of the fact that I’m a US Navy Veteran. There was certainly nothing witchy about my time in the armed forces, ha ha! Most people are pretty surprised to find out I served because I’m not really the military type, but it certainly taught me a lot about life and I learned a lot about myself, too.

There are other mundane things, of course. But that’s the one that really strikes me as non-witchy, ha ha!


Wow! Thank you for your time. My grandfather is a purple heart vet, so I respect you all so much. It’s extra close to my heart.


Aww, thank you so much for sharing that with me! And thank your dear grandfather for his service, that is quite the sacrifice to make!!


No problem! Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Amy! It was great and I loved getting to know more about you as a witch and as a person


You’re so welcome! Thank you for taking the time to do this!! I’m excited to see your interviews!

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A Message for Someone in Need

Any of my followers, or anyone that may see this, who want to hurt themselves or end their own lives, please listen to my message. I know this may sound like one of those anti self-harm/anti suicide posts but I want it to be something more. So many people I know don’t believe how much they are worth. So many people I know want to end it all. So many people I know don’t think anyone would miss them. People believe that no one would miss them but it’s not true. My uncle didn’t think anyone would miss him, didn’t think anyone would care, didn’t know how deeply it would hurt everyone that loved him. So he ended his own life. And that cut deep. It cut to the bone. He didn’t know how badly it would effect us. He wasn’t there to see his big sister walk down the aisle. He wasn’t there to see his niece turn thirteen. And I cried myself to sleep on my birthday because of that.

Even if you think you are worthless, or that no one will miss you, you are wrong. Someone will miss you. I will miss you. I will cry for you because even though you don’t believe it, somebody cares. And if this isn’t enough, find a reason. Even if you think it’s trivial or mundane, its still a reason. Who will feed your pet if you’re gone? Who will water your plants? You are worth so much. You are amazing. You are loved. Please don’t hurt yourself. Please don’t kill yourself. Please. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for me. If you feel you can’t talk to people you know, I’m always here. I’m here to offer an ear that will  not judge you. I’m hear to offer advice or simply listen, if that’s what you need. Please live. Please live for me.


lizardlicks  asked:

(1/2) A pattern I have noticed re: how do antis bully people into self harming, fic deletion, etc - anti's pick their targets, and they target people who are already struggling. I'm well known enough in my own fandom circles to be visible. I create questionable/dark content, and I'm pretty vocally open about my kinks, but I have yet to get any kind of flack. I'm also friends with several other artists and writers who have been targeted. The difference: they are (or were) talented BNFs,

already open at least to some extent about struggles with abuse and/or mental illness, often queer, and also quite often a racial minority. Anti’s not only make zero effort to challenge those on top of the heap that perpetuate harm, they actively seek out people already at the bottom to kick around more. It’s about power and control, not any real desire to create positive social change.

Yep, yep, yep - if you’re confident, honest, and unapologetic, antis are less inclined to come after you. 

I think it’s less because of an active, conscious desire to seek out the vulnerable and more a combination of ‘this person is marginalized on multiple axes so they should definitely know better than to create problematic content. They offend me more because I expected more!’ and ‘This person is more likely to have a ‘positive’ reaction to what I tell them’ (in which ‘positive’ means ‘more likely to cave, apologize, and remove the offensive content’).

See, most antis - though not all - want to see themselves as making a positive difference in the world. Every time an anti makes a creator of problematic works apologize, change their work, take down their work, see the light of their evil ways, shut down because they’re afraid of harassment, or leave fandom because its too stressful, they make the world a little better. And the people most likely to do these things are the people who are both aware of social justice and already lacking confidence, so they are the ideal targets - but this is a subconscious factor, IMO.

There’s also people who are in the anti movement because it’s the fastest way to impact the most people and they just straight up enjoy seeing young, naive kids run around doing their bidding and the outraged and injured reactions of the shippers they wreak havoc on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are deliberate about picking the most vulnerable targets purely for the entertainment value.

In both cases, I strongly agree: the base motivation is absolutely exerting control over others. If the point was making the world a better place, a solution that injures anyone would be unacceptable - but anti-shipping is thinly veiled bullying, and that’s why seeing people get hurt, bow to their will, or run away is so important and satisfying.

anonymous asked:

I understand this maybe a bad time as you have a family emergency which I hope works out, love. I am a self harmer and was wondering if you had any spells/chants/ritual/anything? I'm desperate, I wanna stop but I can't seem to. Thanks, love.

Hello hon, I also struggle with self harm. I have for a good five years now. Here are a few witchy things I do to combat it:

  • Lately, I’ve been wearing a clear quartz thing around my neck. When I was going through the tragedy my family and I experienced, and I began to feel like I couldn’t handle it anymore, I clutched the crystal. And I mean squeezed it. I felt all of the negative energy leave my chest and enter the crystal, and then I cleansed it every night in the shower. 
  • Anti-self harm sigils. 
  • I like to put glamour spells on my makeup, shampoo, facewash, moisturizer and toner to help me stay away from self destructive habits. Don’t destroy yourself, build yourself up. (that doesn’t necessarily mean wearing makeup every day or keeping a perfect skincare routine, but it means taking general good care of yourself and enchanting your products with glamours.) 
  • meditation. 
  • herbs and supplements that are scientifically proven to help with depression/anxiety such as vitamin D, St. John’s Wort, Valerian, Eucalyptus etc., and then enchanting those for an extra boost. 
  • I find that red crystals help a lot, specifically blood agate and carnelian. 
  • Spells that help overall depression, anxiety, self love etc. 
  • placing crystals with a calming energy on the areas of your body that you usually harm yourself on. 

An here are some non-witchy things: 

  • Therapy groups. I’ve been involved in several, including basic and advanced DBT, teen resource, and group family therapy. All of these taught me important skills and lessons, and if you have the insurance for it I highly suggest looking into these. 
  • Hospitalization. I was hospitalized two years ago for a suicide attempt and I cannot tell you how much being there changed my life for the better. 
  • Coping skills toolbox. 
  • listening to music
  • finding distractions like watching netflix, doing homework, cleaning, walking, etc. 
  • Talking with a close friend. About anything. It still helps regardless of whether or not you talk about the issue causing you to feel triggered. 
  • Talking about the issue with someone you trust, who is also not going to be triggered or overwhelmed. Ask them, “If I talk about this issue, will you be overwhelmed or unsafe?” 
  • Talking with a therapist or counselor
  • playing music
  • drawing on yourself. 

Best of luck, friend. I hope this helps.