This is a very, very true statement!!!! This is actually a very catholic symbol, even shown by the pope as he sits on a chair with the upside down cross on it. To me, this just goes to show how many people just follow a crowd, especially just to piss people off. I know people wear it to go against religion or are pro satanism, but im sure, most of these people who wear the upside down cross, do it to get a rise out of people, shock value. Im pretty damn sure most of these kids dont worship satan. Personally, I think they would be too damn scared. Not saying everyone who wears this is a phony, cause I know there are people who do actually worship satan. I think its just like how kids know the “Anarchy” symbol as a “rebelious” symbol, and wear it cause of that. This isnt an “anti-christ” symbol. If you think about it, its basically saying you see Jesus in a higher light then you would see another religious figure. So to all you lil kids out there following the crowds, go read a damn book before you do anything. Once you do your research about it, then make your own decision.