Darn Right I Care About the Unborn Baby

because every single life matters. How is not agreeing with murder wrong? How is it that just because I support a life, I am suddenly against another? I was not aware supporting someone not being murdered is supporting the murder of another person (the mother). Oh yeah that is right, it isn’t! 

How about, you people out there who want to murder an innocent person (who has caused no harm), stop being so selfish. 

Yeah that is the real problem here: SELFISHNESS

If you are worried more about being pregnant for 9 months (note: adoption is an option), to the point where you are willing to murder, you are instantly put into the category of utterly selfish.


@historickomodo submission: “Salvador Allende didn’t die for this shit.”

For newbies playing along at home, this meme circulates all over the place on liberal pages, and it’s filled with contradictory pieces of ideology. Firstly, one can’t really be a capitalist and a socialist at the same time – if you support capitalist ownership over the means of production, then you support capitalism; if you support democratic ownership over the means of production, where people have a say in the institutions and activities they contribute to, then you support socialism. I don’t know how to make it more succinct than that. Also, communism is the post-scarcity natural conclusion of socialism, a stateless/moneyless/classless society where socially-operated property is held in common and people “contribute according to their abilities and receive according to their needs”; statelessness is a fundamental aspect of the ideology, ergo a totalitarian government “forcing everybody to be exactly equal” is not communism. 

Secondly, channeling government power to curb capitalism’s self-destructive excesses is merely Keynesian welfare capitalism or Scandinavian social democracy, both of which try to use the state to mitigate structural tension within the parameters of the system (and all-too-often to wither away class consciousness and pushes for actual socialist change). 

Thirdly and lastly, “the economy and society being run democratically to meet human needs rather than profit for a greedy few” is literally socialism. Capitalism by definition will always have a tiny class of owners pulling the economic and political strings; as long as they own the means of production and accrue profit off the backs of the laboring class, they will always, always have disproportionate power in society. Such is the nature of class relations – throughout history, laboring classes have produced the things society needs while ruling classes have sat and accrued the most wealth. If labor produces all, why not have a society democratically run by laborers? 

Why I dislike liberalism

One of the most prominent reasons for why I despise liberalism is that, without fail, it tries to make-out that if you’re a victim of everyone else including capitalism rather than a victim of your own incompetence and choices.

There’s no logic with liberals. When you point out the fact that low-paying jobs are low-paying for a reason (Namely because anyone can do them due to the lack of skill required), they try and victimize low-paid workers and blame capitalism instead of telling them the cold hard facts of how the world works - If you don’t put in the effort to accomplish good grades, don’t work hard to get academic accomplishments then you don’t deserve obscenely high pay nor are you fit to take on jobs that require genuine expertise.

Liberals try and scapegoat so-called unfairness regarding opportunity especially if you’re non-white when this is bollocks - Colleges in America allegedly have to fulfill a quota of ethnic minority students and it doesn’t matter whether or not they actually have the credentials academic-wise to be enrolled, they’ll be enrolled purely due to the color of their skin over more qualified students regardless of their race.

Now THAT’S what I call racist and unfair.

Liberals try to make you out to be far more powerless than you actually are and it’s nothing but nonsense. It fuels victimhood complexes, makes mediocrity subject to high praise therefore degenerating actual accomplishment and seeks to undermine societies and their cultures through it’s failed multiculturalism experiments.

Communism has resulted in the worst functioning countries ever seen in world history (North Korea, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime) and ideas that it “could” work are only delusions on part of ideological lefties.

Fuck leftist ideology.

As long as capitalism is a thing, progressive tax all the fucking way. The more you have, the more you pay in taxes percentage-wise.

Even in vanilla liberal language, the rich make their money through the collective effort of workers, trade, and infrastructure, so they owe their fortunes to the interconnectivity of life.

In spicy leftist language, the rich make their money through the extraction and appropriation of surplus value produced by workers and through the nature of hierarchical property relationships whereby owners profit off of users.

I hate when liberals who want a silver spoon put in their mouth from birth but hate successful rich men in politics.

Why do you hate people like Mitt Romney, George Bush, Tony Blair and Cheney?

They’re more successful than you?

They’ve worked their butts off in school, they worked their butts off campaigning, They actually do something with their lives other than bitch and moan in their comfortable ventilated room on their laptop.

They’ve faced war, they faced world wide criticism, they faced death threats, they faced shit you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Do they complain about it? Nope. A politician always has to be happy and saying one cuss world will shock and anger the world.

They face problems and actually have to DO SOMETHING about it.

Instead of bitching about women’s rights, they go to the third world countries where it’s the worst and try to create peace. They build charities and provide money for those charities.

Politicians are called war criminals, for trying to prevent war. And I’m so fricken sick of seeing it.

Did anyone call Saddam Hessian a war mongrel?? This man who killed millions and started the attack that brought on the war. No instead they try to convict Bush and Blair for war crimes.

For you to complain about how they do things, why don’t you get out and try to do it better? Because none of you could ever do what they do, you don’t have the heart or the stomach for it.

To complain about war, do you think the bombings and attacks and human sufferment would’ve disappeared if we put our hands over our ears, closed our eyes and did nothing? Is that what Bush and Blair did wrong? You never have to face these hard choices that effect the world, you never have to face world wide criticism from your decisions, so shut the hell up.

saying a women can’t have an abortion because “she knew the risk of pregnancy when she had sex” is like say that a car crash victim shouldn’t get treated because they “knew the risk of an accident when they got in the car”. Or that smokers who get lung cancer shouldn’t get treatment because they “knew the risk when they bought cigarettes”.

anonymous asked:

you are anti-liberal? who do you think should win the election?

Yes. I am. Just as much as I’m anti-conservative. Both are dangerous biases, the parties of which seek an agenda to favor a particular group over others. And to me, neither exhiibit the ideals on which governments should be elected and based on.

I favor centered political parties.