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So,, for a really long time I’ve been a klance shipper in Voltron. And most of the Voltron content on my blog is klance. But to be completely honest, I don’t really ship it anymore. I don’t have anything against the ship or those who do ship it, but I just no longer connect with the ship.

To be completely honest, I’ve definitely been a multi shipper ever since I started watching Voltron and I’ve always shipped Sheith alongside Klance. However, I never posted Sheith content to my blog.

Seeing the violently negative feedback that a lot of Sheith blogs and posts received scared me out of openly shipping it. And there’s still a ton of negativity in the fandom towards the ship, it’s kind of insane.

But with everything that’s happened in canon as of late, I genuinely want to post about the ship that I really enjoy. So I’m gonna start doing that.

So from this point on, Voltron content from me won’t be klance, and a lot of it will probably be Sheith. I just wanted to give a warning because I know that, although I’m not really a big enough blog for this to be a problem, a lot of people who are following me did so for klance and I want to give you the chance to unfollow now.

I know most people probably don’t care. But I kind of do and I just wanted to like, announce this on my blog.

It’s anti-semitic to tokenize the Neturei Karta as your go-to example of anti-zionist Jews because it’s evidence that you don’t care what your Jewish allies believe so long as they are Jewish. You don’t care that they support misogyny, racism, homophobia and Holocaust denial, minimization and justification. You just care that you can use them as a shield to prove how anti-semitic you aren’t. Well, you are anti-semitic because you’ve demonstrated that you don’t care enough about Jews to learn about us… and you’ve just proven that you are apathetic to misogyny, racism, homophobia and Holocaust denial, minimization and justification. 

Have a nice day.

The thing with the “white-on-white crime” reading of the Holocaust is that it comes from both the Left and the Right.

To the people on the Left, the victims were European and therefore white and not worth treating with respect (which isn’t the whole truth, Jews in North Africa and the Middle East were murdered, too and being European doesn’t make the racist slaughter of millions in any way less racist or less of a slaughter). This is done largely to play up the notion of “Jewish Privilege” to excuse anti-semitism on the left (Romani are largely ignored except to tokenize when bashing Jews for not talking about “the other victims” as if your people suffering a genocide and asking people not to forget that we were murdered in the millions is a position of privilege.)  

To people on the Right it’s “proof” that genocidal oppression against White People exists, nevermind that racism works along more ethnic lines in Europe or the fact that Jews, even White Jews, are targets for White Supremacists.  

Stop analyzing the Holocaust in terms of Whiteness. That’s not how or why it happened and it is dismissive of the people whose deaths were justified by “racial science.”

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going off the idea that anti and dark are opposites- anti is messy and dark is clean, anti has fun with his kills and dark doesn't leave a trace, anti thrives in the chaos that is a messy living space and dark ruthlessly cleans everything and is probably big on minimalism, anti's desktop is cluttered with icons and dark's desktop is cleaned up to a couple essential folders, anti might or might not have worn the same shirt for a week while dark washes his bath towels after every use

definitely! like dark grumbles to himself whenever he has to clean up after anti. but dark doesn’t dare enter anti’s room because he knows it’s going to be an absolute mess. dark likes to keep his space nice and well kept and likes to know where everything is, and he freaks out whenever something is out of place. like, for instance, if his hair or eyeliner is slightly messed up, he’ll throw a rage fit before throwing himself back to bed like his whole day is ruined.

and you know there are times when anti pulls pranks on him like he moves things around just a tiny bit out of place to watch dark freak out about it. before dark catches him in the act and smacks him on the head with a newspaper lmao 💙

Elmgreen and Dragset, Powerless Structures, Fig. 123, 2001 
MDF, wood, paint, door handles, hinges; 217.5 cm × 133.5 cm

Hey who wants some neat OCs

Name: Siren Creed

Nickname: Si

Age: Meh

Gender: Female

Physical characteristics: Couple tattoos from her young and crazy days. Well… her younger and crazier days.

Home: The ever popular “vending motels.” Miniscule bedrooms built along the streets, intended for busy businessmen but taken over by the homeless who can’t pay rent. Or bounty hunters on the go.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Talents: Investigative research, data collection, and most VR games. She can also mix up a mean cocktail. Oh, and she’s damned good at her job.

Weaknesses: All past life decisions and her aim.

Faults: When the glass insists on being half-empty, she internalizes it. Has the loyalty of a cat.

Good points: Seeing the glass half full and honesty.


Plasmashot scattergun specially tweaked to main rather than kill, as Siren is on “Manslaughter Probation” and can’t get another person killed for a year without getting a government issued bounty of her own. Wide spray that sometimes hits civilians, but hey, the price you pay. That isn’t all she’s tweaked, so she affectionally refers to it as her Franken-Gun.

 Top of the line energy sword, by far her most expensive piece of equipment. Can be dual-weilded with her scattergun or bounty disks. 

Verve Co-issued teleport disks for tagging her bounties and sending them back to the company dentention center.

Weapon art by Fernando 



  • Projectile-proofshock-absorption vest with many pockets and minimal anti-laser abilities. Heals self over time, but fabric regeneration results in a stealth-killing glow.
  • A visor with augmented reality capabilities, and a HUD mostly programmed into jibbery jargon only understood by Siren. Has VR capabilities as well. She’s installed some high-end facial recognition software and programmed her own Real-Time surroundings analysis application. Look at me, I know computer science words now.
  • Standard issue anti-grav boots
  • Trapdoor teleportation disks that only allow for teleporting to lower altitudes. She has several placed in “safe rooms” (aka wide spots in a sewer) in multiple city Quadrants in case she needs a quick escape.
  • Plasma proof gloves that are pricey as hell but super useful

Backstory: Sob sob everyone died. Ooh my boyfriend owns a rich company. Oops my boyfriend is an immoral asshole who kills people. Guess I’ll turn him into his rival company and just keep working for them since I got my sugar daddy arrested. Befriends Vincent at some point and their Rivalrous Friendship begins.

Bounty List: 32 bounties returned in a 4 year period. 97% Completion rate. Incompletions all results of a certain Bogeyman stealing her bounties. Dick.

Theme song: I just feel like she needs a Halsey song, you know? I’m going with Gasoline.

And all the people say

You can’t wake up, this is not a dream

You’re part of a machine, you are not a human being

With your face all made up, living on a screen

Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline

I think there’s a flaw in my code

These voices won’t leave me alone

Well my heart is gold and my hands are cold

Name: 01110000011001010110000101100011011001010110101101100101011001010111000001100101011100100010000001101110011101010110110101100010011001010111001000100000011011110110111001100101

Nickname: Pax

Age: It has been forty-seven years since she left the production plant.

Gender: Female

Physical characteristics: Most of her body is now automated.

Home: She now lives in a series of underground bunkers, but previously had no need for sleep or personal items.

Occupation: Was created to be a cyborg peacekeeper prototype. The programming that took up most of her brain kept her in check for twenty-seven years, but then she decided to overthrow the government. She is now Rebel Number One.

Talents: Organizing and leading, particularly the organizing and leading of violence.

Weaknesses: The mesh of human brain and computer parts has left Pax with difficulty comprehending certain concepts. For example, she doesn’t realize the government has been completely crippled for the past twenty years.

Faults: Easily gets tunnel-vision, perfectly willing to sacrifice anything for The Cause… whatever that cause might be.

Good points: Driven, organized, great motivational speeches.


  • Dual plasma-energy blaster from her peacekeeping days. She has to make her rounds by hand.
  • Her body is well taken-care of, so even though it’s aged some, it’s still extremely fast and strong and has a few augmented abilities.

Relationships: She has a great relationship with all the other rebels. Of which there are fifteen, but she doesn’t realize that.

Backstory: PeaceKeeper Number One, affectionately called Pax by her creators, was the first cyborg to be given a computerized brain. Originally the victim of a terrible pod crash, she was given a new life and purpose. The programmable parts of her were all designed to make her the perfect peace keeper to help clean up the seedier Quadrants of the city. As the government grew more corrupt and bought into by corporations, Pax’s “human side” began rebelling. It turned her programmed side and she staged a rebellion that completely crushed the already weakened government. 

Unaware of how crippled the country was, Pax still thinks she is the leader of a powerful and vital rebellion. She believes that she is being kept in a safebunker where she only has contact with fifteen of her most important sub-leaders. In reality, they are fifteen corporation employees in charge of keeping several different cyborg and android project failures under wraps. But Pax is getting suspicious, and the corp-employees have grown lax in their duties…

Theme song: Redemption Day by Johnny Cash because even though Johnny Cash and Cyberpunk don’t mix I don’t give a care.

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Having branches of your family absolutely decimated, having your population reduced catastrophically through an attempted genocide... just more white privilege at work, folks! I mean, who cares about the fact that Jewish people weren't treated as or considered white when they were systematically murdered? Some of them have conditional white privilege now, and ANTISEMITISM IS TOTALLY OVER, GUYS, so their suffering is definitely a privilege!!! (Also, jews of color ARE A MYTH).

The tumblr SJ Jewish experience in a nutshell. I’m too bitter to laugh.

Bryan Konietzko taught a class? On what, how to write the laziest, shittest, garbage tv show of all time, at the last minute throw make a ship that had absolutely no build up canon, then having to write a 6 paragraph essay on what made it canon, and trying to use your network as scape goat for not allowing queer characters when they’ve never shyed away from queer characters before and they canceled your show because it was total garbage but you wanted to look like some sort of progressive hero???? Whats the class  called? ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 101?