I’m so tired.

This is 20-year-old Amna Aljuaid’s last video.

She is a girl from Saudi Arabia, who tried to escape from her physically and verbally abusive father but was brought back. There was no way for her to denounce her abuse, as she would’ve been immediately locked up in a women’s shelter/PRISON.

Amna suspected that something was going to happen to her. She thought her father was going to kill her. So she recorded the message above, and this other, longer one (LINK).

Now she disappeared and her friends have made her videos public.We can’t help her, not really, but we CAN spread this and be fucking enraged at the way saudi arabia treats women. Not even like objects. Less than. Be aware of what’s happening and speak up, pressure the country in any way you can so ONE DAY we’ll stop having girls disappear and become hashtags. #SaveAmnaAljuaid

Tbh atheists are fucking wild. They preach free thinking and openness to new ideas while simultaneously vehemently refusing to idea that there could be a higher power somewhere in the universe and it’s ridiculously ironic 😂