“The modern self…is a discrete and separate subject in a universe that is Other. The self is the Economic Man of Adam Smith; it is the embodied soul of religion; it is the selfish gene of biology. It underlies the converging crises of our time, which are all variations on the theme of separation – separation from nature, from community, from lost parts of ourselves. It underlies all the usual culprits blamed for the ongoing destruction of ecology and polity, such as human greed or capitalism. Our sense of self entails, ‘More for me is less for you’; hence we have an interest-based money system embodying precisely that principle. In older, gift-based societies, the opposite was true.

The urge to own grows as a natural response to an alienating ideology that severs felt connections and leaves is alone in the universe. When we exclude world from self, the tiny, lonely identity that remains has a voracious need to claim as much as possible of that lost beingness for its own. If all the world, all of life and earth, is no longer me, I can at least compensate by making it mine. Other separate selves do the same, so we live in a world of competition and omnipresent anxiety. It is built into our self-definition. This is the deficit of being, the deficit of soul, into which we are born.”

Charles Eisenstein

What he says: I’m fine

What he means: There are people being turned down from lifesaving medical treatments because they don’t have healthcare. There are people without money to pay rent or buy food because their parents couldn’t afford exhorberant college costs and now they can’t get a high paying job. There are people that can’t get jobs at all, or get welfare, or a proper education, or any respect whatsoever from society because of their race, gender, sexuality, age, looks (yes, looks), or, most importantly class. There are people working three jobs, essentially neglecting their children, working themselves to the bone, not getting anywhere for all their hard work and STILL not affording basic necessities because the minimum wage is NOT a living wage. Not even close. These people are the vast majority in this country. The bottom 20% has 3% of the total wealth, whereas the top 5% has OVER. 30. PERCENT. Over 30% of the TOTAL wealth in the US belongs to 5% OF THE POPULATION. But does anyone try to change it? No. Not even a little bit. Anyone that wants to has no power to, and anyone that has power is profitting off exploitation of the poor and won’t part with the smallest amount of their billions upon billions of dollars for the sake of basic human decency. Anyone who thinks abolishing net neutrality is a good thing is either SORELY misinformed, or is one of those 5%ers. It won’t just stop people from getting their cat videos and pinterest recipes, it will stop people from getting information. This bill will make it legal to heavily throttle or even outright block any websites (including news sites) that the ISP disagrees with. You read that right. It’s a fucking DYSTOPIA over here. Not to mention that schools, hospitals, libraries, government centers, any public service that requires internet (hint: all of them) are going to have to shell out money monthly too, which means taxes will skyrocket. Now, I’m normally all for taxes. High taxes in a socialist setting makes for more sharing, and more equality. But right now Americans are living in a society where an extremely high amount of taxes are being funneled into the military (billions of dollars everyday go towards buying nukes), and, pretty soon, lining the pockets of already extremely wealthy company executives and politicians. No budget for education. They’re cutting that. No public works either. Cutting that too. No healthcare, welfare, NOTHING. Rich people just keep getting richer and richer and greedier and greedier and the class gap is widening more and more and more and nothing is changing for the better and I’m not convinced it will anytime soon. Poor people- no, normal people, your average middle class citizens, are constantly being stiffed and blocked and any power they have is being yanked out from under them. They aren’t being treated like humans. If that doesn’t tell you how fucking SHITTY America is, I don’t know what will. It’s a sinking ship and only white male billionaires can afford life boats.


“We can even say that women are ahead of men. Women lead men.” Meet the fighters of the YPJ, the Women’s Protection Units in Syria.

Some facts about capitalism:

  • Artificial scarcity drives profits up
  • It is not profitable for everyone to live comfortably
  • The system demands unceasing growth and resource extraction for its own survival, in turn putting the survival of humanity and ecosystems in peril
  • The growth that arises from capital accumulation makes a select few obscenely wealthy, while most of the world lives in poverty 
  • It can be transcended

The fact that billionaires exist is an extremely important example of the inherent hierarchal structure of capitalism. You can’t genuinely believe that ONE person can work 600x harder than their employees, it’s physically impossible, yet we see it as normal. They aren’t working 600x harder, they’ve simply been exploiting people to get on top, and using the state as a tool to keep their position and crush any opposition.

When unions and protests are frowned upon, it’s no wonder that workers don’t get their fair share. People all around the world fight back. They’re just killed or thrown in jail. The struggle is there, we’ve just been brainwashed to think it’s wrong.

The idea that the state and ruling class shouldn’t be coercively dictating people’s everyday lives to fit their interests isn’t nearly as radical as you’ve been told it is.

Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals | Martin Lukacs
Stop obsessing with how personally green you live – and start collectively taking on corporate power
By Martin Lukacs

Would you advise someone to flap towels in a burning house? To bring a flyswatter to a gunfight? Yet the counsel we hear on climate change could scarcely be more out of sync with the nature of the crisis.

The email in my inbox last week offered thirty suggestions to green my office space: use reusable pens, redecorate with light colours, stop using the elevator.

Back at home, done huffing stairs, I could get on with other options: change my lightbulbs, buy local veggies, purchase eco-appliances, put a solar panel on my roof.

And a study released on Thursday claimed it had figured out the single best way to fight climate change: I could swear off ever having a child.

These pervasive exhortations to individual action — in corporate ads, school textbooks, and the campaigns of mainstream environmental groups, especially in the west — seem as natural as the air we breath. But we could hardly be worse-served.

While we busy ourselves greening our personal lives, fossil fuel corporations are rendering these efforts irrelevant. The breakdown of carbon emissions since 1988? A hundred companies alone are responsible for an astonishing 71 percent. You tinker with those pens or that panel; they go on torching the planet.

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vegans out here claiming that Okja is a pro-vegan film have honestly missed the film’s themes and message entirely. Okja is not concerned with the ethical consumption of animal products (as exemplified by the shots of people consuming meat are few and far between), but the ethical production of meat.

mija’s grandfather farms chickens and they raise okja by letting her “run around” (exemplifying the ethical free range production of food). furthermore, mija and her grandfather eat meat: the first sequence of the film is Mija collecting fish for dinner and later, her grandfather makes Mija her favorite chicken dish. the contrast between the soft lighting of mija’s grandfather preparing food vs the harsh sterile cuts of the preparation of the super-pig meat literally spell the message of the film out for you- ethical production: good! mass production: bad!

even if you missed all that, you can catch Silver, one of the members of the ALF, almost passing out because of his refusal to eat anything that has been mass produced, even his fellow ALF members remark that his convictions are unhealthy and make him useless for their cause (the liberation of animals)

also okja is the biggest super-pig in the film and the most healthy, making her a living breathing testament to the success of free range production, as what makes Okja’s suffering so terrible is the contrast between the way she was raised vs her horrible fate. furthermore, the insidiousness of the film lies in the dishonesty that runs through it. both mija and the public are lied to from the beginning about okja and the super-pigs, mija’s grandfather lies to mija about okja and all these lies were told in the pursuit of profit. even k, in the ALF, lies about mija’s consent in pursuit of his own idea of fame and fortune,

if this film is pro-anything, it is pro-halal/pro-honest ethical production. the film shows you over and over again abstaining from mass production doesn’t impact the production of the product, only abstaining from the nature of the production itself does

Okja is anti-capitalist, not anti-meat. Veganism is just giving your money to other cooperation who would rather take your money than let ethical independent farmers (like mija and her grandfather) get anything for their labor. support independent ethically produced products where you can!!    

Ignoring that racism and classism play an integral role in climate change is ignoring a fundamental part of the problem. Trying to say that massive corporations are denying global warming out of ignorance instead of out of calculated, profit-driven cruelty is trying to take away the root of this situation- that corporations and the 1% directly benefit from the suffering and oppression of poor POC affected most by climate change.