Who am I?
  • Has “revolutionary” ideas on the future
  • “Helped “oppressed people
  • Following is largely POC
  • Fond of speeches
  • Steals money
  • Obsessed with exercising power
  • Followers see leader as “parent”
  • Threatened followers numerous occasions
  • Convinced large groups of people to follow to a new land
  • Followers are not paid for their work
  • Threatens to kill and sometimes kills those that oppose way of ruling
  • Followers aren’t allowed to leave
  • Sees self as Messiah
  • Used “divine power” and fear to justify supremacy over others

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anonymous asked:

frollo PLEASE rank the overwatch heroes in order of catholicness. i will pray 10 hail marys if you do so

Winston: EXTREMELY catholic 

Moira: good Catholic  (she is a scientist in the GALENIC TRADITION…)


Ana: not Catholic herself but is admired for embodying Catholic values (rising from the dead and healing the sick) 

Reaper: Catholic (Holy Ghost) 

Widowmaker: Roman Catholic. She is FRENCH

Junkrat: Horrendous pagan

Roadhog: Catholic, will hopefully convert the rat soon

Doomfist: ATHEIST


Mercy: Protestant

Hanzo: Anti-Christ, least Catholic 

McCree: Heretic

That is all!