walmart like actively demonizes unions and encourages their employees to be fearful of them by spreading lies and propaganda about them lmao. like it would be really difficult to unionize walmart workers because as soon as youre hired they start making you learn anti-union propaganda and quiz you on it to make sure you’re adequately fearful of them and they do this multiple times. lmao they literally try to brainwash their employees into hating unions.

People always want to talk about how they’re no longer supporting Black Lives Matter after every violent incident in that they were supposedly involved in, even when there’s no connection, and I’m just like chances are you were never a supporter anyway.

Like if you actually supported the organization and the movement, you wouldn’t be so easily swayed by anti-BLM propaganda and misinformation so it’s no love lost really.

Ace: *actively chooses to refer to himself as Portgas D Ace*

y’all: Portgas D Ace!!

Franky: *actively chooses to refer to himself as Franky*

y’all: Franky!!

Sanji: *actively chooses to refer to himself as JUST Sanji*

y’all: uhmmm he’s still a Vinsmoke :/ you can’t just ditch ur surname :/ his relationship with his biological family and how he feels about them or their name doesn’t matter :/ ur just overreacting and being melodramatic cuz you don’t like the name :/ get over it it’s just fiction :/

Books Are Weapons in the War of Ideas
Photolithographic poster printed in red and black
Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.

Books cannot be killed by fire. People die, but books never die. No man and no force can put thought in a concentration camp forever. No man and no force can take from the world the books that embody man’s eternal fight against tyranny. In this war, we know, books are weapons.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The use of words like “elites”, “bankers”, “financial powers” being used as antisemitic buzzwords by rich people and bigots that hate Jewish people isn’t at all helpful to those of us trying to have actually discussions about fucked up economic systems and our justifiable hatred of the rich.  It leads to violence against Jewish people of all classes, it is often tied to anti-communist/pro-Nazi propaganda (antisemitic leftists may go out of their way to avoid mentioning Marx being ethnically Jewish or Lenin’s Jewish grandfather, but Nazis/anti-communists sure as hell don’t), it obscures Jewish participation in anti-capitalist movements, and it protects the wealthy and powerful by providing a scapegoat for economic issues that doesn’t involve any real examination of economic systems or power dynamics.

All of us, including myself, who were raised in Western countries and aren’t Jewish/from Jewish families have to put work in unlearning the antiemitism spread throughout Western cultures.

But come on, you have to know it’s bullshit for Christian/Christian background billionaires to pretend they are’t the real “elites”, “bankers”, and “financial powers” that we actually need to worry the most about.


Steven is surprised when he turns on the TV and discovers Yellow Diamond has bought a television network for the purposes of promoting Gem domination of the universe. Although the network is largely ignored, one of the shows – Your Planet’s Doomed, in which Yellow Pearl is supposed to read anti-Crystal Gem propaganda, only to quickly go off-script each episode and start complaining about her day – becomes a ratings sensation and inspires even more Homeworld programming, including Blue Pearl’s Poetry Slam and Peridots Are From Facet 2F5L, Quartzes Are From Facet 6J9X. Can Steven save the people of the Earth from the clutches of basic cable or is he already too late?

dems like ‘sanders would’ve also lost. the gop would’ve killed him with attack ads’

like 1) do you really think americans have never seen anti-socialist propaganda before? 2) you proclaimed trump’s candidacy dead after every john oliver attack and it clearly didn’t work so perhaps reaccess how much you value media attacks? 3) do you really think people would’ve seen a picture of sanders in some trot group and suddenly hated the idea of higher wages and health care? 4) sanders’ polling had breathing room to lose points and still win. 

I just received the World’s Creepiest “Christmas Card”

When I first saw this, I thought was the world’s creepiest Christmas Card, but I flipped it over and discovered that it is actually some sort of anti-abortion propaganda. 

Here are some of the more disturbing excerpts:

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, did not enter our world through a birth canal. he did not begin his earthly in a manger in Bethlehem. He began his human life in the womb of a young unmarried woman who was not planning to be with child.


The incarnation of Christ stands in direct conflict with all forms of child sacrifice. Modern forms include chemical and surgical abortion, the use of abortifacient drugs and devices designed to make the womb inhospitable for human embryos, and all destructive methods associated with the dehumanizing practice of producing children outside of the womb (IVF). Christ continues His work today as He leads His people to actively bring the Gospel of His Kingdom into conflict with the practice of human abortion.

This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. 

and don’t even try to come at me with the Absolute Garbage the people on the Wiki pulled about how Franky and Ace had Different Reasons™ for changing their names. Ace didn’t choose to go by Portgas ~for his safety~, he made it adamantly clear that he hates Roger but loves Rouge (who, by the way, said his name would be GOL D. ACE). It’s that simple. Franky may have taken the name Franky to avoid the law, but the fact remains that it was given to him by the only loving father figure he had. He didn’t protest when Tom gave him that name as a kid, and he didn’t seem at all opposed to dropping “Cutty Flam” for good when Iceburg said to do so later. It all boils down to the same damn thing – having the choice to be called by precisely the name you choose. For any reason. For no reason.

And you can’t fucking deny the parallels between Ace saying Whitebeard is the only father he has while Sengoku’s announcing his “”real father”” to the world and Sanji telling Judge that he has a father but it definitely isn’t him.