That’s nice for you, it truly is, but, you see, not everyone practices the same religion as you do.

For example, my grandmother lives near a town with a high Amish population. Amish people do not use cars. Many of them walk, ride bicycles, or use horses as means of transportation. Many of their businesses do not operate on Saturdays - additionally, they often open at sunrise and close at sunset.

Yet, Amish people aren’t boycotting car dealerships in the name of Religion.

When you take a perfectly legal act such as abortion and use religion as an excuse of your hatred towards it, you weaken your argument. I have many examples and sources to provide you with. I have Jewish blood, I have many Jewish friends, I have many aethist friends, I have many Greek Orthadox friends, and I have many Christian friends. I am Catholic. I can give you insight from their perspectives, as well as utilize the information they have provided me with. Your argument can be debunked countless times, and easily so.

You have the right to practice whichever religion you choose - whether that be Catholicism, Christianity, Hindusim, Buddism, or none at all - but when you try and force your personal, religious beliefs onto others and try and use it as a defense, you take away from that. You take away from the sacredness and impact Religious Insight can bring to a debate or conversation, and then continue to be upset about it when you see what you’ve done.

It isn’t affective, and, over the years, you’ve proven and reinforced that. Don’t blame others for that, because it wasn’t them who’s caused it. It’s you.

Anti-Theism is dumb

People who think any of the worlds problems would be solved if religion was (somehow) eliminated are short-sighted. People kill each other over ideas completely unrelated to religion all the time. Look at Communists and Fascism, they continue to fight despite both being wrong. Some communists have weekly gatherings that they must attend to show their commitment; homosexuality was and still is illegal in many communist states; people have been caught manipulating scientific facts in attempts to prove that the common climate change theory is true or untrue; the gards of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the US abstain from drinking and cursing; the flat earth and hollow earth theories are supported by plenty of non-religious people.

There’s just simply nothing some people will do for religion that some won’t do for other ideologies.