Listen up

Personality traits DOES NOT = gender

there are 2 genders -male and female

you can be a masculine woman or a feminine man, but that does not mean you’re any different gender, it is just your personality traits. So please stop making up all of these ‘genders’ to feel like you belong somewhere. 

I am a woman

I am a woman and I did not think I was ever oppressed, ridiculed, denied, or anything until the ideas were put in my head that I was.

Feminism is great in its pure definition. But we do not see it in its pure forms. We see it when we see the period commercials about how much stronger women are then men. We see it when the buzzfeed posts those articles about things that men can’t relate to. We see it when planned parenthood comes on and we are told that women are only being good women if they support abortion rights.

I am not going to buy into feminism. I will not let myself be brainwashed. I will not have my Disney princesses ranked by how “feminist” they are. I will not be told that in order to be supportive of women, I have to support abortion. I will not be told that in order to be feminist, I have to be liberal or a democrat. I will not buy into the political campaign that has disguised itself in the media.

I will be a strong woman by deciding what is right for myself. I will be a strong woman by choosing my own political party based on what I support. I will use my eyes and brain to decide what is the truth and what is merely propaganda.

Because of that I am pro-life. I am conservative. I am a republican. I am a bisexual. I am Christian. I am a believer in science. I support a strong economy. I support pride in our beautiful country. I support taking on terrorism and fighting the injustice being done around the world.

And finally I am a woman.

Send me your thoughts on this

If gender is a social construct, then why is there a need for so many genders. Why is there a need to create and label something that doesn’t really exist?


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