BABSCon and the alleged Stalking situation

Hi, I’m Obsidian Winter, Vice Chair and Head of Events for BABSCon 2014. I’ve been keeping up allot with the situation that was reported on Tumblr about an 11 year old girl who was apparently stalked at our Con and wanted to weigh in with a few things since the story needs some clarifying.

1.) The Tumblr Post

You can imagine the shock when I got home from the convention on Tuesday and read what the OP had said. At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Not because I couldn’t fathom a stalker being at Con. Conventions of all types have these problems and Conventions have Safety Teams, Security and trained staff to deal with them, but because the person said NOTHING to Hotel Security, BABSCon’s Safety Team, or the Staff it self. It was hard to miss us wearing black shirts that read STAFF on the back. How could someone have a terrified little girl with them, have eyes on the stalker, a description of them and yet say NOTHING? What made it worse is that this was SAC Anime’s booth. They are a larger Con with 10 years of experience under their belt. I am beside myself in confusion on why they felt the right call was to keep it to themselves, then their volunteer staffer at the table felt the right thing to do was post the issue on tumblr.

2.) What BABSCon knew

NOTHING. The SAC Anime folks, despite being only 3 tables away from our Registration table that was manned by no fewer then 3 people at all times, said NOTHING. I have seen people say we helped locate her parent’s. Thats False. I’ve heard people say we knew, but did nothing. That’s False. I can tell you now, if we had been told, we would have escorted this person out of the convention to hotel security, called the cops, and let them take him away. We have very strict policies on stalking and harassment.

3.) The Controversy

The main question being asked is WHY did SAC Anime staff not tell someone, but wait until after the Con to say something. Its confusing to say the least. Also, a lot of their story doesn’t add up. The room the OP describes and mentions in her post as to where this all took place was on the other side of the convention. It was no where near their table. SAC Anime had a fan table, a table set up to sell tickets and advertise their own venue and event. The OP mentions and poorly describes the Vendor hall, going further to say there were body pillows and inappropriate art being sold there. NO Vendor sold body pillows of ANY type and we have a very strict policy about selling inappropriate art. It’s simply not allowed and the vendor hall was patrolled countless times by Staff.

The Fan tables were in the main foyer that had lots of traffic. It was the heart of the convention space that had Hotel Staff, Safety Staff, and BABSCon staff alike, passing through it dozens of times a day. No one ever saw this little girl. The reason the event is questioned at all is because ONLY two members of one group saw it happen. One is obviously an Anti-Brony; by looking at her blog. The other is a nameless, faceless staffer of SAC Anime and the booth. The owner and Director of SAC Anime wasn’t there. He is just standing behind his people and what they say happened. They say the parents were notified, but how? Did they just wander by? Did SAC Anime people get a number to call them from the little girl? When pressed for details by the OP, we are given nothing. Instead she deletes the post renames her blog and leaves pictures of Nicholas Cage…..huh?  Finally, the parents didn’t make a complaint. Their child was apparently STALKED in the convention. As a parent myself, I’d be madder then hell and demand the police. Did SAC Anime even tell the parents what was going on? If they did, they expect us to believe they just went on about their day, no worries. No big deal. Its beyond understanding how any reasonable person could do that.

The Brony Community has seen false reports before during Everfree North West in 2012. Those were resoundingly debunked, so the community has a reason to look at all these facts, lack of evidence and ask the question of if this is real.

4.) Was the stalker a Brony?

If the man and little girl did exist, there is no way to know. We never got to speak to him, nor did the police because of SAC Anime’s poor choices. Every fandom, be that Sci-fi, Anime, etc has their creepers. What we do know is that it doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t. He would have been treated as the criminal he is.

5.) Why would we ban SAC Anime from having a table at the Con again

I’ve seen this question go some pretty extreme ways. Some very few people have suggested they have been banned because they are painting the Con and Community in a bad light. This is NOT true. Our Convention has policies in place to protect all our attendee’s, young and old. However we depend on both staff and others at the con to help be our eyes and ears. We have radios and cell phones to communicate and respond faster to situations. We cannot react if we don’t know their is a problem. 

SAC Anime is banned from having a table for one reason and one reason only. They either A.) failed to report an attempted Child Abduction\Child Endangerment situation (which is a crime in California) or  B.) Their staff falsified an attempted Child Abduction\Child Endangerment story. One is illegal and the other is simply disgusting and despicable. 

Apparently, according to SAC Anime officials, they felt their duty ended when they talked to the parents, if they talked to them at all. No one knows. We have only the word of two people out of the entire convention (including those people who had Fan tables, RIGHT NEXT to SAC Anime’s who saw nothing.) SAC Anime had a common sense duty to report what was going on. The little girl was in trouble and needed help. She thought she would get in trouble if anyone told and SAC Anime just reinforced that mentality by keeping it all a secret. Instead, they should have reassured her she did nothing wrong and explained when adults do things to make you uncomfortable, you need to tell a Policeman or find some help. The person making you uncomfortable and trying to touch you or take you places you don’t want to go is the one doing wrong. Not the little girl. This was a missed opportunity to teach a little girl an important lesson in life and a failed opportunity to put a predator behind bars. 

SAC Anime should be ashamed of themselves. 

As for BABSCon, we will continue to strive to make our convention safe for all ages. We already have Programming dedicated to children, in a room that is restricted to kids and their guardians only. We have very strict policies on Harassment and Stalking of ANYONE at our Con. Perhaps we need to press even further that its everyone’s job to help make conventions safe and fun for the whole family.

Bronies corrupting children

So I was at the store today and I saw a My Little Pony sticker book on the bottom of the shelf at checkout

You know what shelf that is, where you’re about to buy your items and they have magazines lined up?

And then, just above the rack with children’s coloring and activity books, in plain sight and right within reach

A women’s magazine with a woman in leather splaying her cleavage, with the caption “10 steps to giving your man a better orgasm”

So, you know what? Do me a fucking favor.

Go to a store, and oberve the magazine sections when you’re going to check-out.

Count how many sex tips are blatantly advertised on the front

Count all the scantily clad sexy women

And then look to see if there are these factors:

Is the magazine in the viewing level of the child?

Are there children’s books/magazines displayed in the same shelf?

If yes to either or both of those

Then congratulations, you just discovered that children are being exposed far more to sex in public places by every day common media that you’ve desensitized yourself to, and it’s all being splayed out right where they put the my little pony activity books too.

*Bonus points: Look for tabloids involving topics like rape, murder, spousal abuse displayed in bold letters on the covers as well.

That isn’t bronies.

That’s just our sex obsessed culture that objectifies women so often that people actively ignore what’s in front of their face and they don’t bother to fight for the children who are being exposed to that every time they go on an innocent public shopping trip with their parents

  • Anti bronies: *Lied about the CMC's voice actresses being sexually harassed by bronies at a convention even after said VAs publicly declared those rumors to be false on twitter.*
  • Anti bronies: *Lied about an 11 year old girl being abducted at a convention solely to demonize bronies*
  • Anti bronies: *Harasses, doxxes, and threatens anyone who stands up to them with violence and rape.*
  • Anti bronies: *Encourage the theft and destruction of other peoples' property*
  • Anti bronies: *Use the characters from a show subtitled "FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC" as mouthpieces to advocate mass murder against a fandom and other forms of childish bigotry and political soapboxing.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim that bronies deserved to be murdered.*
  • Anti bronies: *Constantly lie about bronies, demonize bronies, and make it seem like their bad apples are more numerous than they actually are.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim that bronies don't "police their own fandom", ignoring when they do, and give absolutely no fucks about the idiots from any other fandom running wild.*
  • Anti bronies: *Constantly piss and moan about Pony porn and claim that Bronies just "leave it for those poor innocent children to find" while ignoring that bronies Started safesearch wrapup for the sole purpose of keeping their porn away from wandering eyes.*
  • Anti bronies: *Constantly piss and moan about Pony porn yet never complain about the porn in literally every other fandom ever.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim bronies are "pedophiles" even though all but a handful of characters are above the age of consent, so sayeth the creators of the show.*
  • Anti bronies: *Call bronies "fat neckbeard fedora-wearing Cishet white men shitlords" and ignore all who contradict that narrative, including the women and racial/LGBT+ minorities in this fandom.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim that bronies are racist/sexist/whatever because of hate art made by obvious shitposting trolls.*
  • Anti bronies: *Started an entire slander crusade against bronies over a softcore porn blog using false statistics, bad logic, and fearmongering "on behalf of rape victims", yet completely ignored or outright threatened rape victims who called them out on their idiocy.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claimed that said softcore porn blog was "promoting rape culture" and yet basically every single major player in DownWithMolestia is guilty of drawing or writing porn FAR more explicit and filled with rape themes than anything Molestia ever had.*
  • Anti bronies: *Pit the entire Steven Universe fandom against bronies over a JOKE made months beforehand.*
  • Anti bonies: *Rallied the Steven Universe fandom against bronies because one of Equestria Daily's staff wanted to make a fansite for Steven Universe.*
  • Anti bronies: Claim that bronies "gatekeep" and "Steal the show from little girls" and yet claim that Steven Universe is for "Women and Non-binaries only" despite SU's staff saying it's meant for everyone.
  • Anti bronies: *Laughed at a young boy's suicide atttempt because he was a brony and claimed that bronies donated to his recovery fund "just to make themselves look good."*
  • Anti Bronies: *Ditto when a brony got killed in a car accident.*
  • Anti bronies: *Tried to have someone's husband deported from America because she disagreed with them over the internet (Somebody who's not even a brony, by the way).*
  • Anti bronies: *Used a bad photoshop to make it look like the Charleston shooter was a brony*
  • Anti bronies: *Uses ~Feminism~ as an excuse even though Lauren Faust is a Feminist.*
  • Anti Bronies: *Accuse bronies of misogyny somehow missing the fact that the show they're obsessed over has six unique female leads and has an approximately 90% female cast, and that badmouthing Lauren is practically having a death wish.*
  • Anti bronies: *Are more obsessed with bronies than bronies are with MLP.*
Note to brony hating sjws

You love to attack white cishet male lovers of the show pretty much 24/7, purely because you hate them so much. But in doing so you hurt people who you’re supposed to protect because they are “muh OPPRESSED!!1!” Such as myself, an LGBT girl. There are bad eggs in every fandom, you Homestuck-Superwholock-anime-whatever else lovers are no different. Some of my closest friends I met through the MLP fandom and they helped me during a really difficult period of my life. Just stop being such brats about males DARING to like MLP, basically.

Anti-Brony Rant

I’m reposting this here on its own because I feel like it’s really important:

“The brony fandom used to be pretty cool with a lot of cool people in it.”

Um yes, it was, and those cool people still exist even if there are some shitty people who showed up later.

Don’t invalidate people who still exist within the fandom just because some shit people hopped in later. It’s not like all the good people just suddenly contracted an asshole virus that wiped them out. They’re there, but people are actively ignoring them because the assholes are a hell of a lot louder.

Sure, I don’t call myself a brony because the drama and stigma that surrounds the title is ridiculously and unnecessarily high and I’d rather not be in that boat thank you very much

But I don’t sit there and brood about how corrupt it is or bullshit like that. Because they’re still doing the one thing I admire most in the brony fandom: They are creating AMAZING content to express their love and appreciation of a show that more often than not has changed their life in some way and that is fucking beautiful and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Because THOSE are the people who matter in the fandom and shame on you for lampshading all of them in favor of a bunch of low-life talentless forum trolls who harrass women and act entitled.

They treat creators like shit, they treat eachother like shit, they treat women like shit. And yet the content creators, the artists who have passion and amazing willpower and skills, they push past all that bullshit and they keep producing all these works of art and creativity

And you all just want to spit on it. You want to spit on all that love and hard work and passion because some fedora wearing cheetoh eating dickwhipes decided to be loud and obnoxious.

And that disgusts me.