Embrace your weirdness. Make it your own unique factor. Being weird or strange is like being limited edition. Each of us is one of a kind and each of us is weird. So next time someone calls you weird, thank them. They basically just called you a unicorn.
—  Patrick Rothfuss
Young people; you're not different because of the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, or any other outward quality. your actions are what make you different.

You want to be different? Love people. Be friends with people that are different than you. be there for people. Be humble.

You REALLY want to be different? follow Jesus.

this is not equality of hate.

one short note:

I do not, in general, consider the harassment of anti-shippers and the harassment of shippers to be equal to one another.

Anti-shipping as a culture encourages and endorses the continuous harassment of shippers. It is a movement based on the eradication of ships they do not like by either scaring people off shipping it or constant aggression towards shippers by talking endlessly about what is wrong with their ships in public social media spaces. Public anti-shipping is a movement dedicated to applying constant, continuous social pressure to everyone in a fandom to conform to anti-shipping standards.

Shippers becoming exhausted by anti-shippers and abandoning their ships is the end goal.  There is no other reason to dwell at such length on what they loathe, particularly when it is easier for them to avoid what they hate than it is for shippers to avoid antis*.

Is it any wonder, then, that sometimes shippers lose their cool?  That shippers get tired of this and lash out, saying unkind things or tagging posts with the anti- tags telling them to back off and leave them alone?  That even creators and crew members have occasionally blown up at them?

This is no excuse for shitty behavior from anyone, but in an environment like this, it’s no surprise that shitty behavior proliferates.

Anti-shippers are the ones turning fandom into a pressure cooker.  When other fandom members explode and act poorly, it’s still not okay - but it’s far more understandable than it otherwise would be.

*on tumblr, try searching a pairing that has a strong hatedom: you’ll see every post by antis there because their tag contains the ship name. now try searching anti-(ship): now it’s the same tag, but with (mostly) only the hate. in other words, it’s much easier to find only anti- posts than it is to find only ship posts.

yes, yes, the hashtag trick, but did you know that doesn’t work if the tag is more than one word? and the ‘/tagged/(ship)’ URL only works if the ship is in the first 5 tags?

anonymous asked:

oh gosh anti losing it and going on a killing spree broke my freaking heart dude!!!!! dark loves him so much!!! more than anti loves him??? it kind of feels like anti only sticks around because dark is his only friend you know?? and dark being as smart as he is must have realized this too

I didn’t mean to break your heart, haha, but I’m glad you liked that installment. I don’t think Dark loves Anti more than Anti loves him, though. I just think they have different ways of expressing their love. Dark, being a more sensible, adult-like figure, deals with his emotions and solves problems in a similar fashion. Since Anti is more childish and, for lack of a better word, crazy, I feel like his way of expressing love for Dark is more chaotic and harder to understand as a kind gesture. I also think that Anti is more hesitant to be blatant with his affection because he doesn’t want to scare Dark away by being too forward.

Here’s some examples of when I was trying to portray this aspect of Anti’s personality: Part 55, Part 46, Part 35. Anti depends on Dark for companionship, romantic or otherwise, and when Dark is upset or being mistreated Anti is right there to defend him. Sure, he’ll rag on him plenty, but when it comes down to it, he almost sees himself as Dark’s sidekick, or someone who’s lucky to be Dark’s friend at all.

But, because Anti knows that Dark is a much more “productive” entity than he is, and because he thinks Dark is constantly on the brink of forgetting about him (see Part 46), he’s not very forthright with it because he’s afraid of pushing Dark away with his affection. That’s why he pretends that nothing happened in Part 55. He’d rather put on this show of not really caring all that much and preferring to razz on Dark than support him (like in Part 30), but he would actually much prefer to see Dark happy and successful than to see him upset. But Anti is trying to conform to what Dark (and everyone else) perceives him as: a selfish, psychotic entity that doesn’t need friendship. Even though he’s bad at always keeping up this charade, that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying–and that doesn’t mean that he isn’t always unsuccessful.

Anyway, sorry about the super-long-winded answer. Just thought I’d give you a bit of analysis of my shitposts. :^)

HATERS keep telling me. U have to dip ur biscuits in tea n ur cookies in milk n have ur crackers with butter and butter in yer sandwiches butter on yer toast u fuckin conformers u anti-anarchist fookin lactose intolerophobes u

A kind of head cannon theory

So as of late I have been reading a novel called the Psychopath Test- mostly because it’s an interesting topic (since I’m study psychology in uni)  but also because I noticed Louis reading it a fair while ago.

And that got me interested, may I first just say that this is pretty heavy handed with fairly formal terminology so I was pretty surprised to see Louis reading it. The basic summary of the novel is,

‘They say one out of every hundred people is a psychopath. You probably passed one on the street today. These are people who have no empathy, who are manipulative, deceitful, charming, seductive, and delusional. The Psychopath Test is the New York Times bestselling exploration of their world and the madness industry.’

I figure this was, in a way Louis’ attempt to try and understand his own industry, considering where he works it is statistically more likely to have psychopaths in his environment, and if you read the outlines of a psychopath in the novel Simon Cowell ticks pretty much every box (just saying). While I was reading this novel something interesting seemed to pop out at me, there was a chapter entitled 

‘Psychopaths Dream in Black And White’

The chapter entailed a study done where a doctor got schizophrenics and psychopaths together to talk about their dreams showing that psychopaths seemed to dream far less vividly, even in black and white with very little dreaming while schizophrenics had many dreams and usually very vivid or in technicolor.

Now Louis hasn’t really been one to use black and white too much but Harry- well we all know his aesthetic. It got me wondering if there was a connection. I looked through Harry’s Instagram and saw that Harry had been posting (mostly) black and white photos since late 2014. So I guess there was no correlation since Louis was spotted reading the novel in mid 2015. Then I looked a little deeper into Harry’s Instagram noticing a random splash of coloured photos one after another before resuming back to his black and white aesthetic and this outburst was right around the same time Louis was reading the novel.

(Pardon my phone’s French)

So I was taking this as a small and silent rebellion from Harry, a little bit of anti conformity- I don’t think Simon, management or even us were meant to have a clue what he was doing but we know with the rainbow bears that he and Louis love their cryptic, silent, rebellion. As if to say, I won’t be a part of you dreaming/ scheming/ play along with your narrative.  

Another article which was surfacing at this time when all of this was going on (This was during the Louis V Zayn V Naughty Boy twitter situation) 

But as a summary May 2015 was a month of anti conformity.

I then got to thinking how as of late Louis has taken to posting in black and white, I’m pretty sure you guys know the photos I’m talking about.

All of these photos seem to copy Simon’s own photos of him and his child (also in black and white) 

I’m just saying, it could also be alluding to a certain psychopath’s ‘dreams’. 

Or his fantasies.

Impossible or improbable 

But That’s just a theory 

Grain of salt and all that.

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured of far away // Henry David Thoreau.

illimitablespaces  asked:

Of the many translations of Sappho, which do you recommend? And of those, what do they bring to the English? Certainly there must be something lost in translation but also something gained.

There definitely is : translation means that the art of the author becomes mingled with a new art, that of the translator. My favourite translations of Sappho are the very first ones I read, Mary Barnard’s and Anne Carson’s.

They both bring something new to the table. Although I cannot read Greek, I feel like Carson’s is the most transparent translation : she doesn’t shy away from neologisms, she doesn’t try to cover the Greek with her English, but rather conveys a uniqueness of thought, of speech, of rhythm that I like to think is very much Sappho’s - with a hint of carsonian anti-conformism. Her translation is very pure. 

Barnard’s tends to write more than less, even if it means filling some gaps : but her insights and her guesses are always so ‘in character’ that they feel faithful to a fault. She plays with musicality, fluidity more than Carson does - where Carson deconstructs, Barnard rebuilds. Carson isn’t afraid to expose the tragic fragmentation of word, thoughts, history; Barnard, with care and love, stick the pieces together and give them a new, lyre-sounding life.

Read them both, you’ll be enchanted.