can i just say one thing anti jonah? him acting like frankie’s problems aren’t real simply because she’s rich? fuck that. yes there are people who are worse off, and i get that. but you should never make light of someone depression, or just problems Frankie’s father is a lying abusive dick and nonw he’s coming back into her life. the guy she crushed on for YEARS turned into a dick, and all her friends just expect her to move on 

it bothers me and i’m sorry. 

crashingwavesinmyworld replied to your post:“You’re smart, you’re talented. And you’re not so…

I hate Jonah ugh he doesn’t deserve Maya, Frankie, or anyone really unless he gets his attitude adjusted

I have the hardest time understanding why he’s even on this show when he has no point. Jonah had exactly one interesting thing about him and the writers promptly dropped his addiction. He could be a great character and relate to others because he knows what it’s like to fall on hard times and show others lots of compassion. Instead, he’s judgmental and constantly rude. I think he’s lucky he’s musically talented because I cannot imagine why anyone would want to speak to him otherwise.. 

So the exact fonts in the pic above are only available if you buy them and no one has time for that. I was able to find fonts very, very similar to the ones above. These alternatives are free and safe. (If you don’t know how to install fonts just send an ask asking for help) If you just want to use the fonts for edits, gifs, graphics etc I wanna help y’all out.

 If there’s any other special fonts they’ll use in promoting Anti I’ll try and find those as well. (Click below for the links to them) You should probably be on a laptop or computer for this. I hope this helps a bit.

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