alright internet lets clear something up

this is “children’s media”

this is also “children’s media”

but these

are not children’s media

these are family entertainment. they are meant to appeal to the widest audience possible.

not just children.

the. widest. audience. possible.

teenagers. young adults. adults. your grandma drinking ovaltine.

all. ages.

this is why Disney is so successful. this is why they are the adored media giant that they are. Walt Disney himself even said that he doesn’t make movies just for children, but for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty, and this is still the company’s modus operandi today.

so no, you cannot dismiss criticism of any of these movies on the basis that they are “children’s media”, and that therefore discussions surrounding them are pointless. not a valid argument. get out of my inbox.

because it annoys me all the time

How to not animate a hug between people who love each other and who previously thought they lost each other.

aka: how to do an empty hug with no real emotion.

compared to how to animate a hug between people who love each other and who previously thought they lost each other perfectly allowing the audience to feel the emotion within it.

alright kids gather round for a lesson from your favorite tumblr art teacher on the difference between “animation style” and “sexist character design”

I know this comparison has been done to death but thats because its a good one so let’s look at some Ghibli couples

this, my friends, is an example of an animation style. yes, all the women have pretty much the same craniofacial structure. but look at who also does: the men!!!

now, here are some examples of animation that certainly has distinct style, but is still guilty of sexist character design

how can I tell, you ask? let’s break it down.

1. all lead Disney women fit into the exact same big-eyed tiny-nosed heart-shaped craniofacial structure

2. all the lead Disney men don;t

there all done its that simple

in case this is still not making sense for some of you I have created a fun visual guide to help

thanks for reading & have a great day

Okay, this is a whole new level of ridiculous

The Frozen Cinestory: a “comic adaptation” which in reality is just stills of the movie with word bubbles and sound effects (and extra exposition narration) pasted over them. Oddly, the song lyrics are not in this book, those scenes are just given extra dialogue.

For $15, instead of the DVD, why not get the non-moving picture version?





“I want a story about two siblings.’’

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“I want one of the siblings to be cute and energetic.’’

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“And I want the other sibling to have low self esteem.’’

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“I want a manipulative and cunning antagonist.’’

“What about an antagonist that’s shown to be good at first but then turns out to be evil?’’

“I want a headstrong main female character.’’

“I want a female that’s kept away from society because of how dangerous she is.’’

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“I want the characters to sing.’’

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“I want one of the siblings to sacrifice themselves.”

“And I want interesting-looking animation that gives off a classical, nostalgic feel. What should I watch next?’’

So i went to a talk about feminism and all of that.

My favorite part was when a woman said that “We don’t have to show Disney movies to or children because it teaches girls that they need a man to save themselves. Except for Elsa, who saved her kingdom and don’t needs a man!”

I mean

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have you

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ever seen

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and those are

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from the collection

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because the only thing that Elsa does is just cry (without tears i guess)

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and being sexy

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you “feminist”.

So I was surfing the web, and I found this:

And I’m honestly starting to understand the same-face issue with Frozen now. The fact that the sisters’ faces can be swapped, and they don’t look terribly unusual says quite a bit. Especially Elsa. Anna’s face looks very real and natural on Elsa. And if we didn’t know that the heavy makeup face belonged to Elsa, and with the exception of the pale skin surround Elsa’s lips that wasn’t properly photo-shopped out, Elsa’s face would look almost natural on Anna too.

Disney men:

Naveen helps Tiana bring up her restaurant which he also works with her in there.

Flynn Rider/Eugene brings Rapunzel back home and he’s also pardoned for his crimes and accepted into her family

Ralph is no longer treated as the bad guy/villain anymore and his opponents treat him like one of their own

Nick Wilde walks away from his old habits to serving as a police officer in the ZPD

Meanwhile Kristoff the ice deliverer has been promoted to become an ice deliverer

help me identify this disney princess film

In a mythical, vaguely European world, a young girl gets a differently colored streak of hair because of magic. Despite being isolated and lonely for several years, she grows up to be a quirky and optimistic 18-year-old. One day she meets a tough, rugged man and, together with a marketable sidekick and a hoofed animal that for some reason acts like a dog, they set off on a dangerous journey to a distant castle in a quest to find answers to the girl’s questions.

Is this Tangled or Frozen?

For all frozen stans saying that “Frozen is the first...”

I did a list about things that Frozen stans say that frozen did first. I’m going to add only Walt Disney animated films, not Pixar, Disney Channel, Studio Ghibli nor Disney Toon neither live-actions (those from the 70′s). Just 100% classic Disney.

Movies with relationships with love at non-first sight:

• Mulan

• Pocahontas

• The Princess and the Frog

• The Beauty and the Beast

• The Sleeping Beauty

•Treasure Planet

• Tangled

• The Hunchback of Notre Dame

• Atlantis: the lost empire

• The Lady and the Tramp

• The Lion King

Movies with outcasted leads:

• Oliver and company

• The Hunchback of Notre Dame

• Aladdin

• The Beauty and The Beast

• Meet The Robinsons

• Dumbo

Movies about family:

• Lilo & Stitch

• Brother Bear

• Pinochio

• Bambi

• Peter Pan

• Meet the Robinsons

• The Aristocats

• One Hundre and One Dalmatians

Movies with mentally ill characters:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

• Wreck-it-Ralph

• The Beauty and the Beast

Movies with strong females:

• Mulan

• The Princess and The Frog

• Pocahontas

• Cinderella

• Atlantis: the lost empire

• Aladdin

• Hercules

• Tangled

• The Beauty and The Beast

• The Hunchback of Notre Dame

• The Black Cauldron

• Big Hero 6

• Lilo & Stitch

(well basically almost all)

If you want to follow it, you can, reblog it and i will put your contribution in the list!

Repeat after me until it sinks in please:

Feminism is NOT about bringing down men to raise up women. Or shaming men. 

 Feminism is NOT about a woman not “needing” a man.

A woman is NOT less feminist if she wants a man or is with a man.

Thank you.