Embrace your weirdness. Make it your own unique factor. Being weird or strange is like being limited edition. Each of us is one of a kind and each of us is weird. So next time someone calls you weird, thank them. They basically just called you a unicorn.
—  Patrick Rothfuss

anti culture is invalidating traumatized individuals in the name of fictional characters uwu
anti culture is full grown ass adults telling minors to kill themselves and openly stating they feel no remorse uwu
anti culture is throwing around heavy loaded terms like candy then getting upset when someone corrects their usage uwu
anti culture is harassing cast members over something they have no control over uwu
anti culture is cross tagging hate into ship tags uwu
anti culture is enouraging people to send death threats uwu
anti culture is bullying people over fictional ships uwu
anti culture is putting needles in cookies for a fan artist uwu
anti culture is screaming about not making nsfw of minors but consuming it if it’s a ship they like uwu
anti culture is hating anyone who doesn’t conform uwu
anti culture is idolizing one character and pissing on all the others uwu
anti culture is toxic, abusive, and only harms, never helps.

Young people; you're not different because of the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, or any other outward quality. your actions are what make you different.

You want to be different? Love people. Be friends with people that are different than you. be there for people. Be humble.

You REALLY want to be different? follow Jesus.

transmed ideas caused me to doubt myself so much because my dysphoria was deemed “not real enough” (because i liked having long hair, or so i thought, or because i didn’t want bottom surgery despite having bottom dysphoria) and honestly? i don’t want any young trans person to suffer what i went through as a direct result of the transmed community

you can have your own beliefs about what makes you trans, but they’re YOUR beliefs; i would much rather be open to trans folks and accidentally let a few GNC-but-not-trans people be mistaken about their identities for a while, rather than force other young trans people like i was to lock themselves back in the closet and deny who they are

this is not equality of hate.

one short note:

I do not, in general, consider the harassment of anti-shippers and the harassment of shippers to be equal to one another.

Anti-shipping as a culture encourages and endorses the continuous harassment of shippers. It is a movement based on the eradication of ships they do not like by either scaring people off shipping it or constant aggression towards shippers by talking endlessly about what is wrong with their ships in public social media spaces. Public anti-shipping is a movement dedicated to applying constant, continuous social pressure to everyone in a fandom to conform to anti-shipping standards.

Shippers becoming exhausted by anti-shippers and abandoning their ships is the end goal.  There is no other reason to dwell at such length on what they loathe, particularly when it is easier for them to avoid what they hate than it is for shippers to avoid antis*.

Is it any wonder, then, that sometimes shippers lose their cool?  That shippers get tired of this and lash out, saying unkind things or tagging posts with the anti- tags telling them to back off and leave them alone?  That even creators and crew members have occasionally blown up at them?

This is no excuse for shitty behavior from anyone, but in an environment like this, it’s no surprise that shitty behavior proliferates.

Anti-shippers are the ones turning fandom into a pressure cooker.  When other fandom members explode and act poorly, it’s still not okay - but it’s far more understandable than it otherwise would be.

*on tumblr, try searching a pairing that has a strong hatedom: you’ll see every post by antis there because their tag contains the ship name. now try searching anti-(ship): now it’s the same tag, but with (mostly) only the hate. in other words, it’s much easier to find only anti- posts than it is to find only ship posts.

yes, yes, the hashtag trick, but did you know that doesn’t work if the tag is more than one word? and the ‘/tagged/(ship)’ URL only works if the ship is in the first 5 tags?

Very Quick Anti Theory

(brought on by the fact that I’m studying organic chemistry and there’s a thing called an anti conformation, no joke)

So, the prefix anti- comes from Greek and means “opposite of” (according to the textbook currently sitting in my lap). 

“Yeah,” I hear you saying “Anti the is opposite of Jack. We know this.”

But wait.

His name isn’t Antijack. It’s Antisepticeye.

The opposite of septic eye.

Conclusion? If Anti is evil (which he is, but I know that’s sometimes up for debate) then Sam is his opposite and therefore good. Jack is the combination of the two, both good and evil in measures.

this is a callout to @no-strings-puppet and their theorists for concluding that Sam is evil. you leave my eye boi out of this

(but really you guys are great, keep it up dudes)