if you are 18+ and a uk citizen, PLEASE go out and vote today if you have not already. it’s not too late - polling stations close at ten pm so you still have three hours. you DO NOT need your polling card or any form of ID, so challenge anyone who rejects you on this basis. youth turnout in the 2015 election was slated as being just 43%; in the eu referendum, it was less than 40%. theresa may is banking on youth voters not turning up because they literally have the power to swing this election the other way. your vote DOES count and could make all the difference. do not stand for her complacent and arrogant behaviour throughout this election campaign and do not allow your future to be decided by older generations.

at, you can find out who to vote in your constituency for the best shot at voting the tories out.

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who will you be voting for? (u obvs don't have to answer this if u don't want to)


I’m all for tactical anti-Tory voting, so I’m supporting whoever is the most likely candidate to beat/challenge them in each constituency. Labour may be a bit feckless, but the Tories are evil.

All my UK puds aged 18-24 PLEASE register to vote NOW! Voting is honestly super fun!

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Why do u think Cassandra Clare's portrayal of LGBTQ+ isn't good?

Anonymous asked: Why is Casssanderia Clare characters bad representation for LGBT+ characters?

Well… this is gonna be long so, I’m warning you now! Also, this isn’t even half of the reasons why I don’t like her.

And book fans, before you come at me, read this, I will know if you haven’t.

Why Cassandra Clare’s Portrayal of LGBTQ+ Characters Is Problematic, with receipts. 

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Hardly news, but I’m supporting Labour/Jeremy Corbyn for this snap election. Frankly if you honestly would rather screw over all the people who are being hurt and crushed by this Tory government just because you “don’t like Corbyn” then you are no friend of mine. Most the the problems with Corbyn come from misreporting or no reporting at all, it’s fucking ridiculous. If you honestly think the Tories are a better alternative, don’t you dare call yourself progressive.

I don’t see the Guardian inviting columnists to talk about the threat to free speech when hate speech drives trans women off Twitter. Or tr threat to free speech when everyone overreacts to any anti-Tory talk.

If you genuinely are coming at this from a civil liberties perspective I need you to realise that free speech discourse right now is being warped to serve the interests of people who already have power on their side. And that was never the idea behind free speech. It’s supposed to challenge power, not reinforce it.

So let me get this straight:

  • Our Justice Minister has previously said he wanted to bring back the death penalty
  • Our Equality Minister voted against marriage equality
  • Our Welfare and Benefits Minister lives off his millionaire wife’s money and claims masses in publicly-funded ‘expenses’ while accusing the people who can’t get work of being spongers
  • Our Chancellor of the Exchequer and man responsible for budgeting for the country went to uni with David Cameron and was part of a club that celebrated being posh and rich by trashing places and burning money in front of the homeless
  • Our Home Secretary is basically trying to bring in 1984-style scrutiny with a snoopers law that allows them to spy on whoever they like whenever they like, as well as trying to dismantle the Human Rights Acts in the UK
  • And Boris effing Johnson gets to be a ‘special advisor’

Well, I can’t see any way that this is going to end well.

Reasons I’m Glad Teen Wolf Is Ending
  • The Queerbaiting
  • The mistreatment of all of their minorities
  • The way the show and fandom excused everything Scott did
  • The treatment of Lydia Martin
  • And Vernon Boyd
  • And Allison Argent
  • And Erica Reyes
  • And Kira Yukimura
  • And Isaac Lahey
  • The mistreatment of their cast 
  • The unresolved plot holes
  • The mistreatment of all of their minorities
  • I don’t have to cringe at Scott’s stupid decisions anymore
  • The bad writing
  • The queerbaiting
How I read the budget
  • Tories: We are one nation! We're working together for the greater good!
  • British people: ... we're skeptical.
  • Tories: We're just going to make a few cuts. Specifically to the benefits department. Despite the fact that the majority of our money is lost through tax evasion and avoidance.
  • British people: But won't that hit people who can't afford it?
  • Tories: Ah, but we're raising the minimum-wage thing that peasants get! As long as they're a sensible age. We don't want the young getting ideas. Never mind the cuts to Tax Credits. We're sure that won't make a difference.
  • British people: You mean the support that helped people live? Surely this will just drive more people into poverty?
  • Tories: That's a very harsh word. How about we just redefine that a bit? And hey! Look! The rate of your so-called 'poverty' is so much better now!
  • British people: So young people don't get help? And now you're cutting support for the disabled? On top of the fact you tax them for bedrooms? Isn't that a little inhumane?
  • Tories: Nonsense! It'll encourage those sick people to get back to work! We can't stand slackers. Speaking of which, we're putting nice labels on their medicine bottles to rub in just how much they're costing us to stay alive.
  • British people: ... mummy thatcher must be so proud.