Guys, idea for tomorrow: Call up your local radio station(s) and request American Idiot by Green Day. Let’s make this a thing, please, imagine every radio station people tune into being this song in protest of the Cheeto in Chief

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I'm an American of Mexican descent, and I am critical towards Obama, especially his foreign policies. The man is charismatic, yes, but he is far from perfect. It gets annoying when people paint him as a saint.


I get immensely annoyed by the Obamaphiles who think it’s acceptable to undermine the US constitution in under to try and get St Barack a third term.

I get immensely annoyed by the hypocrisy of Obamaphiles who are all for whistleblowers getting a “scoop” on a political figure they despise (Specifically the current debacle regarding Trump and Russian prostitutes) but who gloss-over or outright ignore the persecution of whistleblowers by St Barack’s administration that is SO EXTREME, it is absolutely unprecedented.

I get immensely annoyed by the hypocrisy of Obamaphiles who would, without question, without a single shadow of a doubt, pounce upon any president who wasn’t St Barack if they glossed-over the lead-contaminated water in Flint by drinking a single glass of filtered water and hence showing blatant ignorance towards the true scope of the problem i.e Unfiltered bathing water. It’s like putting a fucking bandaid on an amputated limb.

Double standards Obamaphiles.

Stop holding them.

shout out to all the people (including some family members) who spent the past 8 years spewing that obama was the anti-christ and was ushering in the end times, would never give up office and become a dictator, and would start the apocalypse as depicted in the book of revelations. i used to think all of you were talking out of your racist asses, but now i realize you were just ahead of your times. NOW you can start saying all that and i’ll believe it.

Before I go to bed, let me just say

Thank you Obama. Thank you for those 8 years of hope. Thank you for always believing in us. We will truly miss you and your beautiful family.

Oh, and fuck Trump and everyone that voted for him. Y'all motherfuckers can skinny dip in a pool of lava. 😊🖕

Something sad I just realized...

You know how there’s all that stuff going around about Trump’s intro to the White House and Obama talking to him and Michelle showing Melania around?  Well, I just thought about what it would have been if it were Hillary and Bill instead. Obama and Hillary strolling around chatting about the campaign, about the future, joking stuff like, “Thanks for keeping it warm for me!” and “Finally you get to sit at the desk!”  Bill and Michelle bonding, Michelle threatening him if he messes up her garden, making jokes about how she has high expectations for the flower arrangements, and she can’t wait to see his outfits covered in Vogue.  These friends all laughing in relief and the current First Couple preparing to hand it all over to people who know what they’re doing.


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How the hell did Trump get elected after all the shit he did and said? Like omg he's so horrible and unprofessional not just during the election but I also heard during his press conference it was so bad and the people he selected in his cabinet were the same as him no surprise there. The only reason I see that he was elected because he was a white man that also had the same racist views as some of the people voting and people are saying we're finally getting a great president sorry but we

That disgusting old Cheeto could “grab a woman by the pussy” on stage at one of his rallies and his sycophants would still vote for him.

Overall though, it is disingenuous at best to reduce all Trump voters reasons to being purely down to misplaced nationalism and racist sentiments. Yes, there is a hefty proportion of his voterbase that hold repulsive views and the rallies being courted by far right loonies.

But when you acknowledge that many of the electorate were utterly ignored by the Obama administration and his corrupt Democrat lackeys, subject to the serious consequeces of profoud urban decay and deterioration in living conditions (Hello Flint Michigan), bearing witness first-hand to the great racial division that Obama presided over, were talked down-to by arrogant, up their own arse left-wingers and champagne socialists which motivated them to vote Trump, are majorly concerned WITH VERY GOOD REASON about Islamic terrorism and how Obama turned a blind eye to it and effectively aided and abetted it in the process and were reassured by the assertion that Trump would vet Muslim immigrants to make sure they pose no threat, it’s easy to see why many flocked to Trump.

Are a lot of said people ignorant and misguided? YES. Was Clinton a more desirable overall choice for the presidency despite being a democrat and having her nose deep in shit too? YES, she’s easily the lesser of two evils. Is it bad that Trump won? YES. But labelling Trump voters with all of the pejoratives under the sun and classing them all as being cousin-fucking, low IQ rednecks is fucking ridiculous. It was prevalent during the EU referendum against Brexiteers and it was prevalent in this election.

In 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated, I watched it on TV and I cried.

In 2017, when Donald Trump is inaugurated, I will watch it on TV and I know I will cry.

I’m not with you; but I am with you guys. I will support you in any way I can in the next 4 years: whether that’s more donations to charities to help minorities; campaigning via social media; or just here to send you hugs and give you space to rant.

I am here 100%.