Unpopular opinion it seems

so I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to take the concept of a masculine person over the age of 13 being into mlp as automatically a disgusting brony. and that. bothers. me. unless you KNOW their internet habits and their opinion on things stop assuming they are one of the masses of gross bronies online. that person may not even want to be affiliated with bronies. futhermore if you truly believe mlp is exclusively for girls unfollow me bc guess what? the owner of this blog ain’t female. I fully support male fans of mlp, I may not agree with many of the actions of bronies but a guy being into mlp does not make them a “brony” that is all and I stand firm on my beliefs

offensiveracist  asked:

as long as you're not a feminist, I'll follow you

Well then I’d really appreciate it if you unfollowed me, because I proudly consider myself a feminist. I believe that women should have equal rights as men, and I think anyone who doesn’t believe that is an absolute idiot. I could go on a rant about feminism right now, but honestly explaining feminism to someone whose URL is “offensiveracist” and whose bio includes: “Anti-Feminist, Anti-Brony, Anti-Femtards, Anti-Fat acceptance, Anti-race, Anti-transfatgenderbiasneutral (and co), anti-gay”, seems like a waste of my time because you seem to have your head stuck in a gutter of homophobic, misogynistic, idiotic opinions. 

I hope you’re never given the chance to procreate, because no child deserves to be raised with those views, and I shudder to think what would happen to your daughter. 

Educate yourself.

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

real talk i think we as a community should create a new name for mlp fans that aren’t actually just pieces of shit because i have a lot of friends that are into mlp and i feel so sad grouping them with bronies

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i think part of what's wrong with the steven universe fandom is that they're really really new. like, as far as i've seen fandoms are always pure shit in the beginning, and as time goes on, it starts to mellow out. but then again, it's a tumblr fandom, so...

That’s a trend I’ve noticed too.

We bronies used to be really shitty back in the early days (though part of that was the result of literally everybody shitting on us because “STOP LIKING GIRLS SHOWS YOU FAGGOTS” and us getting overly defensive), and we reached our golden age in late 2011-mid 2012. 

Frozen fans started out obnoxious until about halfway through last year or so.

But in both cases, the anti-fandoms took our place in being far, far, FAR more obnoxious and toxic and they never stopped.

I almost wanna write some sort of scientific thesis on this.

I call it Takashi’s law of fandom idiocy.

Defined in less formal terms as “Fandoms start out shitty when they’re new, but then they mellow out, and then the anti-fandom becomes more shitty in response.”

so I saw a post recently joking about how the Hannibal fandom is the literal opposite of the MLP fandom (a bunch of teenage girls making a gory, violent, and sexual show for adults into flower crowns and puns and “girliness” vs. a bunch of [often adult and/or cis] guys making a “girly,” pun-y show for girls into gore, sex, and violence)

and it struck me as the perfect way to explain why the concept of “bronies” is so ridiculous and such a clear product of the patriarchy

because yeah, Hannibal has a HUGE female audience. the creator has addressed it and the network has pushed them to try to attract more guys because of it

but no one’s making liking the show all about being girls

there are no “hannibabes” or “hannigirls,” no articles on how unusual it is. the media doesn’t care, and no one on tumblr seems too surprised. it’s just how it is. 

in fact, when’s the last time — besides maybe the “gamer girl” trope that is constantly mocked — that a female audience has made a stink about enjoying “guy things”

it doesn’t happen. and don’t tell me it’s because girls don’t usually like “guy things” because I will link you so many examples of majority female fanbases for things we are not the intended audience for

it’s because things that cis boys like are always seen as gender neutral. DFAB people are taught throughout their formative years that they should be able to relate to cis boys. almost every iconic story, film, or show we are given has a cis male protagonist. the female characters we are given are almost always the love interest. if they’re the protagonist, they’re one dimensional tropes or all shoved into one genre like romantic comedy — a genre that’s seen as “for girls”

and yeah, at first I thought bronies were cool. I was excited because here was this whole group of cis guys who were celebrating something made for girls. I thought it would teach a whole bunch of people that just because there’s a woman present doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome

and maybe it has still taught some guys that. but more than that, I see thousands of men trying to distance themselves from the fact that it’s a “girl” show. I see the fandom equivalent of “no homo” sprayed across the internet. I see thousands of guys basically saying that yeah, we like a GIRL show, but DON’T WORRY. We’re not GIRLS. We’re BRONIES.

it’s pathetic. men should not feel the need to distance themselves from being seen as women or even from enjoying the same media. this is especially true when women never seem to feel the same. and honestly you can argue for bronies all you want, but the cause of this distancing is clear — cis men don’t want to be compared to women because they see women as inferior. 

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I'm curious, have any ponyfags raided your ask box yet with asshurt?

Yup, an anon who I blocked :) because I didn’t have time for their bullshit and I don’t like keeping crap in my askbox. Its kind of unsanitary, you know? Also if they have beef with my opinions, the least they could do is not be a fucking coward. The only effect anon hate has on me is making me laugh at them even harder. It’s tht ridiculous. 

They were basically saying: buuuuut serpentis, fights on tumblr do end when the hurt demographic shuts the fuck and turns the other cheek so that we can keep doing whatever we want without having to think about the consequences of our actions. THATS THE WAY TO END FIGHTS, no one has the right to defend themselves unless they are like being cyberbullied by several accounts or something. WAAAAAAAAHH WAHHHHH STOP HATING BRONIES WE AREN’T BAD, YOU’RE THE BAD ONE FOR CALLING OUT OUR BULLSHIT WAAAAAAAAAH

Yeah right. Looks like their opinion is that everything would be alright if only those pesky “oppressed” women and minorities would just stfu and stopped making a big deal out of it. Clap clap clap such a revolutionary concept, much equality, wow. 

Look, I honestly wouldn’t have any problem with bronies if the only thing they did was watch the show. But the moment they start hurting little girls and blaming them for it, throwing rape jokes around like they were confetti, harassing and threatening a teenager who wanted them to stop making said rape jokes and saying mlp somehow “promotes misandry” by making all the important and powerful characters female, then we have a problem.

And the responsibility of cleaning that toxic waste they call a fandom lies with them. I’m convinced most of the problems in the brony fandom would be solved if the so called “good bronies” stopped wasting their time defending their fandom from people who dislike the kind of things I listed above and instead went to the “bad apples” and told them to cut that shit. If most of the fandom truly isn’t like that, they should be able to stop those guys in no time. Basically, they need to stop ENABLING the “bad” part of their fandom with their selective silence. 

Other things they could do: creating a community for 18+ fanworks that people needed to be over 18 to accede and keeping all nsfw art and fics inside it. Stop making rape jokes, stop promoting rape, stop harassing and threatening teenaged girls who stand up to your awful “jokes” with death and rape. Stop blaming mothers for not knowing that grown men are fapping to cartoons made for their little girls, and assuming it would be safe to let them look it up online. It would also help if they stopped demanding that the creators cater exclusively to them, because taking one of the few shows that little girls can identify with and is actually empowering for them away from those little girls is so not cool. Most shows already cater to guys, and you had to go and try to make one of the few who doesn’t about you as well??? Real low bronies. 

But since what I’m asking of them is to not be entitled, whiny, mysoginistic pieces of shit, and to care about the little girls the show is aimed to, I don’t think thats going to happen any time soon. At least not without some serious pushback from people outside their fandom to let them know that their behaviour is what’s unacceptable, not liking a show aimed at little girls. 

Anti-Brony Rant

I’m reposting this here on its own because I feel like it’s really important:

“The brony fandom used to be pretty cool with a lot of cool people in it.”

Um yes, it was, and those cool people still exist even if there are some shitty people who showed up later.

Don’t invalidate people who still exist within the fandom just because some shit people hopped in later. It’s not like all the good people just suddenly contracted an asshole virus that wiped them out. They’re there, but people are actively ignoring them because the assholes are a hell of a lot louder.

Sure, I don’t call myself a brony because the drama and stigma that surrounds the title is ridiculously and unnecessarily high and I’d rather not be in that boat thank you very much

But I don’t sit there and brood about how corrupt it is or bullshit like that. Because they’re still doing the one thing I admire most in the brony fandom: They are creating AMAZING content to express their love and appreciation of a show that more often than not has changed their life in some way and that is fucking beautiful and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Because THOSE are the people who matter in the fandom and shame on you for lampshading all of them in favor of a bunch of low-life talentless forum trolls who harrass women and act entitled.

They treat creators like shit, they treat eachother like shit, they treat women like shit. And yet the content creators, the artists who have passion and amazing willpower and skills, they push past all that bullshit and they keep producing all these works of art and creativity

And you all just want to spit on it. You want to spit on all that love and hard work and passion because some fedora wearing cheetoh eating dickwhipes decided to be loud and obnoxious.

And that disgusts me.

In Defence of Bronies

Okay, I’ve started to notice a resurgence in brony hate on my dash. Every single one seems to be running with the whole “all bronies are creepy weirdos who are sexualising a kid’s show about ponies thereby condoning both bestiality and pedophilia and now my kids aren’t safe on the internet” stereotype. I just want to say how disappointed I am. You’ve misappropriated the term “brony”, which started out meaning simply “people who like My Little Pony”. The same people perpetuating this bullshit are the same people who hate when “feminist” is treated as a dirty word, because the ignorant are unfairly generalising the feminist community as uptight misandrists. These are the same people who, when Amanda Abbington was quoted as being concerned about her children finding Johnlock porn, questioned why she would be giving her children complete unmediated access to the internet when any responsible person knows Rule 34 is indeed a fucking rule. The same people who watch Disney movies with pride and think that people reminding them they’re designed for children are fucking idiots because… duh.

I’ve never understood why MLP:FiM is the exception to the unconditional nerd love I see on Tumblr. “But bronies have to make everything about ponies!” I hear some of you whine. Well I’m sick of seeing an unrelated post turned into any combination of Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock, ad nauseum. I like those fandoms, but they can exhibit just as many obsessive tendencies as MLP can. I’m not into certain things, but when they turn up on my dash I scroll past it like a grown-up.

I just… I’m so sad that there are people making it difficult for others to express their interest in the things they like. I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

The Island

You live on an island. It’s been there a long time, but no one really noticed it until recently.

And then you and a load of others moved there, and found it was awesome.

The views are spectacular, everyone’s nice to each other and helps each other out.

Now and then there’s a slight issue, but it’s nothing you all can’t solve if you set your differences aside.

Some people think you’re all mad, but everyone agrees that it’s either each to their own, or it’s not really harming anyone, so they agree to disagree, and life goes on.

It’s been awesome for a couple of years, lots of people came over to visit, and liked it as well, and some of them stayed, and the community grew exponentially.

Reality Check

But then one day, you’re visiting the mainland, and you overhear people slagging off the island. They’re saying that it’s full of the worst kind of people, and they wish ill of everyone who lives there.

Naturally, you’re indignant about this and you confront them, saying “Well I’m not a bad person! And my friends are good people too. We’re just minding our own business over there!”

They respond by listing a load of horrifying stories about things the people from your island have done, stuff you disagree with as well, and you hadn’t realised was so rampantly out of hand on the island.

Their evidence is both damning and irrefutable. You make a really strong case that the island is a really nice place to live, and your friends are cool guys. They say it doesn’t matter- the mass-population are jerks.

You’re sincere, but outnumbered and off balance. All you can do is retreat from the strangers with your tail between your legs.


You return home. You check into some stuff. You now know that the strangers are right- a lot of people on the island have gone native and are flouting all of the guidelines of a healthy society.

Others seem to be aware of the problems, and are leaving the island. 

Some people have suggested colonising another island, but they all seem to be going in different directions, and inevitably the masses with their problems will just follow on as well.

Maybe you should leave the island too… emigrate to greener pastures.

But the views are still beautiful, the air is fresh, and your friends and extended friends are living happily and peacefully and enjoying themselves like they always did.

If you leave, you can still talk to them, but you’ll loose that sense of belonging you get from living right there on the island, and you won’t wake up to the views, you can only look at pictures of them.

Right now you’re sitting with your friends in lush surroundings, talking and having fun, but there’s an elephant in the room. You all know at the back of your minds that there’s a problem, and you just can’t fully enjoy yourselves like you used to be able to.

All because a load of people you don’t know on the other side of the island are jerks.

This is our dilemma

You could stay on the island and ignore the haters, but if you ever go to the mainland, you have to hide where you live to avoid being ostracised.

You could try and talk sense into the jerks, but there’s too many of them now, and they don’t seem to understand the problem, or they don’t care.

You could try talking to the people slating you, and tell them that there’s good people on the island- but they won’t listen, and insist that you’re guilty by association.

You could just throw it all away and forget it ever existed, but the rest of the world just seems a bit grey without the island.

The name of the island is YOUR favourite fandom.

What would you do, anti-bronies? I’m all ears, really I am.

"I can't take criticism so I send out my minions from 4chan out to get you" blocklist

I’ll be honest, I do not get what are these peoples deal but they seem to always get on the bad side of everyone and they can get to this very contrarian personality from 4chan /v/ so I’ll just take that a hint to making a list of them, they aren’t fascists by any means, crypto-fascists at the least, but they often gobble up the worst of people from this website and have probably been co-opted by fascists multiple time because of their apatheticness and coyness, the whole “I’m not a SJW! I don’t like protesters, fighting for something is dumb!” kind, shit they aren’t even probably right-wingers so this is a very special blocklist because I keep seeing them on tumblr whenever something bad happens, in fact i see so many fascists on this site only follow these people, so it’s probably better to block them to cut off their social rings immediately. 

–The list that has probably already been made once–

moontouched-moogle - Not much interesting to talk about here they’re just this hive mind for /v/ people. They kind of helped me build this list a bit. 

thefeelofavideogame - This guy never catches a break of not minding their own business and can’t help but feel cynical about anything but just ‘vidya’

nentindo - This one deserves a special mention because they’re 15 years old so it’s better to just block them and ignore them in advance rather then let them act elitist, i mean jeez kid you’re 15 you BARELY experienced life yet. Like really this amount of them surrounding themselves by adults that don’t wish them the best is an unhealthy obsession for them at it is. 

inkerton-kun - Dontcha hate when a porn artist has to have a ‘personality’

steven-universe-official - Kind of like the grand papi of this gang, I don’t even need to tell people to block them because I think about everyone does already due them sending their weird combination of anti-feminist fans around sending hate to anyone that would do criticism against their shitty attitude, technically in the recent years they kind of toned down on going around spewing bullshit and being THE uncle tom but it’s good to double check

dream-cassette - Oh this one I’ve heard of the most! Used to make child porn by the name of hoshime, in the name of rule 34, along the lines she deleted her original blog because she believed the obviously fake “down with cis” situation was the biggest EXAMPLE OF BIGOTRY in the world and the not absurd at all rival towards inequality (ignoring how it works systematically) and ever since then she’s been hanging out with the anti-sjws. 

thathomestar - I think they used to be a 100% gamergater but then again almost everyone here on this list was at one point. They still have that suspicious aura of “all the misery in the world is the left-wing’s fault for fighting back against their human rights being removed rather than just submitting!”. Says everything that is politically incorrect is just a joke, might be just a weird case of /pol/’s law (haha, get it?)

mr-cappadocia - Also an infamous gamergater, they sorta hold a grudge so much against social justice they end up sounding like they’re high on sherm. You know those try-hards that sound REALLY hard to sound politically incorrect? Yep! They sound like that. I also recommend blocking leopirate too as they are also a hotspot for gamergaters. Both are pretty terrible Islamophobic people. 

takashi0 - The OG Anti-SJW Brony of Tumblr! What a title. 

shitpost-senpai - I don’t even know why this guy’s on this list they’re just a 100% obvious fascist to the point they won’t stop being antisemitic about everything but hey, I guess because they like anime and metal gear rising that’s enough for them to fit in this blocklist… They’re also constantly being reblogging by this social ring of people and could just be the reason why a sum of people don’t trust them. 

maoh - They hate it when people fight back against oppression in general, the old cuck-like mentality of “No, don’t do anything, don’t fight back and die and it will be a win!” without knowing that peaceful protest holds no consequence and allows fascists to do anything they want to do at any time while removing human rights. They’re very petty about god damn children rather than just let them be too. What kind of an adult is this? Kind of funny that they changed their description recently from “I dislike the left-wing of tumblr” to “zero tolerance for faux morality and art censorship”, dude got some brand new codewords to pass off “I hate criticism” and “I’m a nazi sympathizer cuck and I’ve been brainwashed by the enemy to say that violent dynamics, no matter how history shows the story otherwise, is ineffective in justice and is villainous, anyways let me just frantically love an anime where they beat someone up”. It’s basic praxis and how the world works! 

shameshack - Ey! the-cringe-channel, known for producing their own cringe content because for some odd reason they keep ignoring the academic values of things and brush ofF everything in the world as mindless paranoia but probably aren’t a very smart person themselves and would rather waste their life making fun of kids and fueling the quickly made anti-sjw blogs on this website that all have urls like “tumblr-is-dumb-because-i-hate-minorities”, out of everyone who acts coy about why people dislike them, this one acts the most coy out of them all, what a malicious kind of guy. I really don’t know if they legit don’t get how things work in the real world because they take silly things seriously and serious things as if they were silly. Have you ever tried living life once where you have to don’t have to keep insecurely looking down on others that are just harmless oddities to fuel your ego or what?

–End Of List– 

Just copy and paste each url onto your blocklist if you wanna. 

Again I repeat these guys aren’t “fascists” and will deny they’re “anti-sjw” (Even though they don’t do anything to show for it besides say “Oh don’t worry we make fun of anti-sjws too! But we sound exactly like them when we go against our vague idea of social justice”), but fascists and crypto-fascists always seem to be around these people because they act coy about it all the time for the sake of being contrarians. They don’t want to care about them being followed by neo-nazis, just the power of having many followers that come straight from 4chan’s /v/! Almost the same as sympathizers.  

It’s the same odd link towards people who take video games and substancless anime too seriously and… Neo-Nazis, seriously what’s up with that? Anyways be careful when you criticize anime or them and don’t have them checked! 

Special mentions: KanColle fans I guess? Moe anime attracts a lot, and I guess that’s what happens when a medium genre is 100% bottom feeders towards substanceless girls just being cute, blogs with gray backgrounds, the nihilists that blog about trump jokes “ironically” (poe’s law), youtube celebrities, it’s more about ethics in games journalism and not objective game design. It’s not like they can’t be analytical ABOUT EVERYTHING right. Like how video game game design isn’t the only analytical theory in the world to take into consideration when criticizing media. Why is it always the gamers? 

Won’t say it again! Act coy about it all you want but take the loss because you guys have negative connotations and never really worked on it. 

This isn’t a “Reach” like a lot of you guys keep blaming it to be one or just belittle it as just “discourse” (the most thrown around word ever), the fact is just that you simply won’t accept the weight of your actions by either doing bullshit yourselves or allowing fascists to co-op your communities because you guys aren’t actively critical at all despite your contrarian image. 

Anyways this blog’s been moving slow (Which is good! Unless they’ve just been more secretive) to the point I gotta make a list out of these infamous dudes that i’m pretty sure everyone on tumblr already blocks or at least is suspicious about the people who reblog from them so i’m gonna go jack off to hentai rather than cowardly reblog ecchi to my blog to remind people I do indeed jack off to anime have no mistake about it.