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My school is doing Anything Goes as the spring musical. Anyone who knows the show knows that it’s loaded with anti-Asian racism. It’s worse in my school because even more white people are yellowfacing than written into the play and using offensive “Chinese” accents because my school is 99% white, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So all this is bad enough but I didn’t say anything to any of the theatre kids because I didn’t want to start drama but apparently people are spreading rumors that I said I’m boycotting it and that I’m complaining about it???? I literally haven’t said a single word and people are putting words in my mouth. They’re not wrong that I hate it because it’s racist but I literally didn’t say ANYTHING.
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Can you imagine if they got rid of the one-child policy? Eugh, they need the dictatorship to keep them in line. They’d just be running all over the place causing chaos and making more of themselves.
—  Ancient World to Renaissance humanities professor, when we were discussing the phasing out of the one-child-policy in China. Submitted by  dont-even-think-about-it-howl

me: reads good post abt white feminists and misogynoir in media

post: people that could’ve played the main character in gh.ost in the shell are l.ucy liu, m.aggie q, or j.amie chung

me: scrolls down while sighing largely


San Franciscans turn anti-Chinese graffiti into words of support and love 

Someone has been spray-painting the phrase “No more Chinese” on various walls and buildings throughout San Francisco’s Portola and Bay View neighborhoods in the last week. Now, some locals are fighting back — in the most SF way possible. Sadly, this seems to be part of trend in the Bay Area.

If the Chinese have anti-black racism, it’s because they’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies.

But seriously, the Chinese do not have much experience with black people to even have strong opinions about black people in the first place. They’re like blank slates in that regard. They have no idea what Black Lives Matter is. And they certainly didn’t have a problem with America having a black president for 8 years.

Of course, out of a billion people, there are going to be those Chinese who are so overwhelmingly racist that they will refuse to see a Hollywood movie with black actors (just as there are here in the States.). But are there really so many of them that this is affecting Hollywood casting?


Even if this preposterous claim were indeed true, it’s Hollywood’s duty to refuse to kow-tow to that. After all, they are the world’s most powerful and influential entertainment industry and can easily use their soft power to change attitudes worldwide.

What is Hollywood’s most popular movie franchise in China? FAST AND FURIOUS, which prominently features 3 black actors.

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My white friend tells me I am lucky to be Asian because then I will not be called a weeb if I read manga or watch anime. I'm Chinese and have been called stereotypical at best and anti-Chinese slurs at worst for doing so, which is worse lmao

If your white friend thinks them liking anime/manga is why they’re being called a weeb, they really need to get a clue. Liking anime doesn’t make you a weeb; wanting to be Japanese, appropriating Japanese culture, and overglorifying Japan [usually, but not always] because you like anime, does.

-Mod J

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Are you comfortable with telling the details of the hate crime you experienced?

I was forced to watch yakuza brutally beat up a Chinese man very close to my face, while the yakuza made xenophobic comments towards both me and the man.  He also made comments threatening me based on my gender. I’ve talked a little bit more about it here. I’ve never seen that much blood come out of someone before, not in real life. Eventually I was able to get away and the police told him to basically take it to the ally (so needless to say, reporting it to the police was not an option). Idk if there’s much more I want to share, or if there’s really much more to share :/