• working class people:we're angry that police murder our neighbors with impunity, we're angry that we exist in an economic system that forces us to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and we're angry that our voices are always ignored or suppressed. as long as this system remains intact, people will continue to feel alienated and stressed and depressed. things like this are worth getting angry about.
  • some white liberal:*wearing an indigenous american warbonnet over dreadlocked hair* you receive back only that which you radiate =) no one can oppress you without your consent =) anger is unhealthy and only upsets the natural balance of the universe =) namaste =) all lives matter =)

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.

Daily reminder that the United States is prosperous and existing as it is today only because of the exploitation, destruction, and theft of resources, governments, and people from Central American, Carribbean American, South American, Indigenous North American, African, Southwest, Southeast, and Eastern Asian countries, nations, confederations, and tribes all throughout North American history to today.

America only became great from the destruction, enslavement, and manipulation of others.

And no matter who’s in charge of the nation, this trend will always continue.

So there’s a post circulating around tumblr that essentially says we must vote for Clinton because people will die under a Trump presidency, and I can only assume that by “people” they specifically mean AMERICANS dying because of specific domestic policy decisions – obviously ignoring all the deaths Clinton would/will help cause abroad, considering her history of imperialism and backing dictatorial coups that murder indigenous rights activists. And, I mean, if we’re to expect more neoliberalism under her presidency (as we should, considering the trends and considering the policies she and her husband supported in the 90s), I wouldn’t be surprised to see gutted welfare, more deportations, and an expanded prison industrial complex locking up more people for private profit.

This is by no means an endorsement of Trump, just a rejection of Clinton. Vote for her in November if you want, but considering all the possibilities that can totally happen under, yes, a Clinton presidency, you should be helping us oppose her starting in January. Maybe the Left can be emboldened under a Clinton presidency, but that should only be done apart from her and apart from establishment liberalism and the Democrats. Enough of this American exceptionalism that treats “people dying” as AMERICAN PEOPLE DYING limited to a republican/Trump presidency – people have been dying abroad (and even domestically) en masse under the reign of democrats and republicans, and it’s our duty to oppose that (yes, even under democrats, liberals).

Darn Right I Care About the Unborn Baby

because every single life matters. How is not agreeing with murder wrong? How is it that just because I support a life, I am suddenly against another? I was not aware supporting someone not being murdered is supporting the murder of another person (the mother). Oh yeah that is right, it isn’t! 

How about, you people out there who want to murder an innocent person (who has caused no harm), stop being so selfish. 

Yeah that is the real problem here: SELFISHNESS

If you are worried more about being pregnant for 9 months (note: adoption is an option), to the point where you are willing to murder, you are instantly put into the category of utterly selfish.



“What’s the matter with you people? You’re sad because people are mean? Well I’m sorry, the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus!”

Fucking SAVAGE.

Only so much more because every single thing he says is 100% undeniable truth.

This is exactly why I love South Park.

Vin Dipshit lol.

To liberals: The social justice advocacy is incomplete as long as you leave out a class analysis. And no, I don’t just mean “people being classist”. The skeletal structure of society, the capitalist economic system, is deliberately designed to exacerbate inequality along lines of ownership – those who own the means of production (the workplaces, the factories, the flats, the land) rely on the working class (those who need to sell their labor because they lack means of production) to generate profit and societal goods, while the former accrues the vast majority of wealth by virtue of their ownership (which allows them to extract surplus value and rent from the working classes). Constant wealth redistribution isn’t the answer – leaving the basic premises alone will not fundamentally change anything. We need to abolish capitalism and take command over the economy in a directly-democratic fashion, for the benefit of human need rather than elite profit. This is how you cut out inequality at its roots.

To conservatives: “Big government” is a byproduct of the capitalist era – “big government” is the state desperately trying to keep capitalism going. You are already being presided over by a tyrannical government that maintains autocrat-rule over the tools that reproduce daily life. If you want workers to retain the full product of their labor, you ought to oppose capitalism, the system that corrals workers into jobs with a centralized authority that takes the bulk of the workers’ labor product. If government is a middleman that gets in the way of private citizens, then capitalists, who superfluously control the necessary societal tools, are also middlemen that get in the way of private citizens accomplishing things for their betterment. “Corporate capitalism”, government and capitalists working together, is the natural functioning of the capitalist system as demonstrated by history. For a wider degree of human freedom from autocrats, we need to take human society to the next step.

I hate when liberals who want a silver spoon put in their mouth from birth but hate successful rich men in politics.

Why do you hate people like Mitt Romney, George Bush, Tony Blair and Cheney?

They’re more successful than you?

They’ve worked their butts off in school, they worked their butts off campaigning, They actually do something with their lives other than bitch and moan in their comfortable ventilated room on their laptop.

They’ve faced war, they faced world wide criticism, they faced death threats, they faced shit you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Do they complain about it? Nope. A politician always has to be happy and saying one cuss world will shock and anger the world.

They face problems and actually have to DO SOMETHING about it.

Instead of bitching about women’s rights, they go to the third world countries where it’s the worst and try to create peace. They build charities and provide money for those charities.

Politicians are called war criminals, for trying to prevent war. And I’m so fricken sick of seeing it.

Did anyone call Saddam Hessian a war mongrel?? This man who killed millions and started the attack that brought on the war. No instead they try to convict Bush and Blair for war crimes.

For you to complain about how they do things, why don’t you get out and try to do it better? Because none of you could ever do what they do, you don’t have the heart or the stomach for it.

To complain about war, do you think the bombings and attacks and human sufferment would’ve disappeared if we put our hands over our ears, closed our eyes and did nothing? Is that what Bush and Blair did wrong? You never have to face these hard choices that effect the world, you never have to face world wide criticism from your decisions, so shut the hell up.

thepopcultgamer  asked:

Why do you not like Family Guy? I can understand why the jokes can be tasteless (I had some of the jokes tasteless myself) but it's not serious for real. I know it sounds hypocritical but the reason why I don't think it's okay for Aaron Webber to do what he does is because I feel he is taking advantage of his job. He is supposed to be advertising Sonic in a professional matter but instead he is making a farce out of the series and Sega as a company in whole.

Number #1 - Because it’s liberal propaganda.

This show often amounts to little more than a means for Macfarlane and the other staff to get on their soapboxes and preach their obnoxious left wing biases and liberal agenda, specifically using Brian Griffin as their mouthpiece and the show as a whole as their platform. Not only is it immensely grating since it’s so often the subject of focus, it is what is responsible for turning Brian into one of my most hated fictional characters.

Number #2 - Because it’s tasteless.

Unlike with South Park (Which on occasion can run dangerously close to outright tastelessness but more oten than not is far more satirical and genuuinely hand-biting in a satisfying manner), FG is much more serious and gross-out with it’s content. Bloody gore, detailed disgusting imagery, Peter Griffin casually beating the shit out of random people for no apparent reason and being a child-beater, Quagmire’s pedophilic, deviant sexual activites and rapist tendencies and such are played very much straight. And none of it is funny or appealing. At all.

In addition, having Quagmire rape Marge Simpson, having her enjoy it then the former going on to murder the entire Simpson family just to childishly sate Macfarlane’s grudge against the Simpson’s writers then Macfarlane bitching about why FOX censored that scene in syndication, using the reaoning that it was “unfair” because The Simpsons has riffed on FG is fucking pathetic. Especialy when you consider that The Simpsons never stirs the figurative pot in the way that FG does on daily basis

Number #3 - Because whenever it tries to tackle serious topics, it goes ass over head regarding execution.

And what makes it even worse? The fact that Macfarlane has gone on record to claim that he and the rest of the people behind the show are tackling subjects such as transgenderism in a progressive manner (”Quagmire’s Dad”) only shows how woefully out of touch he is with what constitutes genuinely accomplishing it. And also? He went on record to claim that gay people are “stupid” for taking issue with his portrayal of a transsexual character and in-show reactions to her.

Is it breezy up there on that high horse you’re currently sat upon Macfarlane, you liberal asshat?

Number #4 - Because it isn’t funny.

FG falls within the genre of animated comedy sitcoms am I right?

Then why isn’t it funny?

Stupid cutaway gags with no relevancy to the episode’s plot isn’t clever or funny. It just indicates that the writers are so unskilled at exploiting the characters and scenarios they find themselves in for a laugh that they have to cut away to focus on something else entirely. And even when they do that it isn’t funny.

Gross-out humor is not funny. Never was. Never will be.

Rape and abuse isn’t funny. Never was. Never will be.

Number #5 - Because it’s plagiaristic

Far too many instances to list here.

“…to argue the need for MORE socialism…”

Ah yes, I forgot how socialist the United States was – all that worker control of the means of production we presently have seems to be rotting out my memory. Thanks for the reminder, “LibertyPen” and John Stossel.

This is what the Overton Window does. It turns radical concepts devoted to human liberation into one of two things: either socialism is when a more welfare-oriented government does stuff in an otherwise capitalist economy, or socialism is when an authoritarian state concentrates power and oppresses people with a fascist baton in an otherwise capitalist economy. It either needs to be defanged of all power or it needs to be turned into a boogeyman caricature. Either way, the dominant paradigm of top-down control over the means of production by capitalists remains unchanged.

Also, OF COURSE they’d use a blue pill/red pill picture for the video thumbnail.