To find blasphemy offensive, you would have to believe in God. To find pornography offensive you would have to believe in women.
—  Kappeler, S., 1986, “Obscenity and Censorship” in The Pornography of Representation, Polity Press: Cambridge, pp. 21 - 34 (digital edition)
In porn, the man makes hate to the woman, as each sex act is designed to deliver the maximum amount of degradation.
—  Dines, G., 2010, “Introduction: The Industrialisation of Sex” in Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked Our Sexuality, Spinifex Press: North Melbourne (digital edition)
Because men’s viewing of pornography frequently culminates in orgasm, the lessons of pornography are learned much faster and more tenaciously than when they view nonpornographic media.
—  Russell, D.E.H. 1993, “Introduction”, Russell, D.E.H. (ed), Making Violence Sexy: Feminist Views on Pornography, Open University Press, Buckingham, pp.1-23
Porn, like all other images, tells stories about the world… when men turn to porn.. they come away with a lot more than just an ejaculation because the stories seep into the very core of their sexual identity.
—  Dines, G., 2010, “Introduction: Porn and the Industrialization of Sex”, in Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality, Spinifex Press: North Melbourne (digital edition)

Themes in these porn videos are incestuous and non-consensual — teaching men and boys alike that rape and coercion is hot. Titles include: “Virgin Manipulations” and “Daddy’s Girl Gets Filled” and feature much older men (father and uncle figures) and what are meant to be teen girls. One of the more popular sites is literally called “” The “consensual adults” line pushed on us by liberal media is laughable when you acknowledge what it is that consumers really want: exploited, non-consenting, underage girls who are not enjoying the acts inflicted on them. They don’t want empowered adult women. Men don’t look at porn to see sexually liberated, powerful women.

Most major amateur porn companies will only book a “girl” two or three times, after which they have to start doing “niche-oriented jobs.” This means bondage, S&M, and generally more extreme, more violent acts.

—  Murphy, M., 2015, “‘Hot Girls Wanted’… For a month or two”, Feminist Current, June 4, viewed 29 October 2015 <>

Pornography is the most unregulated and unrestricted content available to the public, it’s America’s failure of ethical consumption taken to extreme degrees; voyeuristic exploitation of women, draining of resources. Porn can literally be accessed by anyone from a click of a button. It’s alarming that porn(a brutal, criminal opportunist organization, & psychologically damaging industry) has a history of advocation, while women’s autonomy is still outlawed and debated nationwide.

…many people fail to acknowledge that the actual making of pornography sometimes involves, or even requires, violence and sexual assault.
—  Russell, D.E.H. 1993, “Introduction: Pornography as Violence Against Women”, Against Pornography, Russell Publications, pp. 113 - 148
…pornography’s broader social harms of gender subordination, commodified sexuality, and eroticised dominance do not depend on whether the persons depicted are participating voluntarily.
—  Whisnant, R. 2004, “Confronting Pornography: Some Conceptual Basics”, Stark, C. and Whisnant, R. (eds), Not for Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography, Spinifex Press, North Melbourne, pp.15-28