Bronies corrupting children

So I was at the store today and I saw a My Little Pony sticker book on the bottom of the shelf at checkout

You know what shelf that is, where you’re about to buy your items and they have magazines lined up?

And then, just above the rack with children’s coloring and activity books, in plain sight and right within reach

A women’s magazine with a woman in leather splaying her cleavage, with the caption “10 steps to giving your man a better orgasm”

So, you know what? Do me a fucking favor.

Go to a store, and oberve the magazine sections when you’re going to check-out.

Count how many sex tips are blatantly advertised on the front

Count all the scantily clad sexy women

And then look to see if there are these factors:

Is the magazine in the viewing level of the child?

Are there children’s books/magazines displayed in the same shelf?

If yes to either or both of those

Then congratulations, you just discovered that children are being exposed far more to sex in public places by every day common media that you’ve desensitized yourself to, and it’s all being splayed out right where they put the my little pony activity books too.

*Bonus points: Look for tabloids involving topics like rape, murder, spousal abuse displayed in bold letters on the covers as well.

That isn’t bronies.

That’s just our sex obsessed culture that objectifies women so often that people actively ignore what’s in front of their face and they don’t bother to fight for the children who are being exposed to that every time they go on an innocent public shopping trip with their parents

end-of-your-era  asked:

I'm curious, have any ponyfags raided your ask box yet with asshurt?

Yup, an anon who I blocked :) because I didn’t have time for their bullshit and I don’t like keeping crap in my askbox. Its kind of unsanitary, you know? Also if they have beef with my opinions, the least they could do is not be a fucking coward. The only effect anon hate has on me is making me laugh at them even harder. It’s tht ridiculous. 

They were basically saying: buuuuut serpentis, fights on tumblr do end when the hurt demographic shuts the fuck and turns the other cheek so that we can keep doing whatever we want without having to think about the consequences of our actions. THATS THE WAY TO END FIGHTS, no one has the right to defend themselves unless they are like being cyberbullied by several accounts or something. WAAAAAAAAHH WAHHHHH STOP HATING BRONIES WE AREN’T BAD, YOU’RE THE BAD ONE FOR CALLING OUT OUR BULLSHIT WAAAAAAAAAH

Yeah right. Looks like their opinion is that everything would be alright if only those pesky “oppressed” women and minorities would just stfu and stopped making a big deal out of it. Clap clap clap such a revolutionary concept, much equality, wow. 

Look, I honestly wouldn’t have any problem with bronies if the only thing they did was watch the show. But the moment they start hurting little girls and blaming them for it, throwing rape jokes around like they were confetti, harassing and threatening a teenager who wanted them to stop making said rape jokes and saying mlp somehow “promotes misandry” by making all the important and powerful characters female, then we have a problem.

And the responsibility of cleaning that toxic waste they call a fandom lies with them. I’m convinced most of the problems in the brony fandom would be solved if the so called “good bronies” stopped wasting their time defending their fandom from people who dislike the kind of things I listed above and instead went to the “bad apples” and told them to cut that shit. If most of the fandom truly isn’t like that, they should be able to stop those guys in no time. Basically, they need to stop ENABLING the “bad” part of their fandom with their selective silence. 

Other things they could do: creating a community for 18+ fanworks that people needed to be over 18 to accede and keeping all nsfw art and fics inside it. Stop making rape jokes, stop promoting rape, stop harassing and threatening teenaged girls who stand up to your awful “jokes” with death and rape. Stop blaming mothers for not knowing that grown men are fapping to cartoons made for their little girls, and assuming it would be safe to let them look it up online. It would also help if they stopped demanding that the creators cater exclusively to them, because taking one of the few shows that little girls can identify with and is actually empowering for them away from those little girls is so not cool. Most shows already cater to guys, and you had to go and try to make one of the few who doesn’t about you as well??? Real low bronies. 

But since what I’m asking of them is to not be entitled, whiny, mysoginistic pieces of shit, and to care about the little girls the show is aimed to, I don’t think thats going to happen any time soon. At least not without some serious pushback from people outside their fandom to let them know that their behaviour is what’s unacceptable, not liking a show aimed at little girls. 

Leaving the Herd

I know some people think that once you’re a brony that’s it, but its not true. I’m sure some other people out there feel the same way I do, but I couldn’t find any to give me moral support when I left so I’m writing this now.

First off. I don’t mean to generalise Bronies and I think it’s important to note that because they come in all shapes and sizes. I happened to be a Pegasister :o)

I started getting into the show a while back and I felt all those normal things like; OMG super cute ponies! And; wow, this show makes me unreasonably cheery and optimistic!
This feeling only grew as I went further into the fandom. Connecting with other Bronies was really fun and exciting because we shared this awesome bond that a lot of people don’t really understand.

For the most part, the fandom was really welcoming and fun to be a part of and soon enough I was following all the blogs and listening to the music, reading the fics. All that awesome creative stuff these people come up. Eventually I even started writing fimfics myself.

But once you’ve passed the initial creative boundaries there is a lot of alternate stuff going on, which I’m not totally against because it was really interesting seeing the different ways that we could mold the characters and put them in situations outside of the cannon universe. However, some of the more intense stuff, while I chose to ignore it, was quite disturbing.

As I say, I would’ve continued ignoring it if not for an incident that occurred recently. While working on a collaborative piece the writers I was teamed up with were trying to think of different things they could do to boost readings and the first major one was to up our rating which was set at teen, to mature and ask some of us to try and include ‘clop’.
The fact that we were writing a story where we were shipping a major couple and doing an epic rendering of their romance just wasn’t enough apparently. And this kinda grated my gears.

The more I thought about it the more I remembered all the really trashy stuff that came up and got so much attention. All the incest, pathetically written femslash clopfics about any and every female character on the show and not to mention the weird fetish and filly-phelia stuff (pregnant fillies is all the rage now apparently)that appeared the more I wondered how many Bronies were actually nice and how many were literally just perverts…

Anyway. For the sake of the show I tried to ignore it again but in all honesty, season four only made it worse. The show isn’t about morals or feeling good anymore (well, I admit I do like two of the episodes from season four that I’ve seen) as much as it is about waves to the fandom. The show feels sloppy and affected if it tries to teach anything and characters are making appearances just for reactions.

In some ways I’m really sad about having left the herd because in many ways the community was nice and very supportive of its members in terms of fan productions and even that recent incident with the bullying of that young boy. But all in all, I can’t help feeling that the stereotypes associated with Bronies are becoming stronger realities over time and that’s not something I want to be associated with.

So anyway. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve actively had anything to do with the fandom and I haven’t even bothered with the show so I think it’s over and while I’m still saddened by it, overall I’m glad…

I will never discriminate against people who call themselves Bronies. But, if you happen to be THAT kind of brony, then I think you ought to start rethinking your life :/

Okay. I’m bracing myself for some crap over this. But it needs to be said because some people feel like they need to accept all that stuff that goes on and I’m here to say that you definitely don’t. If you still like the show, by all means like it, but don’t be permissive of the perversions…