What if Vivian James actually, you know, played games? And enjoyed them? And didn’t wear a sweater that’s a rape in-joke? And generally resembled an actual gamer girl, instead of being an imaginary girlfriend a mouthpiece of a bunch of woman-hating entitled idiots who spend more time whining and harassing women than playing games?

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I’ve found this great video that exposes how so many of the so-called anti-sjw circles are both manufacturing outrage and also trying to somewhat game systems like tomatometer in hopes it will make things they dislike fail. Regarding that second point of course, we do see how they failed with Star Wars, both TFA and TLJ and with Captain Marvel, as they made billions. They did suceed in making Rotten Tomates realize their system can be gamed and manipulated tho. So I guess their attempts at brute forcing reality to fit their desires went as well as punching the wall

This of course made me think of these types of people, of ComicsGate, GamerGate, IStandWithVic and others. It made me think how none of them are able to accept or even acknowledge their bad actions but blame everyone else for their own choices. Hell, while I was writing this post, they apparently swarmed the video above with fake reports to get it taken down because they couldn’t stand criticsm.

Or how they hate legacy characters and try to demonize them at all cost because they cannot accept new generations have their own heroes

How even if by sheer stroke of luck they do end up going against someone rotten like Eric Esquivel they still end up making fools of themselves. In that specific case they tried to both claim so-called “SJWs” defended Esquivel and when they saw us condemning him, that “SJWs eat their own”, exposing their hypocrisy. In the end their role in that event was that of a buffoon and that is all they will be remembered for.

How any of them who ever had potential to be something squandered it and destroyed their futures out of petty, childish reasons and simple stupidity.

How at the end of the day they think that their efforts will jsut force their way back to the “good old days” as if they do not realize that they cannot go back and just expect the world to forget what they have done.

And how in the end they are reduced to nothing but angry manchildren trying to look big and scary as all they can do is lauch their vitroil and hatred on the internet.

I will give these guys one thing, they sure as hell made Superboy Prime actually relevant.

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I’m watching an in-depth look of Gamer Gate, the sociological functions etc etc that lead to it, how the young men who fall into these movements are desperate for an identity in a growing culture that treats theirs (usually white, and male) as some sort of plague, or at least that’s how they see it.


I find that people who get so riled up about mlm and wlw romances in Bioware games (ie. fucking roleplay games….. fucking rpgs…..) just make me so…. I don’t know. As a queer woman, it hurts to see them call romances like Liara’s, or Kaiden’s, or Dorian’s, or Sera’s, “sjw bullshit”. Sure, there were no strictly gay or lesbian relationships until much later in the franchises, but to see a female character (who, looking back on it, looked like me. Just a bit) fall in love with another female character made me feel so much more secure in who I am. 

You can call it propaganda, you can say that “I only say I’m gay because it’s cool”, or whatever the fuck, but if seeing yourself in something is enough to make a 14 year old brave enough to ask out a girl she likes, then what harm is it? I can never understand people who hate what they call “forced diversity”. Forced diversity is having a stereotypical white gay (usually a man) in your story, only to probably kill them off. Forced diversity is having one (1) black person (who is more often than not poor, with a single mother, has a history with drugs, and has anger issues), and probably killing them off. I hate the idea that just having a queer or POC character is “destroying the entertainment industry”. Numbers show that isn’t the case, especially with box office and pre-order sales, for one thing, and for another… 

You want to see straight, white men in your bioware games?

 Play as a straight, white man. You want to see the ideal of traditional masculinity? Fine, play Resident Evil, or Call of Duty, or whatever the fuck dude-bros like so much. 

Nothing is stopping these fuckers from seeking out media that validates them (if that’s what they’re looking for), they just want to tear down people who want to see themselves, who want to be happy, to escape for a bit. And at this point, it doesn’t make me as angry as it should. It hurts- like a wound that’s still there. It’s healed over a bit, time does that, but if you move the wrong way, brush it against the wrong thing, it will flare up, and it will ache, dull and throbbing.

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you know conservatives have the right to their opinion too. just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it's an injustice. calm down

You’re right, they do have the right to their opinion. It doesn’t make their opinion right, ethical, or valuable in any way though. I also doesn’t mean I have to cater to or capitulate to those views. 

In case it’s been unclear for any of my new followers:

This blog has been, is, and always will be supportive of fully inclusive gaming, and will not apologize for it. I am anti-DNDgate/Gamergate, and all for including all people that want to further the goal of bringing more people into my favorite hobby. 

If that means alienating some of the rudest or worst members of this community… Well sometimes you have to prune a tree to help it grow.

I assume that this is in response to the Mercer post I reblogged. If that’s the case, letting a bunch of cis white dudes try to define what being trans is is an injustice. L8r dawg

The Entertainment Software Association always publishes their stats, and it’s pretty much 50-50 between what percentage of the population of men and women play games. The percentage of the population of whites and the percentage of the populations of blacks and Hispanics who report themselves as playing games are about the same. So it’s not really a fact that all gamers are straight, adolescent, white men with neck beards who live in their mothers’ basements. The stereotype is not accurate.

But the stereotype is powerful because it’s the image that the cultural imagination kicks out when we say “gamer.”

If you look at what a gamer is, if they’re a character in a movie or on a television show like The Big Bang Theory, it’s the stereotypical image of the straight white male. A lot of people who do resemble that stereotype and who do feel as though they aren’t accepted in other areas of culture — maybe they aren’t particularly popular at school, or maybe they don’t feel like they kind of resonate with other things that are considered popular in culture — I think a lot of them have grabbed on to that stereotype.

“Well, this is the one space that is reserved for people like me, for people who aren’t the jocks and who aren’t the prom kings and who maybe feel a little bit left behind by the rest of the popular culture,” they think. It’s ironic because comic book movies and science fiction and Star Wars are the popular culture now. We geeks won! We should be celebrating.

But instead, it becomes, well, we’re so used to geekiness and fandom and being a gamer as being this niche position that we kind of keep redefining who really counts as a gamer and what really counts as a game. We keep redefining it to make it stay niche.

It’s not everyone who plays video games who feels this way. But there are definitely a subset of people for whom video games are a tool that they use to define their identity, and then when you have that space kind of being pried open and people saying, “Let’s get more different kinds of people in these games, let’s get more different kinds of voices contributing to the culture,” then that starts to become scary.

I’ve filled my whole identity around the idea that this is the only place that can accept me. So if now if this place isn’t going to accept me, then where am I going to go? I think that’s where white supremacists or alt-right folks come in and they say, “Well, you have to go deeper. You have to go further into being insular and like ‘this space, we definitely won’t be letting in anyone different.“

—  Megan Condis, Source

Do you love it when you stay warm and cozy from social justice warriors crying out cold salty snowflakes in 2019? I can even hear the wind howling. It’s screaming “GAAAAAAAMERGAAAAAAATE!!”


Ethan Gach writes,

Internet cretins engaged in a harassment campaign against a woman who worked for Electronic Arts this weekend, flooding her social media and various internet profiles with vitriolic, often misogynistic messages. Her sin, it appears, was working on animations for the game Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Allie Rose-Marie Leost, who worked for EA’s motion-capture labs in Vancouver, saw vicious harassment on Twitter and other websites today, most often from people who blamed her for Andromeda’s awkward facial animations. The harassment appears to have been primarily triggered by a vile blog post at Ralph Retort, a right-wing, GamerGate-tied website, that claimed Leost was the lead facial animator on Andromeda. That website also accused her of performing sexual acts to get her job at EA.

A continuation of GamerGate.. the anti-female leading thought within the industry and fanbase…

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