Rudy Giuliani’s opinion about Obama is absolutely correct. 

Obama doesn’t love this country the way other Americans do. He’d rather focus on our faults, time and time again, than praise American successes. He is a president that is more concerned with another round of golf, than the beheading of American citizens. He is more concerned with public’s image of him, and taking selfies, than real issues facing our country.

 No other way to say it: He is a disgrace to the office of the presidency. 

Send the poor to war and arrest the rest!!! Welcome to corporate America where your death and imprisonment is good for business. 91% of prisons in america are privately owned and funded 45,000 dollars in tax payers money a year for one inmate….. i say again one inmate. The banks created a two party system to keep the people divided and distracted so that they ,could manipulate our economy, enslave us and eventually some desperate commit crimes to make money or join the military cause there is nothing else. Which in this nation laws are absurd weed, catching rain water, raw milk, and for the love of god seat belt laws …. i mean who are we harming by not wearing a seat belt? Building on your own property without permits!??! Nothing is truly owned if payed for and still have to pay yearly taxes on them!!!! This government is out of fucking control and we are passed the point of peaceful protest. We are at war and its time to fight before there is nothing left to fight for!!!! March on your capitals on July 4th 2013 and demand your civil liberties and freedoms. They are your born right!