Anti-Planned Parenthood Group Caught Passing Stillbirth Photo Off As Abortion
It's just the latest misleading editing tactic.

The latest video intended to cast Planned Parenthood in an unflattering light relies on images of fetuses that were not actually aborted at Planned Parenthood clinics.

The Center for Medical Progress, a right-wing group engaged in a long-term video strategy to discredit the national women’s health organization, released its seventh video on Wednesday. Likeseveral videos before it, the newest footage relies heavily on an interview with Holly O’Donnell, a procurement technician who briefly worked for a biological company that partners with some abortion clinics to collect fetal tissue donations.

At several points, O’Donnell discusses the process of procuring fetal organs — which can be used to help advance scientific research, if abortion patients choose to donate the material after their procedure — before the camera cuts to photographs of fetuses. Although the video insinuates those fetuses are connected to the collection process that O’Donnell is describing, they’re actually recycled photographs from other sources, as RH Reality Check reports.

One of the photos (displayed at the video’s nine-minute mark) isn’t an aborted fetus at all. It’s actually a stillborn fetus prematurely delivered at 19 weeks.

The woman who took that photo, Alexis (or “Lexi”) Fretz, initially published it on her blog — where she also shared the story of grieving her stillborn son, whom she named Walter Joshua. In a Facebook post, Fretz said that she did not give permission for the Center for Medical Progress to use Walter’s photo, though she does not plan to take legal action against the group.

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The truth behind Planned Parenthood's vindication -
Planned Parenthood operates legally, while anti-abortion group stoops to dangerous illegal activity
By Sally Kohn, CNN Political Commentator

How twisted that these anti-abortion extremists allegedly stooped to criminal activity to try to smear the lawful work of Planned Parenthood. The fact is that in spite of the right’s continual efforts at restraints and restrictions, abortion remains legal throughout the United States, as it thankfully has been since Roe vs Wade, which marked its 43rd anniversary last week.

And fetal tissue donations, used for research in everything from the polio vaccine to finding a cure for cancer, are also, thankfully, legal -- incidentally, through laws passed with bipartisan support.

Can we all stop citing these videos, now, please?

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Video was sent by someone who had some questions.. seemed pretty good to me
Quite possibly some of the best bullshit I've read on the medical field.

I don’t even know how credible this site is but the fact that they promote themselves as “unbiased” is unreal. If in fact that they take scientific research as one of their quotes, they should know that “unbiased” is nonexistent as truth in the field of psychology. 

1. Myth #1 Conventional medicine and the healthcare system helps sick people.: 

  • “What passes for ‘science’ today is a collection of health myths, half-truths, intellectual dishonesty and fraudulent reporting to help serve higher interests”
    - Yet in the article the author will quote notably a lot on scientific research and studies.
  • “90 percent of all diseases (cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, etc.) are easily preventable through diet, nutrition, sunlight and exercise. None of these solutions are ever promoted by conventional medicine because they make no money. " 
    - What doctor do you see? All the doctor’s I’ve seen in my life has promoted that. If a doctor hasn’t told you explicitly, it should be common sense that you do so. 
  • ”No pharmaceuticals actually cure or resolve the underlying causes of disease. Even “successful” drugs only manage symptoms, usually at the cost of interfering with other physiological functions that will cause side effects down the road. There is no such thing as a drug without a side effect. "
    -  Yes and if they aren’t any perfect drugs, are there any perfect alternatives? 
  • “Nobody has any interest in your health except you. No corporation, no doctor, and no government has any desire to actually make you well. This has served the short-term financial interests of higher powers in the west very well. The only healthy, aware, critically thinking individuals are all 100% free of pharmaceuticals and processed foods.”
    - So maybe you should go to medical school and get your own MD degree. The fact that you say harshly that no doctors have interest is already showing how radically you think.

2. MYTH #2 Vaccines prevent diseases and increase immunity.  

  • “Catching a particular disease does not mean you will die from it.”
    - So you’re saying that if I get something like hepatitis B, I can recover on my own? Or I can get meningitis and not die from it, but I’ll be paralyzed for life. In the end, I’m still alive, right?

3. MYTH #3 We must all focus on lowering bad cholesterol.

  • “Moreover, a scientifically-naive public has been conned into a fraudulent correlation between elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Cholesterol has not been shown to actually cause CVD. To the contrary, cholesterol is vital to our survival, and trying to artificially lower it can have detrimental effects, particularly as we age. Moreover, a scientifically-naive public has been conned into a fraudulent correlation between elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Cholesterol has not been shown to actually cause CVD. To the contrary, cholesterol is vital to our survival, and trying to artificially lower it can have detrimental effects, particularly as we age.”
    - Have you ever seen someone get their arteries cleaned? If that’s not selling it for you maybe you should take a simple biology course on how saturated fatty acids vs. unsaturated fatty acids. 
  • “We have become a culture so obsessed with eating foods low in cholesterol and fat that many health experts are now questioning the consequences. Could we really maintain a dietary lifestyle that was so foreign to many of our ancestral populations without any ill effects on our health?" 
    - We’re not telling you to eliminate all cholesterol from your diet but you realize that times have changed? I don’t think neanderthals had McDonald’s or greasy pizza at their disposal. 
  • "News coverage of many diseases focus too much on treatments and not enough on prevention, a trend that could prove risky in the long run for most people who don’t understand how to take care of their health.”
    - I think you need to tune in on a new news channel or find yourself a certified doctor. 

4. MYTH #4 Medical screening and treatments prevent death.

  • “If our current treatment approach to health continues, hundreds of years from now, mankind may look back at today’s “modern medicine” and think: “How could they have been so primitive in ideology and so wrong? What lack of humanitarianism in government allowed the medical industries to kill people with economically driven false beliefs and ideas? Why didn’t government stop them? Who were the people in charge of protecting those citizens?" 
    - Of course they will simply because they’ve found technological advances. Don’t we look at our ancestors and say the same? 

5. MYTH #5 Fluoride prevents tooth decay.

  • "The government classifies sodium fluoride as environmentally hazardous waste. Anybody handling it must wear HazMat protective gear. Dumping it into rivers is a crime.”
    - And the same government implements water fluoridation. If not, then which government is wrong? Or which fact is wrong?

Case and Point: Not all doctors are genuinely good and there are doctors out there for a profit. You should be able to distinguish between go and bad. Become well informed of your facts elsewhere. When your diction includes such radical words, it brings your argument down in credit. 


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