What if I told you...

…that people can be male and not be a misogynist

…people can be straight without being homophobic

…people can be white, and not racist

…getting offended doesn’t mean a damn thing in the real world

…other people will have opinions different from yours, and that they have a right to have it

…life is hard, and no one’s gonna be there to hold your hand or give you free stuff

…no one owes you anything

Philosophy Tube just completed a fantastic video series on liberalism, and I highly recommend it for people wanting to understand the ideology of the status quo.  

Part 1 discusses how liberalism contextualizes violence in relation to other ideologies

Part 2 discusses the interconnected history of liberalism and capitalism

Part 3 discusses neoliberalism as an ongoing political trend since the 1980s

Part 4 discusses the major structural flaws inherent to liberalism