Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Blackhaw

Black Haw - Viburnum prunifolium, V. rufidulum

Parts used: root, bark, leaf, berry

Traditional uses: Infusion taken as an anticonvulsive. Root bark taken as a diaphoretic. Febrifuge. Root taken as a tonic. Infusion of bark used as a wash for sore tongue. Compound infusion taken for smallpox and ague.

“The bark, known as Cramp Bark, is employed in herbal medicine. It used formerly to be included in the United States Pharmacopoeia, but is now omitted though it has been introduced into the National Formulary in the form of a Fluid Extract, Compound Tincture and Compound Elixir, for use as a nerve sedative and anti-spasmodic in asthma and hysteria. In herbal practice in this country, its administration in decoction and infusion, as well as the fluid extract and compound tincture is recommended. It has been employed with benefit in all nervous complaints and debility and used with success in cramps and spasms of all kinds, in convulsions, fits and lockjaw, and also in palpitation, heart disease and rheumatism. The decoction (½ oz. to a pint of water) is given in tablespoon doses. The bark is collected chiefly in northern Europe and appears in commerce in thin strips, sometimes in quills, 1/20 to 1/12 inch thick, greyish-brown externally, with scattered brownish warts, faintly cracked longitudinally. It has a strong, characteristic odour and its taste is mildly astringent and decidedly bitter.” ~Grieve MH

Bark used traditionally for gynecological issues and to aid menstrual cramps (because of its antispasmodic properties). Bark analgesic for pain relief (caution should be taken by those allergic to salicin as the blackhaw does contain the chemical compound). Large doses of the bark purgative and laxative. Berries taken for asthma, chest congestion, and stomachache.

Used for “female complaints” – “Blackhaw bark, according to the old folks, makes a tea that is useful in all sorts of ‘female complaints.’ It is good for scanty, irregular, or painful menstruation. Women going through the change of life consume large quantities of blackhaw bark, and this use of the stuff is so well known that there is a whole cycle of allegedly funny stories about it.” ~Randolph OMF 194-195

“Dig black haw roots…and boil for tea. Drink the tea for female trouble.” ~Parler FBA III 3960

Bark used for cramping – “Boil bark of black haw…in water to make tea for relief of cramps in women.” ~Parler FBA II 1987

Bark tea for malaria – “To cure malaria, make a tea of Black Hall (Viburnum prunifolium) bark.” ~Parler FBA III 2666

Root tea used for measles – “Make a tea by boiling black haw…roots in water and give hot to the sick patient who has measles and is having trouble getting them to brake out.” ~Parler FBA III 1684

Root tea to start a period – “Several years ago it was believed by some people that by the time a girl reached the age of 12 years she should start having a period each month. If she failed to do this then the thing to do was to boil some Black hall roots and make a tea and have the girl drink the tea so she would start having her periods.” ~Parler FBA III 2707

Root tea for upset stomach – “To cure an upset stomach, drink a cup of tea made from boiling blackhaw roots.” ~Parler FBA III 3307

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sunset tea 🌞

- red clover
- goldenrod
- fireweed flowers
- fireweed leaves
- strawberry blight berries

uses: anti inflammatory, indigestion, pain and bruises, coughing and asthma

this is a tea made from plants I hand-picked in the Boreal forest area of BC, Canada. Dried the plants for two weeks in brown paper bags, shook the bags every day, and were ready to be made into tea in no time! very smooth and mild, neither too sweet nor too bitter, nice and relaxing!

coffeetalkk  asked:

Hey LazyYogi! So in order to do something consistently, I need an intention behind it (or some kind of goal or motivation). I ask you to motivate me to meditate....I need to hear the benefits and be told how it will help me ultimately. I am a premedical student trying to learn how to relax and shut my brain down sometimes. Thanks man!

Practical Motivation:

  1. Meditation will help to balance your mind. There is no off-switch, just as you don’t go to the gym and bench 500 pounds your first day of weight training. Meditation helps you to slow down an overactive mind. The result is clearer thought. 
  2. Meditation defragments your mind. Our attention is pulled in many different directions throughout the day. Different kinds of work, entertainment, restlessness, socializing, and so on. Meditation helps to consolidate learning and neural pathways such that gossip between half-baked neural pathways is reduced. The result is greater levels of order but also increased connectivity between different forms of intelligence (spatial, creative, social, etc). 
  3. Meditation boosts your immune system. Don’t get sick during the school year. 
  4. Meditation boosts your mood and makes it more resilient. Don’t let a few shitty things ruin your day. Keep yourself focused, content, and balanced. Be happy without needing a reason to be so. 
  5. Meditation helps you to relate better with others. Whether it is other humans or other animals, meditation helps you to feel the consciousness from which other beings are acting and perceiving. The result is increased empathy. 
  6. Meditation upregulates genes typically targeted by prescription anti-inflammatory medications. Have asthma, IBS, join/limb pain, or any other inflammation-based ailments? Meditation will help. 

Spiritual Motivation:

  1. Everything is impermanent and your body will die. You don’t have time to put meditation off for later. Will you live and die without ever really knowing yourself beyond the context of personality and circumstance? Take an interest in the nature of consciousness because it is more relevant to your daily life and daily moments than you can ever know. 
  2. Contemplate death some more. This is what puts the sincerity and urgency into meditation. We avoid thinking about death because we don’t know how to handle it other than to become sad, depressed, and morbid. Or conversely, we can’t handle it without making up stories of heavens and rebirths and such to make us feel more comfortable. Sincere contemplation of mortality without giving into fear or imagination will help drive you toward discovering your own experience of clarity. 
  3. Recognize what you seek in your worldly activities is peace, freedom, and happiness. Nothing can give you lasting happiness or satisfaction. This is because Being-Consciousness-Bliss is your own nature. It cannot be given and it cannot be taken. It can only be realized as what it is. Meditation makes you feel good not because it is giving you something but it is clearing away the gunk and pointing directly at something within that you have been overlooking. 
  4. What are you? Whether or not you believe in God or Divinity, none can doubt their own existence. Trace that existence inward toward its source. You are not this body nor this mind but rather the one who experiences it. The more you examine this, the more joyful you will feel, and the more free. 

Lastly, try reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. You will find it pretty motivating. I wish someone had recommended it to me in college. 

Namaste :)

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