Sharon Smith outlines why class struggle rooted in materially transforming society and social justice rooted in ending oppressions based on identities are two sides of the same coin – whilst also acknowledging the fundamental limitations of narrow liberal conceptions of identity politics.

Should We Encourage Women to be Mothers?

More and more young women are ‘reclaiming’ their lives by choosing not to have children. The millennial generation are less pressured by society to have children – unlike their great grandmothers and grandmothers. You could argue that our ancestors were pressured by society because the country lost millions in the great wars. Or even because women were less free to work and live independently.

Despite the fact that we may be reaching overpopulation, that is a poor excuse that many women from my generation use to not reproduce.

There is nothing wrong with encouraging women to embrace their maternal instincts and natural feelings towards children. Despite this, women who have children should not be seen as better as those who don’t.

Why? Because we live in a society that gives women the freedom to chose.  

As a woman, I have the choice to keep my child, have an abortion or to place my child for adoption. Furthermore, I can adopt or foster if I don’t wish to or can’t have biological children.

All of these choices that I have available to me in the Western world are in a way, separate to any encouragement that I may receive to become a mother. Biologically or otherwise.

It’s not oppressive to encourage young girls to play with dolls and mother them. And it’s not an oppressive lifestyle if women decide to become a stay at home mother.


You have the freedom. Use it.

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etothevictory()tumblr()com/post/157588996229/marsincharge-lunaaltare so chris evans deserves to be "cancelled" simply for saying that people of different ideologies can still be civil to each other? oook.

It’s sad really. These people are so threatened by any ideology they themselves don’t subscribe to that anyone who even suggests that people who disagree can be civil to each other is horrific to them. They want one ideology in the world: theirs. And anyone who deviates from it or even suggests other ideas are valid deserves to be shamed and abandoned by the masses. I don’t even like Chris Evans or his politics but I respect him for saying this because he’s one of the very few celebrities who have. 

Liberals, we need you now to join an actual #Resistance to Trump, fascism, and capitalism, the latter of which will perpetually produce the conditions that breed the former. Support us in the battle against oppression, understand that these problems are systemic, and move to the left. Oppression can’t be defeated with centrism.

Oh and stop calling the cops on direct actioneers.

What if I told you...

…that people can be male and not be a misogynist

…people can be straight without being homophobic

…people can be white, and not racist

…getting offended doesn’t mean a damn thing in the real world

…other people will have opinions different from yours, and that they have a right to have it

…life is hard, and no one’s gonna be there to hold your hand or give you free stuff

…no one owes you anything


Hate trump all you want. But don’t you attack his 10 year old son. You liberals would have a massive meltdown if anything was said about Obama’s kids. This is sick.
So much for being tolerant and loving everyone. You can’t even go 3 days into trumps presidency without hurting someone with words.
For people who say words hurt, you do a lot of name calling and bullying.

Liberalism is the dominant ideology of the capitalist system, encompassing ideas like classical liberalism, social liberalism, and neoliberalism. Modern conservatism melds old school concern for tradition with classical liberal and neoliberal economics (so in many ways conservatives are still liberal), and modern “Democrat Party style liberals” fall into social liberalism. It’s confusing because there’s a lot of overlap, but what’s important to realize is that everyone acquires varying levels of liberal ideology by default through living in capitalist society, regardless of whether or not they’re Democrats or Republicans, Tory or Labor, etc.

By dominant ideology, here’s a few examples of what that might mean in real-world context:
-Liberal representative democratic capitalism is seen as the “end of history”, an unspoken dogma that social organization cannot advance beyond what we find ourselves in right now
-A vague notion that “all views” ought to be accepted at the “marketplace of ideas”, with zero concern for power dynamics (which merely reinforces the imbalanced status quo)
-A belief that the system can be worked with and reformed to eventual perfection, even if there’s disagreement on what those reforms entail
-A reverence for the concept of private property and a belief that hierarchical market transactions are economic freedom in its purest form, even if they believe that that “economic freedom” needs to be curbed a bit for the betterment of society (as social liberals argue)
-Believes in some degree of horseshoe theory, where politics is seen as a “circle” (militant ideologies are all seen as inherently the same thing) rather than as historical struggle over the modes of production and the accompanying ideologies
-Will ultimately admit that the economy’s #1 priority is to meet the needs of capital when the chips are down (indeed, that is capitalism’s primary function).

With regard to the above examples, it doesn’t generally matter what a person labels themself – if they subscribe to a mainstream political position, they very likely believe in most of the above. When politicians accept “bipartisan” actions; when crisis afflicts the capitalist system and people need to “come together” to find solutions; when Michelle Obama hugs George W Bush and they act like best pals; when Democrats peacefully hand power over to Donald Trump after months of labeling him dangerous and on-par with proto-fascism – that’s when the idealistic bubble of political liberalism tears and you’re able to see the unified interests of the ruling classes, realized in the maintenance of capitalist society.